5 things people get wrong about weight loss

Obesity is surely a massive problem faced by the global population today. You might have heard your grandparents telling you that people were fitter back in the past. For rightly so the reason. There was more physical work involved. There were less sitting and more walking and running. As a result, people in the past were able to maintain ideal body weight.

The fast-paced world has shifted most outdoor job indoors. Now the work involves sitting in an office the entire day without moving. When such a routine is backed with an unhealthy diet plan, the problem becomes severely serious. Obesity is linked with a number of major complications including diabetes and cardiovascular illness. In some cases, the complications can be fatal. There is now more than ever emphasis on losing weight and achieving normal body weight.

While there are a number of tips and tricks you might have come across in your lifetime. Some of them are certainly true and can help achieve the desired purpose. On the other hand, there are some misconceptions and wrongdoings that you should keep in mind. This article will explore what exactly do people losing weight get wrong. It will try to answer why many people despite following certain activities fail to get rid of obesity.

Brisk walking vs normal walking

There is a difference you need to understand between a normal walk and a brisk walk. Though both may help in losing weight, one is more advantageous than the other. Brisk walking helps to lose weight faster than walking normally. According to one study, it will help burn calories twice the rate.

If you are someone who is unable to run due to a knee problem or any other issue, start brisk walking. You don’t have to over exert and walk at a really fast rate. Any speed that you can manage and is more than your normal walking pace will do good. According to some professional brisk walking helps to achieve a greater stamina and reduces the chances of injuries caused by running.

Do not exclude essential items from your diet

The first thing anyone who aims at losing weight will do is to reduce the dietary intake. You do obviously need to cut down on excessive eating. However, that doesn’t mean to exclude certain items which your body consider essential. Protein is needed by the body for a variety of purposes. You all have heard about proteins being the building blocks of your body. That is right because protein provides with the energy which your body needs for growth and development.

On the other hand, it is also important to continue the consumption of dairy products. Dairy items contain calcium which is essential for stronger bones and teeth. A lack of calcium in diet will make the bones weak increasing the chances of injury. Fruits and vegetables, in addition, are also vital dietary components. They contain a number of minerals and vitamins needed by the body to function properly. A deficiency of any of the item can be consequential, leading to the infliction of diseases.

It is obviously tempting to reduce your food intake to minimal. However, you need to cut down the amount for fats and carbohydrates. Yet again, both are also important but an excessive consumption can be harmful to the body. Thereby, make it a point to continue consuming items which provide with the essential nutrients.

Workout outdoors

It might be true that working out indoors in a gym may be equally beneficial. However, there are a lot of other advantages you can gain by exercising outdoors. In fact, a lot of trainers believe that outdoors might be better in terms of building endurance and stamina.

For some people, the gym is feasible because you can go there anytime you want to. When it is hot outside or in other extreme conditions, it is tempting to work out indoors. However, if it is comfortable weather then aim at going outdoors. There is nothing as revitalizing as exercising in fresh air. If the summer sun bothers you to a great extent, go early in the mornings. Either way, you may be missing out on untapped benefits available in physical activity outside.

In addition to that, activities carried out in the gym may be risky. Often, people inflict injury during weight lifting or through other means. Did you know that running on treadmills can incur a great risk to the knees?

Wear proper joggers!

This is one other common mistake people make. They will wear improper footwear which can lead to further consequences. It is thereby more than important to ensure that you have proper joggers with you when you go out for a jog. While wearing joggers may not have a direct relationship with losing weight, it is still vital to have the right footwear.

Go for any brand. Be it be Nike or Addidas, there are certain things to keep in mind. Although sneakers and casual shoes look fancy, they are not to be used at all for running. One primary consequence is that it will lead to severe pain in the feet after a while. You may also put yourself at risk of more injuries by wearing such kind of shoes.

Buy either running shoes or joggers. It is imperative to keep in mind that any footwear you buy has a proper sole with a firm grip. It is better to have shoes with spikes and grooves beneath.

Thereby it is important for the time being to put fanciness on one side and buy the right choice of shoes! Better spend more money in one go than replacing things time after time.

Do not overburden yourself! Have a cheat day

Losing weight is tough for sure. It is an arduous task that requires a whole great of a deal. It requires exercising self-control, practising certain activities and restricting some. In addition, you may not lose weight  in a day or so. It may take up to months and even a year. Though you will witness meaningful changes gradually if you follow a proper plan.

However, on the flip side, it is also mandatory not to overburden yourself with a whole weight loss procedure. While the plan may be demanding, it is still important to not compromise on certain things. Give time for yourself. Do not treat your body like a prison. It is perfectly fine and even advisable to have a cheat day once every week. Having a burger with fries and coke once in seven days will do no harm. Your body surely craves certain items during the process and it is okay to relax from the difficulties of the plan. Yet again, remember not to overburden and overexert yourself!

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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