Erectile Dysfunction May Increase The Risk Of Heart Diseases

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction you may also get yourself checked for heart problems. This new research says that erectile dysfunction is one of the earliest signs showing heart problems.

As you know that heart diseases are fatal in severe cases in both men and women. But the risk factors and symptoms may also be different in both. For example, erectile dysfunction shows up in men. Risk factors such as contraceptives, stress and hormonal imbalance are more common in women.

Some risk factors apply to both men and men such as blood pressure, obesity, smoking, alcohol, and metabolism.

Erectile dysfunction, a leading sign of heart problem hits more than 25% of men till the age of 40. (Read more about it here) However, there is no independent research on erectile dysfunction as an independent factor for heart problems.

This new study has been carried out by the researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD under Dr. Michael Blaha — an associate professor of medicine. This research investigates the link between erectile dysfunction and heart health in over 1,900 men for a total period of 4 years. These research findings were published in the journal Circulation and are available online to read. Click here to read the complete research findings.

Erectile dysfunction may predict heart disease as a symptom

The scientists conducted the study using the data extracted from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis, which is “an ethnically diverse, community-based, multisite prospective cohort study”. It had 1914 study participants within an age range of 60–78.

The study results showed that erectile dysfunction almost doubles the risk of heart problems such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, failure or death. The risk is highest with independent factors cholesterol, smoking or high blood pressure.

The researchers are sure that this new study is an evidence to prove erectile dysfunction as a stand-alone risk factor for heart disease. In this 4 year of study, the heart problems such as heart attacks, strokes, sudden death and related problems were reported.

Before considering all other factors, the analysis of the participants tells that the men with erectile dysfunction were experiencing more heart problems. These heart problems were as low as 2.6% only in the men who did not have sexual dysfunctions. Adding more risk factors, the erectile function has proven to be a twice higher risk factor for developing heart problems in men.

These results reveal that erectile dysfunction itself is the most potent predictor of an under developing heart condition. This study also suggests the clinicians perform targeted screening of men with erectile dysfunction, regardless of them having an existing heart problem or not. Men suffering from high blood pressure or cholesterol should also go for all related screening stress.

Many people try to avoid this screening even having early signs of heart problems. But if you are experiencing it along with erectile dysfunction, seek immediate help to get your tests completed.

This timely diagnosis of the problem will help a better disease management for your doctor. It will save you from mental stress and physical discomfort of having a chronic disease at later stages.



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