6 Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure Problem

High blood pressure is increasingly becoming a major cause for concern for the global population. The reason is that at times it can signify the presence of an underlying complicated illness. Recent statistics reveal a very unfortunate picture. The figures have an upward rising rate. Meaning by in the near future more people are likely to be engulfed with this problem.

According to a recent study, as many as 68 million people in the USA face the problem of high blood pressure. The data indicated that one in every third person is suffering from this menace.

While the first thing to do as a solution when faced with this problem is to see a professional as urgently as possible. There are other certain natural remedies people would suggest to overcome the problem. One common solution that you come across frequently is that the amount of salt should be cut down. Excessive salt increases blood pressure leading to the development of the condition.

A reduced salt intake is just one out of many natural remedies you can make use of. This article will explore some of the ways you can undertake to solve the problem of high blood pressure.

1. Include walking in your daily schedule

There are a number of benefits that can be yielded through physical movement including walking and running. A lot of people might not be able to run because it is demanding and can cause pain in joints afterward. However, walking should always be considered as a viable alternative.

The recommended amount of daily walk ranges from somewhere to 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Looks challenging, right? However, there is an easy way out to that as well.

Firstly aim at going for a walk early in the morning in the fresh air. Try waking up early in order to do that. If that doesn’t seem possible in your plan, have walking breaks in between your work. If your job demands a lot of sitting, try getting up in the middle after different intervals.

Leave your couch and walk for about 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure in 4 episodes to reveal the best results. Studies show that people who walk daily for about the recommended amount of time, decrease their chances of high blood pressure significantly.

2. Eat Avocados

Avocados have recently gained prominence in the USA. It is eaten either in raw form or used as a salad dressing. Regardless of that, avocados happen to be enriched in potassium which is required by the body.

This vital nutrient helps inducing muscle contraction and nerve impulses. In addition to that, potassium is also known to reduce the complications associated with high blood pressure. This is primarily the reason why it is sometimes referred to as “un salt.”

Statistics show that just a meager 2% of the total US population take the recommended amount of potassium. A healthy person requires up to 4.5 grams daily to allow the body to function properly. Avocados are always a good option to start with to supplement the deficient amount. Avocados can be used in salad, sandwiches and in a list of other different ways.

3. Plan out your medical activity

When you are faced with the problem of high blood pressure, your doctor would recommend a list of medications. One complaint people have with these medications is that they do not exhibit results quickly. True. The drugs available to counter the problem of high BP take days to start reacting and reduce the symptoms.

However, this should never be the reason for anyone to stop taking these medications. This is a common thing people will tend to do. When you leave these drugs altogether, they may never get a chance to be expressive.

As a result, your problem stands still and will persist for long. Thereby, schedule your medicine and take them regularly for best possible results.

At the same time, do not hesitate about investing in a blood pressure kit. The kit will save you from the hassle of visiting the doctor every now and then. Interestingly, in a study, it was published that people who check their BP regularly at home are far less likely to suffer from the condition.

Therefore, as a precautionary and for future times, always have a blood pressure kit by yourself. You might check it yourself or have someone else to do it for you. The steps for measuring blood pressure are easy to follow and can be learned easily.

4. Add lots of pepper in your diet

It is understandable that cutting down on salt can be a big problem at times. People will tend to miss the taste of food. As a result, they will not enjoy what they eat altogether. Reducing the amount of salt is a necessary thing to do and can be difficult. However, as a substitute, use plenty of pepper.

Add ground pepper in your meal to make up for the less salt that is present in your meal. These peppers are known to be healthy and do not complicate the symptoms of high blood pressure. You can use basil, lemon and garlic as viable alternatives. They will help you get over the cravings of sodium you might have.

5. Tea over coffee

Everyone loves coffee. People get addicted to it at times. Generally, people would drink it for the taste or either of sheer pleasure. What they do not know at this point is that coffee increases the risk of high blood pressure in people. You are actually putting yourself at a great risk by gulping several cups of coffee every day.

Then again missing out your regular coffee sounds like a lot. It may be difficult to get over this compulsive habit. However, try shifting to tea as a good substitute for coffee. For every tea you replace with coffee, your blood pressure reduces by two points.

This really shows how beneficial it can be to skip on this drink. It is advisable to sip green tea as it is loaded with a number of nutrients the body requires.

6. Meditation and less stress

One other common thing you will frequently hear is that a lot of anger leads to high blood pressure. This is certainly true to a great extent. People who have anger management problems or suffering from stress are likely to experience the problem. Anger and an excessive amount of stress can increase the body’s blood pressure greatly.

It is thereby mandatory to exercise ways to get over both of these situations. Try calming down by practicing breathing exercise. Although, professionals would recommend waking up early and performing yoga. The benefits obtained from yoga and meditation are numerous. It can help the body recover from the problem of high blood pressure.




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