Sinus Pressure Points on the Face

Our face has a number of points that can be used for acupressure in order to defuse the sinuses and get relief. Following are the sinus pressure points on the face that can help in easing congestion and pain by pressing or massaging these pressure points.

In Between Eyes

Located directly above the bridge of the nose, in between the eyebrows, where the ridges of the eyebrows come together. That is the pressure point to be accessed.

One can apply some pressure and press this point or give it a tap for about a minute. This would help the mucus to release aptly, halting the sinuses from drying up and causing inflammation. It is also a good point to apply pressure to prevent rhinitis and colds. In order to get a good night sleep, obtain a small glass or plastic bead and stick it to this point using tape. This would help to relax and allows drifting off to sleep. Anyone having trouble switching off at night, this method is a great remedy. It can also help to alleviate pain in the frontal sinuses.

Either Side of the Nostrils

Located on either sides of the nostril, apply some pressure on both sides simultaneously. This will help the sinuses to deplete more smoothly and is great for easing pain behind the cheeks. Press against these points with two fingers at a right degree angle to the face.

This is a great point to help relieve pressure from the Maxillary Sinuses and to improve the blood flow in the area. Pressing this point on regular basis also helps to avert respiratory ailment.

Bridge of the Nose

These points are located at the top of the nose, at a point where the nose attaches to the edge of the eyebrows.

In order to stimulate this point, apply pressure with fingers in and upwards. It is good to press it for approximately 5 minutes or less even, as it may be a bit too long for some people. It plays a big role in helping to relieve pressure from behind the eyes caused from sinusitis or other conditions in the Frontal, Ethmoid and Sphenoid Sinuses. This point can greatly helps to take the pressure off the eyes.

One can try out pressing the points along the ridge of the nose down to pressure points of the nostrils. The whole area would have gone sensitive due to sinus issues.

Under the Cheeks

Found beneath the pupils, this point can be precisely located by tracing the area under the cheeks till we reach a tender point. The point will likely be quite sensitive while pressing in and upwards against the cheek.

This point is quite effective in relieving pressure as it seems to move the whole face and result in releasing pressure from all of the sinuses, even at the eustachian tubes. This point is a great start when experiencing pressure or pain in the Maxillary Sinuses or pain around cheeks, or even inside the mouth, for instance, a toothache.

The Philtrum

This is a point many people know about. It is found right under the nose. There is a tiny groove that can be felt on the upper lip. To stimulate this point, press in and upwards at the base of the nose.

This point is especially effective right before a sneeze or upcoming allergies. One can effectively prevent them by applying pressure on this point for some time. After just a few seconds, one will feel the clogged up sinuses start to drain down the back of the throat.


This area is located along the edges of the eyebrows. An old shiatsu method puts pressure along the ridge. Press upwards with the thumbs and steadily go outwards. It’s a good point to relieve pressure behind the eyes.

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