Dianabol – Exposing the Side Effects

Men have been taking steroids for gaining muscle strength either for personal goals or for athletic purpose around the world. They tend to improve their physique and endurance through anabolic steroids which can support their exercise regime and help them retains more muscle mass rapidly.

Dianabol is one of the most well-known steroids for this purpose which is available in pill form and injectable form as well.

However, the pill form is more common worldwide as men took it for enhancing their performance in every way. Dianabol is a derived product from methandienone which has anabolic and androgenic effects on the body. Let’s find out why this steroid became so popular and then got blocked by the FDA for its illegal products.

History of Dianabol’s use 

Dianabol was known to break every steroid’s performance as they served a range of functions whereas Dianabol was targeted to enhance the performance of athletes. It boosted the anabolic performance for athletes taking it and increased testosterone use in the body to retain muscle strength.

It was USSR using the steroid first which resulted in U.S defeat soon after which the U.S athletes realized the power of steroids.

Dianabol soon became common with the U.S athletes which made game fair between the two nations. Gaining popularity in all sports, Dianabol was then being used by bodybuilders and even by a common man. As nothing of this popularity stays for long, the FDA soon reached the manufacturers and made them discontinue the drug in the U.S However there are manufacturers distributing Dianabol in different countries illegally.

Dianabol Supplement

What is Dianabol used for?

Dianabol is a steroid derived from methandrostenolone which works to alter testosterone hormone in the body. It changes the carbon bond place in the molecule to significantly change in binding affinity which helps the cells build protein easily.

Dianabol has been used for muscle building with the best dramatic results achieved. It best delivered when combined with a protein-rich diet. The fast-acting steroid adds up 20 pounds of weight within a week of use which was a drawback for some athletes as it may not have provided power.

The caloric intake should be as per requirement of Dianabol as an inadequate diet will not work as required. The main benefits of Dianabol which make people add it to part of their life are building proteins and retaining nitrogen in the body.

Nitrogen is known to make up for muscle tissues and therefore building muscles is easier with it. Dianabol also makes carbohydrates consumption easier which results in storing less fat in the body. Athletes and bodybuilders have been fond of this steroid as it gave them strength to perform on optimal levels but it is now known to cause after effects too.

What are the Side Effects of Dianabol?

Dianabol is associated with side effects without doubt as FDA went after such drugs and made their manufacturers to discontinue it. It can cause potential problems especially if you take it with the wrong diet as it is highly recommended to take the right foods along with steroids like Dianabol.

The side effects of Dianabol include its estrogenic effects, high blood pressure, cardiovascular symptoms, testosterone suppression, hepatotoxicity and liver problems and other problems causing a performance reduction. Discussing the side effects in detail will let you have a clearer picture of the steroid Dianabol which will help you decide whether or not to start taking it.

Estrogenic Properties

Although Dianabol is meant to boost testosterone performance in the body, its excessive intake can cause further more problems like having feminizing effects.

Too much of Dianabol in the system will convert into methyl estradiol which is similar to estradiol and will cause the female properties to grow in the body.

This will cause breast enlargement with water retention in the body which will really look awkward physically and cause more problems like high blood pressure. To avoid these estrogenic effects on the body, you may have to take anti-estrogenic supplements too.

Liver Damage  

Dianabol is further associated with side effects of liver damage as the anti-androgens affect them adversely. It is therefore important to take them slowly and gradually so as to remain healthy.

The liver enzymes increase while taking Dianabol which damages the liver. Dianabol intake should be stopped after 6 weeks if it has been taken continuously as this will save the liver from the excess load.

Acne and Hair Loss

Although Dianabol is considered useful for increasing muscle strength, it is known to have many adverse effects on health which also includes acne.

Acne is often a side effect of having excess testosterone in the body which also causes baldness when hair loss occurs.

Hair growth may also be suffered in different parts of the body which are very common side effects as well.

Women will have more effects on their body as testosterone is not meant to be in excessive quantities in them. It will cause deepening of the voice, male pattern baldness, and excessive hair growth and clitoris enlargement effects.

Therefore, women are not recommended to take Dianabol as a supplement as there are other supplements with less androgenic properties to use.

High Blood Pressure

Dianabol is well known for its high blood pressure properties and therefore people are advised to watch out for their diet while taking Dianabol. Any changes in the diet or lifestyle may help lower blood pressure but if it does not go down still you may have to discontinue Dianabol.

A good and healthy lifestyle can help you remain safe from any side effects and so goes for Dianabol as well. It is better to avoid fatty foods and increase omega 3 fatty acid intake.

Cardiovascular Effects

Dianabol can result in high blood pressure and high cholesterol too which will have cardiovascular symptoms. It is known to increase LDL cholesterol and suppress HDL cholesterol which is not a good sign for your health. Heart diseases begin with these two blood checks which are advised to keep in balance.

Testosterone Suppression

When we take any artificial supplements, we restrict the body’s ability to make its own hormones which then turns bad for your health.

It is also noted that discontinuing Dianabol leads back to previous testosterone levels. However, the recovery time depends on how long you have been taking it.

Other problems

Here an important thing to limit is your alcohol intake. Do not take alcohol when you are using Dianabol. It will stress your liver so much that there is a risk of permanent liver damage. Any performance-enhancing drug like Dianabol works opposite to alcohol.

That’s why using these two together will cause a reduced or poor performance. And that’s not all. While using Dianabol with alcohol, beware of the possible side effects that show up.

Best way to use Dianabol

One of the best ways to prevent the side effects of Dianabol is to use in the right way. this right method involves body size and need. It is necessary to fix a dosage that goes well with your body requirements. To make it easier, you can compare it with other people’s dosage.

Previously any dose higher than 50mg per day wasn’t common. Note that with incredible benefits of Dianabol, the equally strong side effects also occur. So this risk is increased when you increase the dose. The lowest dosage of Dianabol is 25 mg or 30mg. here it doesn’t provide intense side effects.

The ideal dose of Dianabol is somewhere between 15 and 25 mg a day. This is a recommended dosage because at these low levels, their minimal risk of damage to the liver. For starters, only 15mg a day is also sufficient.

Remember that Dianabol has a half-life of around 3 to 5 hours. That is why you need to have Dianabol in your system non-stop for constant effects. It means you can break down your dose into 2-3 smaller doses and take them every few hours.

Majority of people take one pill with the meal but this is not right. Taking the same dose in smaller amount will get your body into the system. So try to follow these simple tricks to enhance the efficacy of Dianabol.

Is Dianabol safe for use?

Despite the discontinuation of Dianabol in the U.S, it is being sold in other countries including England. Although the user has many side effects, people have been using it still for some temporary benefits.

The source should be reliable as distributors like Naposim and Akrikhin are trusted by people for purchase. Dianabol’s purchase online can be law violation in the U.S and so you should be safe when buying it from distributors.

Not every distributor is selling out according to law and this may make you fall their prey in any such case. Also, the only measured amount of Dianabol should be taken as its overdose will cause side effects. Only the right mg is supposed to work as it claims and no excessive quantities are meant to do well for your body.


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