Exercise Mitigates Depression, Studies Claim

In modern times, academic studies and social life are accounted to exert greater stress and pressure upon children and teenagers. As a result, they are found to be more vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and other mental dysfunctions. It may also turn them irritating and frustrated all the time.

However, studies suggest that running a mile daily can provide an easy and effective solution to depression that is an outcome of continuous stress and prevailing pressure.

Research accuses the lack of physical activity of promoting mental health issues among children especially the teens. This condition is even more evident and prevalent in secondary school as students become more sedentary and are desk-bounded.

A primary school head teacher Elaine Wyllie in Scotland took an initiative named “The Daily Mile”. It has now become popular among more than 2000 British schools. It addresses the issues of the children like the lack of physical activities in their lifestyle and depression etc.

The experiments employed children who were asked to spare about 15 minutes after their PE class for running and jogging. The analysis showed that children who took part in the experiment emerged out to be notably healthier.

Professor Mark Beauchamp of the British Columbia University notified the significance and ideality of the daily mile as it did not require any equipment and the time it required could be easily spared out of the routine easily. He suggested a “take 10!” idea where the children were asked to spare ten minutes for either a walk or jogging.

Moreover, Harvard University asserted that exercise is a good solution to treat depression. It may also outperform those expensive medications such as antidepressants that provide an interim relief only.

There are various benefits that exercise offers for the mental health of an individual. It has been tagged to fight stress and depression because it releases happy endorphins that promote a happy psychological and emotional state of the body.

Exercising initiates a biological cascade inside the body that offers many health benefits, such as defending the body against heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Exercise is reported to improve the brain related activities and growth of the nerve cells because it promotes the production of neurotrophic proteins or growth factors. It relieves depression and elevates your mood by releasing toxins that keep the individual calm and take all the worries off his/her mind.

It boosts a person’s self-confidence. It keeps the individual motivated to achieve fitness goals. It helps the person to have a positive vision towards life. It drains out all the negativity and lets a person blow off some steam.

Exercise improves the sleep-wake cycle of an individual. It perks up the usual routine of a person too keeping him/her lively and active.

Simple home-based exercises that could help you relieve your depression include,

  1. Walking and jogging
  2. Yoga
  3. Running

You can easily fit these exercises into your daily routine. They don’t demand long hours of performance and no specialized pieces of equipment etc. They help you relax and soothe your muscles making you feel euphoric or blissful.

However, the researchers clarified that in case of serious mental illness an individual should not only rely upon exercises but should seek medication too.


For a comprehensive approach to the study and experiments conducted , click the following link.

  • https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/exercise-is-an-all-natural-treatment-to-fight-depression

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