The surprising benefits of Fulvic Acid

The 21st century has witnessed groundbreaking medical discoveries that have changed the way doctors treat a number of illnesses. Fulvic Acid is among the healing miracles that offer a multiple of benefits. Interest in the medical community is increasing at a rapid pace as scientists have started to discover the unknown potentials of this item.

Not only is Fulvic Acid able to treat a number of ailments, but it is also loaded with a number of essential minerals our body needs. These minerals help sustain the bodily function that in turn keep us in a healthy shape. Normally, we are not able to receive some important chemical compounds from the food supply we follow. Making it all more important to have Fulvic acid as a mandatory requirement. The unique molecular structure, medical scientists feel is the main attributor towards the advantages that are entailed. Thereby, it is pertinent to include this item as an important component in the daily dietary pattern.

Fulvic Acid & Soil

In addition, there are other advantages that can be obtained by plants through fulvic acid. This world of climate change and global warming depletes the soil of minerals that enhance plant growth. This acid, on the other hand, is able to overcome the problem to a very large extent. It does this by replenishing the soil by supplying a good healthy amount of those minerals.

Fulvic Acid comes from the decomposition of plant matter commonly referred to as Humic shale. This shale is composed of a concentration of different minerals mainly from decomposed organic matter. Fulvic Acid is hence extracted from this matter aided by the action of a million different beneficial micro-organisms. This process of extraction is able to give the acid a number of advantageous properties. It actually goes in and allows nutrients to be delivered to the cells in a much more effective manner. Once extracted, it is able to absorb all the essential minerals which can then be utilized by the body of the person consuming. Moreover, allowing to pull the waste out of the cells. Thereby, not only is it providing a considerable amount of needed nutrients, but making the body get rid of all unwanted waste material. These characteristics make Fulvic Acid a prominent and powerful compound.

Fulvic Acid & the Body

It is considered as an element of alchemy. Where the body is able to absorb all the minerals that it might not be able to get otherwise. At the same time undergoing a successful detoxification process. All the waste that is present and our body is unable to process is effectively taken out through the use of Fulvic Acid. For the reason it is able to perform all these needed functions, medical professionals would often prescribe this element for people who are suffering from arthritis. When a person suffers from arthritis, waste starts to build up in the joint region, as a result, causing inflammation. At the same time removing bad helping remove bad calcium from the body.

Higher Molecular Oxygen

Moreover, fulvic acid is known to be high in molecular oxygen. It is important to know that our body relies on oxygen as one major component important for sustaining life. It is used to keep cells alive which use it for the respiration process. Combining with glucose releases energy, which is occupied for various bodily functions. When fulvic acid is able to provide with higher molecular oxygen, the energy voltage of the cells increases. This can help enhance enzymatic and microbial functions. Enzymes are important because they speed up the processes. They are responsible for every single function in our body from the heart to the lungs. Thereby a good healthy enzymatic activity will initiate proper functioning of all major organs present in the body.

Providing with greater molecular oxygen can be beneficial for athletes who have schedules of strenuous exercises to follow. Medical research studies have reported that fulvic acid is able to activate a number of biological processes in the body. At the same time energizing the cells. This not only helps build stronger endurance but will prevent the damages caused due to stress or lack of sleep.



Fulvic Acid is also categorized as being an immunomodulator, greatly amplifying a smooth process of the immune system. It stimulates the antibody activities. Whenever the body is subjected to an invasion by foreign agents, the white blood cells come into action producing antibodies. The antibodies are able to protect us from the development of serious medical infections. Thereby, including a good amount fulvic acid is important because it stimulates the white blood cells to produce more antibodies. As a result, the person is less likely to be inflicted with infections or any other complicated disease.  Hence, medical professionals would advise people with an autoimmune disorder to consider shifting to Acid to hinder further complications.

Improving Testosterone Levels

Today many people are known to suffer from low testosterone levels. Maintaining adequate amount is important since it regulates sex drive and helps in the development of reproductive organs. Many synthetic medications have been introduced to enhance testosterone level but with little research to back them up. As a result, it is important to look for better alternatives. Fortunately, Fulvic Acid is able to overcome most of the sex-related problems.

Studies have shown that the Acid can improve overall sperm count by as much as 60% at the same time providing with better sperm quality. Oxidative damage caused to the reproductive organs was also known to have significantly decreased. In addition, to the improvement in haemoglobin and blood supply to the testes.

Side Effects

Sometimes referred as “Natural’s Miracle Molecule,” Fulvic acid provides both humans and plants with an exhaustive list of benefits. It has recently gained prominence and medical professional stress upon its inclusion in the daily diet plan. Many types of research have been put into analyzing the advantages this compound has to offer.

Currently, it has been regarded as safe to use by most studies, still, scientists wait for a final conclusive evidence. The final answer is still subjected to more research that needs to be carried out. However, still  on the contrary, here are a minimal number of side effects that can be the consequence of higher dosage. It is still important to note that, consisting entirely of natural compounds, an overdose may never be fatal.

Common side effects of a high dose of the fulvic acid includes:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Cramps and other body pain
  3. Fatigue
  4. Nausea/ vomiting
  5. Headache

Even with the above-mentioned side effects, the chances of them occurring remain low. For the reason that fulvic acid is usually flushed out from the body once consumed. However, if by any chance the effects seem to intensify, it is important to consult a doctor. Moreover, it is advisable, when including in the dietary plan, to increase the dosage step by step. In addition, diluting acid in water as opposed to direct ingestion.






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