What causes black spots on your lips?

Dark spots around the mouth may arise for many reasons. They can be irritating, but fortunately, it is probable to get rid of them.

Whether you are dealing with minor discoloration, flaky areas, or dark moles, you should not ignore spots on lips. After all, the health of skin reveals the health of your body. Though dark spots generally don’t cause for distress, it is vital to get a diagnosis from your physician. Once you identify the cause for the dark spots, you can choose the right treatment!


Tobacco present in cigarettes blemishes the lips and causes them to darken. It also dries out lips and leaves them cracked by reducing their natural oils. If you don’t want to leave smoking or cannot do so, apply petroleum jelly to your lips frequently and also drink lots of water. The water is very beneficial as it flushes out the tobacco in your system.


According to MayoClinic.com, the rays from the sun damage all parts of your body, including the lips. The lips are particularly susceptible to hyperpigmentation, or an overproduction of melanin.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by the overexposure to ultraviolet rays. Rubbing lip balm with sunscreen in it inhibits your lips from cracking, drying, or changing colors. Scarf-wearing also halts the sun from damaging your lips.

Lack of proper skin care

Improper care of skin can also cause black, chapped lips. A lack of sunblock and licking the moisture of lips strips, causing dryness and discoloration. Applying a high-soothing lip balm regularly is the best way to maintain moisture in your lips. It is also significant to select a lipstick which is regarded as moisturizing.


Allergens in skin care products or cosmetics can contribute to blackened or chapped lips. The allergic responses are often produced by fragrances or dyes in the products and can be stopped by terminating the use of such products.


Caffeine is a diuretic. It dehydrates the lips by causing individuals to urinate more often, therefore depleting the body of water. Even if you drink the commended eight glasses of water a day, caffeine offsets the hydration, thus leaving your lips looking impaired. It is best to reduce caffeine consumption if you desire more natural-looking skin.

Other causes of dark lips;

  • Genetic makeup
  • Environmental effects
  • Disease/ pathological process

You cannot do much regarding genetic causes. Amongst environmental causes, smoking is most significant. Others comprise pollution, photodamage, dehydration etc.

Any disease progression can be detected with the help of pathological and clinical examination if required. Nowadays dermoscopy has advanced as a new device for analysis of skin and mucosal complications.

Ways to lighten black lips

There are some definite tips which can help in getting rid of black lips. These tips comprise the following;

• Avoid drinking hot beverages. This may worsen the state and can extend its elimination.
• Try to drink lots of water daily. Water makes the lips hydrated. When your lips are dry, it can increase lip discoloration making it darker.
• Change your lifestyle. Habits such as lip biting, smoking, and drinking too much-caffeinated drinks should be avoided. Eating healthy varieties of foods should be done to help the body building up ample strength to fight certain infections which might cause the lips to darken.
• Application of honey and lemon juice to the lips can also benefit. Lemon juice has natural bleaching capabilities and when used with honey can efficiently relieve and make your lips turn to its natural pink color.
• Proper lip care is very important and should be done. You should keep lips moisturized and soft at all times by applying thick cold creams and clarified butter.

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