Don’t Use Medicines or Gels on Teething Baby’s Gums- FDA Warns

Do you have a teething baby? Is he behaving cranky and making you go all nuts? If yes, then you need to know that you are not alone. This is every parent’s struggle. And your baby is behaving completely normal. So, go easy on yourself and your little one and act all cool.

It’s completely fine for your baby to act cranky while teething or to have a fever when he’s in the process of developing some teeth. While all of this is completely okay and fine, but it is not at all okay to give medication to your child for numbing his teeth for soothing him, says FDA. We are going to mention it in detail in the following:

It is widely known and common that babies normally start developing their teeth as soon as they are about 6 months old. By the age of 3, these babies develop 20 teeth.

How can we know if the baby is teething?

There are certain symptoms via which you may recognize whether the cranky behavior of your baby is because of teething or not.

1) Your baby might start chewing objects.

2) The gums of the baby would seem sore and tender.

3) The baby is expected to have a low-grade fever 99F or 37.2C

Though, fever is not the only symptom of teething which many people consider as. So, make sure that you go and consult your doctor if your baby becomes a victim of fever or even diarrhea.

Should the medication be given to teething children?

The answer to this question is a very big NO. According to FDA, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration, teething is a usual childhood event. And this should not be treated via using medicines or any other remedies of homeopathic. Any sort of tablets, prescriptions or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines should be avoided which are used for rubbing on the gums.

Many OTC health products contain an active ingredient and a local anesthetic called Benzocaine. The reason why FDA restricts the parents to not use such an ingredient because such an ingredient in mouth solutions, mouth sprays, mouth ointments or mouth lozenges for pain or soreness of gum can lead to a serious and lethal condition known as methemoglobinemia.

This is a condition in which hemoglobin can carry is able to carry the oxygen but cannot release it properly to the body tissues.

What can be done for babies when teething instead of using medications?

There are a number of other things which can be done for soothing your baby’s sore and tender gums while he’s developing teeth.

  • Use your finger for rubbing or massaging the gums of your child.
  • A cold teeth ring made of rubber or a washcloth can also be used which your child can chew on.
  • If your baby can easily eat dry foods, then try giving your baby some hard food such as cucumber, carrot etc.

How to Take Care of Baby’s New Teeth?

There are a number of ways which you can use for cleaning and take care of the sore and tender gums of your baby.

  • Use a soft toothbrush- designed specifically for babies for cleaning the baby’s teeth.
  • Don’t allow your baby to sleep while sucking a milk bottle. Because of this, it is feared that the teeth will get develop some cavity.
  • Sleeping with a bottle in the mouth may end up in having tooth decay, ear infection or the least is that the baby will choke.

Implementing the above tips is necessary when the baby is developing teeth so that the baby doesn’t face any issues when he grows up- such as tooth decay or cavity issues, as mentioned above.


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