Ligandrol (LGD-4033) for Muscles Growth: Does it work?

LGD 4033 or ligandrol is a ‘Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator’ (SARM) which has been developed to produce its anabolic magic on the muscle tissue of your body. It is one of the novel kinds of SARMs.

It produces similar effects to steroids but without any terrible side effects. Genuinely, it is the most effective SARM in the market and this is great news if you need to acquire some serious gains.

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What is LGD-4033?

LGD-4033 also known as ligandrol/anabolicum, it was first discovered by the pharmaceutical Ligand, to stimulate healing properties in the body.

It is an oral nonsteroidal SARM that’s presently under development by Viking Therapeutics.

The uniqueness of having an influence on definite areas is the main reason it is required instead of anabolic steroids. Steroids aid in building muscle, but have far more drastic side effects than those now verified by SARMs.

The major difference between LGD-4033 and steroids is that the latter disturbs all tissue, but LGD-4033 does not. This is useful because it reduces the possible side effects and permits users to better channel which of their body areas are being affected.

How LGD-4033 works

Its mechanism of action involves the binding of LGD-4033 to selective androgenic receptors in both the bone and muscle tissues. Androgen Receptors or ARs are abundant in the body, but Ligandrol isn’t well-suited with those found in the eyes or other androgen-rich organs. Being receptor-selective, it can be taken orally.

Also, this effective SARM evades the tissues of the major body organs such as the prostate, colon, heart, and sebaceous glands. This procedure removes the destructive side effects which are caused by steroids because they do not have an affinity with the tissues in these organs.

Pros and Cons

Miserably, there are not various studies about this supplement that is why it’s a contentious subject among specialists. Bodybuilders, athletes, and powerlifters broadly use this product as it has an excess of benefits with little side effects which must be stated whatsoever.

What are the benefits?

LGD-4033 can improve your lean muscle mass, stimulating strength and stamina. It has no noted side effects and can be used in your training programs.

It boosts muscle growth

LGD-4033 is well-known to proliferate T levels in your body, which encourages development and muscle growth. According to placebo-controlled research published on PubMed, it can increase aka muscles, lean body mass, and strength, by imitating the positive effects of natural androgen hormones. These effects consist of rising the energy production process and anaerobic cycle as well as assisting blood circulation.

It increases energy production and anabolic activity

Anabolicum increases the process of energy production, but that alone can also cause a muscle loss. The important point here is that this constituent also increases anabolism which recompenses the energy loss, resulting in a slimmer body with least fat.

No steroids side effects

Prostate cancer is due to the most hazardous side effects of testosterone and steroids. Fortunately, LGD-4033 and other SARMs are discerning and only affect some tissues of your body, including bones and muscles, which results in decreasing the risk of evolving muscle waste diseases such as osteoporosis and cancer.

Moreover, other steroid effects aren’t possible to develop when you ingest SARMs, so there’s no risk of hair loss or acne. Also, it does not possess any estrogenic effects such as water retention and high blood pressure.

No injections included

Unlike steroids, you don’t require to introduce anything into your body. LGD-4033 can be taken through the mouth, which raises its tolerability among persons. That is why it is selective and you don’t need to inject it straight into your muscles. Steroids, conversely, can enter into any cell of the organism.

That’s why an individual cannot take it through the mouth as it can enter into tissues where it shouldn’t be. What’s even superior is that regardless of being an oral medicine which passes through the liver, it is not hepatotoxic.

Side effects?

SARMs seem perfect, I know. But as engaging as it may appear, LGD-4033 does have side effects. Luckily, they are negligible, even non-existent, and shouldn’t signify any problem if you are not suffering from any allergy or an exceptional disorder. The common side effects though are as follows;

  • Nausea
  • A headache
  • Fatigue

Moreover, most studies about LGD-4033 revealed that it is 100% harmless and acceptable in most cases. In other words, it is the perfect medicine for those looking for steroid profits without uncertain side effects.

What dose should you take?

If you are just beginning with Ligandrol, you can start with a 5mg dose, then accordingly you can increase it. If you have a great physique, you can go with higher ingestion. 10mg every 24h-36h period is the most consumed dose for Anabolicum, while some people go for as high as 20mg per day with slight to no negative concerns.

Numerous studies have revealed that Ligandrol could give noteworthy consequences, such as increase lean mass, within a 2 to 3 week period, which is remarkable for a supplement.

Is LGD-4033 stackable?

Although it is perfectly okay on its own, LGD-4033 can be piled with other SARMs, such as Ostarine, Cardarine, and Testone, to see personal wants and goals.

If you want to take LGD with other products, make sure to amend your daily consumption accordingly. But think through increasing your Anabolicum dose rather than joining different SARMs.

What’s soothing is that LGD has nearly no side effects and studies have also shown that it is workable for all doses.

What to expect from LGD-4033?

LGD-4033 is the SARM which could be compared to the strength of an anabolic steroid. You can expect an increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in body fat by using LGD-4033.

The mass gains from LGD-4033 are greater than that of any other SARM, and ON AVERAGE, 10 pounds of lean muscle gain is common. Outcomes are even more extraordinary in those who exercise daily and maintain a very good diet.

Many other drugs can lead to bloat up with water retention. They even saturate your muscles to such a great extent that half of your perceived “gains” are lost after ceasing drug. It is because half the weight you packed on was water.

This is certainly not the case with LGD-4033, and one can expect bloat free, lean gains.

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Where can you buy Ligandrol from?

In a study published by JAMA, out of 44 products promoted online as SARMs, only the half really comprises those constituents, whereas the other half contains unlisted components, mostly hormones, and unapproved drugs.

A new study published on PubMed presented that approximately 52% of SARMs accessible online truly contain other constituents.

Those studies reveal just how critical it is to take these supplements seriously and get them only from trustworthy suppliers.

Miserably, SARMS are to be forbidden during 2018 after the start of the SARMs Control Act of 2018 on April, 24th.

Just 4 years after the Prohormone prohibition in 2014. Moved out are the days when we could simply buy LGD-4033 from Amazon and eBay. Now you need to find newly recognized sellers in the industry.


If you are looking for a product which can assure you a rapid result with least side effects, Ligandrol may fair be your item specifically, if steroids are a great no for you.

By excluding anabolic steroid effects of swelling and organ disorder, LGD-4033 is an efficient, exciting, and fast working supplement. It can help an extensive variety of persons in a multitude of challenging areas.

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