Air Pollution Stated to Promote Trivial Crimes

Pollution doesn’t promote good at all. It has always impacted the lives of people negatively. It poses many hazards regarding health including heart diseases, hearing impairment (in case of noise pollution), stroke, respiratory disorders, and lung cancers etc.

Moreover, it’s very harmful to the environment too. It pollutes the air we breathe, the land we accommodate, the plants and crops that we grow, the water we drink and destroys the ecosystem in any of the possible ways.

A recent study published at the IZA Institute of Labor Economics reports Air pollution to be a cause of increasing crime rates among people. Researchers from the London School of Economics (LSE) looked into the extent of crimes in over two years and compared them to the rate of pollution. They discovered that level with which the air pollution increases is directly proportional to the number of reported crimes.

Fortunately, the crimes reported were trivial such as pickpocketing, shoplifting, and robbery etc. Rape, murder and other serious offenses were not found to be in relation to the reported matter.

The researchers carried out a natural experiment. They followed the bad air to the areas it traveled. Consequently, the crime rate of the respective area, when investigated, was found to increase instinctively regardless of its neighborhood.

The results of the study deduced that for every 10% rise in air pollution, the crime rate was also seen to increase by 0.9 percent. The co-author of the study, Professor Julia Lee states that Air pollution is not only the manipulator of people’s health but is also an infection to their mortality.

Some studies conducted previously also reported that pollution triggers the production of Cortisol which is a stress hormone. The elevated level of Cortisol characterizes depression, anxiety, cognitive disorders, worst levels of blood pressure, and headache etc which is thought to promote their participation in crime relating activities.

All the results concluded that pollution has affected the thoughts, verdict, and activities of the people pessimistically.

Another study was conducted at the University of Michigan on the issue reported above. The authors prepared a series of experiments in order to find a relation between pollution and crime. It was as follow,

The researchers gathered some photos of both dirty and clear skies. The participants were shown the pictures collected. The viewers of the pictures of dirty and polluted skies were observed to have eminent anxiety issues and were found, repeatedly, cheating on their work. Their study concluded that anxiety was also a negative impact of air pollution.

One of the authors reported that a polluted environment may deteriorate the moral values and beliefs of the people. As a result, people often carry out immoral and criminal acts.

Further studies need to be carried out in order to report stronger links between pollution and crimes. Still, the researchers had emphatically suggested controlling the growth rate of air pollution because a good quality air may promote lower crime rates.

Some easy ways to control air pollution are,

  • The rate of air pollution offered by your vehicle must be controlled
  • Save energy
  • Eco-friendly products must be used
  • Smoking should be abandoned
  • More and more trees should be planted
  • Trash should be recycled
  • Recycled items must be commercialized and used willingly
  • Health awareness programs must be conducted
  • Support local groups advocating for cleaner air

The researchers also proposed that if the rate of such petty crimes is controlled, we could allow the crime branches and other authorities like police to focus, investigate and solve the serious issues prevailing in the society.


  • https://www.iza.org/en/publications/dp/11492/crime-is-in-the-air-the-contemporaneous-relationship-between-air-pollution-and-crime



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