How to Overcome Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

Sugar provides instant energy to the body, mind and muscles although it is important to keep a check on sugar intake as excessive amounts may cause trouble.

People habitual of excessive sugar intake on regular basis are prone to having diseases like diabetes type 2 and heart diseases.

Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle as we don’t have much resistance in our bodies in todays era to prevent various health conditions.

What is Sugar Withdrawal?

Sugar withdrawal is the cut down of sugar from diets of people with excessive sugar intake. When the body is used to high sugar level intake on regular basis, it reacts adversely to the cut down of sugar.

Sugar releases a happy hormone in the bloodstream which tends to give a feeling of satisfaction. Dopamine is the hormone which makes us feel happy and satisfied after we consume sugary items like ice cream, chocolates, candy or juices.

It becomes difficult to deal with the symptoms of sugar withdrawal as cutting down sugar suddenly makes the body suffer from myriad of symptoms. It is therefore never recommended to get used to such doses of sugar on regular basis as this causes trouble later.

What are the symptoms of sugar withdrawal?

Sugar withdrawal is a condition with various symptoms which may seem similar to other health disorders too. It is advised to consult a doctor or expert who may help tou diagnose your condition better. Only then will it be convenient to choose the right treatment and feel good sooner. Some of the major symptoms are discussed below.

Weakness and Fatigue – Full body muscular pain or fatigue that does not go away with rest and persists for days is an alarming situation which needs medical help in most cases. The body gets weaker if the continuous supply of sugar is decreased as it was used it and that is when the sugar levels go down.

Confused Mind – This can be frustrating as your brain does not want to adjust to the changes in sugar intake and you constantly suffer confusion. The brain needs fast energy supplies which it got used to with sugar intake and now this may not be easy to change.

Food Cravings – As you cut down sugar from your diet and move to a sugar free diet for a healthy living, the body needs time to adjust and may crave intensely for sugar. However, the cravings must go away after some time if you stay strong and don’t get fooled by the brain manipulating you.

Frequent Headaches – This symptom is very common with sugar withdrawal as the nervous system gets affected with sugar deprivation and causes aches in the head.

Changes in Behavior – behavior tantrums are common with sugar cut down from the diet as the body does not release the high levels of dopamine it used to before.

Muscular Pain – Sugar withdrawal may also cause muscular aches and pain which may last for days or week and should be treated if it troubles you continuously.

Sleep Disturbance – Sleep is a natural process when the body recovers every weakness and aches. Adequate sleep patterns help your body optimize energy levels although this may be a problem for sugar withdrawal victims.

Depression – Hormonal imbalances make you suffer from depression as the blood sugar levels go down and dont release as much dopamine as it used to before. The extent may vary for differwnt people however you should seek help if you are unable to cope up with it.

Sudden Weight Loss – Sugar withdrawal may cause sudden weight loss as sugar supplies have been cut down. This usually happens in the first week when you would stop pumping sugar into the body frequently although the symptom may not trouble you wapecially if you were looking forward to lose some weight.

Flu like Symptoms – Symptoms including fatigue, fever, diarrhea, and chills may also relate to sugar withdrawal as the body will be in trouble adjusting to new changes.

Lightheadedness – When the blood sugar levels are low, the brain signals you to eat or drink something sweet that could provide you wuth instant energy. However this will not be done in case of sugar withdrawal and you may suffer from lightheadedness.

How to Overcome Sugar withdrawal Symptoms?

Now that we have an overview of the sugar withdrawal symptoms, we should be aware of how to overcome the condition.

Get a Know How of Sugary Items

Understand what foods contain high amounts of sugar and track your sugar intake daily. This will be easier if you get to know about the serving size and nutritional values of various foods.

Set your goals according to what you want to achieve and you will be all set to go. Cravings will not let you deter from your goals once you’ve set them and are determined to achieve them.

Choose Healthy Alternatives

Healthy foods will always save you from health disorders as they provide the body with full nutrition. Choosing sugar subsitutes is never a good option as it will put your brain in a confused state. It is better to opt for fresh foods as nature provides them without added sugar as it will only harm you. It is important to keep notice of what you put in your body as that will pay you in form of your health condition.

Eat Protien Rich Foods

Foods with protein help you feel satisified for longer time and the body does.nit crave sugar them. Swapping it with some carbohydrates will help you further cut down sugar from the diet as it will satisfy you more. You will be having a better blood profile after adapting to thses changes and can overcome sugar withdrawal symptoms in no time.

Although the body needs some amounts of sugar for optimal working, most adults consume higher amounts of sugar which causes trouble for them.

This factor is only an addition to the bad lifestyle habite we have adopted over the past years which does not burn calories we consume as it used to beforw with more physical activity. It is also important to drink water daily as per requirement as this will also help in flushing out excess sugar from the blood. Its high time to make changes in the lifestyle as its never too late to act wise than to suffer later.

What is Dopamine Addiction?

Dopamine is a hormone released in the body to give satisfaction which can also result in an addiction. Sugary foods tend to release dopamine in the bloodstream which acts in similar to various illicit drugs.

The hormonal response in result of using illicit drugs is somewhat related same to excess sugar intake as it causes intense cravings for it. The brain becomes so used to of excessive amounts of sugar on regular basis that it craves even more to reach certain levels of the happy hormone dopamine which can only then satisfy you.

This becomes an ongoing cycle of sugar intake and can have impact on behavioral pattern too. Many adults fall victims of sugar addiction in this case and feel symptoms of sugar withdrawal when their body is deprived of the level of sugar intake it used to get.

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