Mints might have side effects you don’t know of

The fact that mint being a herb used in almost every cuisine has certain side effects on health may surprise you. However mint is used for various medicinal and flavorsome uses all over the world in excessive quantities, it should be noted that moderation is the key to safety. There are various types of mints in the mint family which may be used for several purposes.

Mints contain menthol which gives a refreshing feel to the body and mind and therefore people enjoy using it in cooking, as medicinal cure, as candies or mouth freshner.

Mint candies are famous whih should not be consumed in excess as there is zero nutritional value and only sugar in them.

While it is up to you to make wise choice and use mints for benefits rather than damage for health, here are some facts mentioned about mints.

What is Mint Used For?

The widely used herb is popular for making teas, gums, and various medicinal remedies. Mints are known for their potent smell which is often sued to cure headaches while its teas will also help relax nerves. However, excessive use of mints will do exactly the opposite causing trouble.

Peppermint and spearmint are known for their breath freshness properties since ancient times and this was known to be a cheap and convenient way to get rid of bad breath.

However these mints are also added to soaps, balms, chewing gums and creams for their refreshing fragrance. The main constituents of mints are menthol which gives it the essential flavor and fragrance.

However peppermint and spearmint are the most dominating in the mint family, there are other mints like lemon mint, chocolate mint, ginger mint, and pineapple mint which may have mild properties of mints too.

All mints may be used in salads or dressings as flavoring agent which may not harm you as there is just a small quantity used.

Side Effects of Mint?

Excessive consumption of any herb cam cause trouble which should be avoided to save oneself from health problems.

Peppermint use in excess might cause heartburn, headaches, skin irritation, and redness. Children may suffer from throat closure if they take more mints. Asthma patients should also avoid use of mints as it cause breathing difficulty for them.

Pregnant women should avoid any use of mints during the entire period as it can cause miscarriage. Also breastfeeding mothers should take care of their diet as mints could cause harm to their baby. It is also noted that applying mint oil on children’s face may cause trouble in breathing.

Moderate Quantity of Mint Won’t Cause Harm

Any herb or food is not known to cause harm if it is taken in moderation as nature has all cures if we are wise enough to benefit from it. The recommended quantity of mints should not be exceeded so as to stay safe from any side effects.

Drink Herbal Tea

Tea – Peppermint tea is safer than spearmint and can be taken two to three times a day. Soak a teaspoon of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes before drinking.

Capsules – Capsules are often taken to treat irritable bowel syndrome which should not exceed 2 or 3 capsules per day.

Mint Oil – Oils made of mints contain menthol as their main component which may be used externally on skin to get rid of skin irritation or itching.

Mint Spirit – Mint spirit or tincture is used to treat headaches. It may be applied onto the forehead to let evaporate and get relief from aches. The tincture should only contain 10% peppermint oil with the rest 90% of ethanol to work best.

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