Sweet Defeat review: Does it work on sugar cravings?

Sweet Defeat is a natural and effective formula made from all-natural and safe ingredients to help in getting rid of sugar cravings fast. As the manufacturer claims, the product is clinically proven by scientists and health experts.

Sweet Defeat is a unique product in the market. It comes in the form of flavored lozenges and it is formulated using herbal ingredients.

Sugar cravings are set off by our taste buds. As we consume something sweet, our body tends to crave for more. This is a simple yet bothersome mechanism of the human brain.

The molecules present in sugar activate the tongue’s taste receptors which then send a signal to the brain further triggering the sensation of wanting to eat more sweets, which is akin to a vicious cycle.

A single bite of a sugar-rich item can stimulate the cravings for up to 30 minutes. The solution resides in blocking those tongue receptors in order to break this cycle.

Sweet Defeat hinders this entire cycle by controlling sweet taste. In a way, it fools the tongue’s taste buds into ignoring sugary items.

Ingredients of Sweet Defeat

Sweet Defeat is a patented formula which contains 100% natural ingredients that show results in only a matter of seconds. As mentioned above, Sweet Defeat there are five active plant-based ingredients included in the formula:

  • Gymnema Extract

This leaf extract from a plant has widely been used as a way to prevent sugar cravings. Its benefits have been known since ancient times.

It is a woody vine and grows in several tropical forests of Africa, Australia, and India. Gymnema plant has also been used as a natural or Ayurvedic remedy.

  • Spirulina Extract

Spirulina is rich in nutrients and some of these elements are not found in any other compound.

It possesses large amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, B vitamins, magnesium, and niacin. Spirulina is considered one of the best superfoods in existence.

  • Mint

The mint extract contained in Sweet Defeat is derived from organic mint leaves that give a cool and refreshing effect.

Mint is both a calming and soothing herb and has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years.

  • Zinc

This compound completes and compliments the effects of Gymnema extract by blocking the tongue’s sugar receptors.

Zinc is also good for strengthening the immune system of the body and fighting symptoms such as common cold, ear infection, and other respiratory issues.

  • Sorbitol

This is a sweet-tasting ingredient that works as a sugar substitute and adds a sweet taste. Unlike sugar, Sorbitol is slow to metabolize in the body and it does not cause any significant side effects on the blood sugar levels.

On the contrary, though, some people may have unpleasant experience such as gas and bloating, when consuming Sorbitol.

Nutritional Value

Supplement Facts (per 1 serving or 1 tablet)
Ingredient’s Name Amount Per Serving Daily Value
Gymnema leaf extract 2 mg Not Yet Established
Zinc 1 mg 7%

How long Sweet Defeat effects last?

A single serving of Sweet Defeat is capable of suppressing the sugar cravings for an entire hour, according to the company website.

The supplement is trusted and recommended by many nutritionists and health experts and is validated by doctors. The company states that the product offers 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

How should I use Sweet Defeat?

Using Sweet Defeat lozenges is simple and easy. Place one tablet on the tongue and let it dissolve. This should be done whenever there is a craving for something sweet.

However, the company does not recommend its users to take more than two or three lozenges in a day. It is best to take a tablet or two after meal and one can also take a serving whenever the need. The product is highly recommended in case of the following:

  • To limit oneself to healthy and sugar-free breakfasts.
  • To skip dessert completely or maybe to enjoy one or two bites.
  • To suppress midday cravings and stick to healthy or low-calorie foods.
  • To avoid snacking at late nights or overeating whenever out with friends.

Although there can be different opinions found regarding the daily dosage limitation, taking Sweet Defeat is quite flexible and the product can be used on a daily basis as needed. It is important to note that overconsumption of anything can be harmful and cause some side effects.

One thing to consider though is the small amount of zinc contained by these tablets. For this reason, adults are not suggested to consume very large doses in a day.

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Is Sweet Defeat Safe, Certified and Reliable?

Sweet Defeat is absolutely a safe product. Firstly, it is certified and meets all the FDA guidelines. The FDA is a trustworthy institution that is responsible for regulating all the dietary, nutrition and health products, supplements and ingredients, including the processes involved in the manufacturing and distribution of these products.

Usually, dietary supplement companies are not required to receive the FDA’s approval or meet their requirements before their products make way into the market. However, it is imperative that they are regulated under state and federal law in order to ensure the safety level of such products.

Is Sweet Defeat truly effective?

According to the customer feedback, Sweet Defeat appears to be an effective product. Sweet Defeat is backed by research conducted by independent organizations showing the way these lozenges lower both the appetite and intake of high-sugar foods.

The research was published in many different journals so there’s no doubt about the transparency.

At the same time, the results achieved from taking these tablets may differ from person to person depending on each individual’s organism, the body’s reaction to the supplement’s ingredients, and frequency of consumption.

Hence it is very vital to follow all the directions and precautions provided by the company.

Where can I purchase Sweet Defeat? What is the Cost?

Sweet Defeat is available for purchase from the official website of the company. One can make a one-time purchase in case the product’s never been tried before or one can opt to become a member of a subscription program that comes with certain perks.

  • One box of 30 tablets is priced at $29.99 which comes to $1 per serving.
  • Two boxes containing 60 lozenges in total are priced at $49.99 which translates into $0.83 per lozenge.
  • Three boxes containing 90 tablets are priced at $69.99. This comes to $0.78 per serving.

To become a member of subscription, simply create an account on the website by entering email address and password. Subscribers receive the auto-shipment program so one can rest assured of never running out of these tablets.

The order will be delivered to the doorstep on a monthly basis. The company offers discounts from time to time which gets updated on the website. Also, it is free to cancel the order anytime without any strings attached.

The only online payment option apparently offered on the website is a credit card. Once the order is placed and confirmed, the estimated delivery time is 2 to 3 days.

What are consumers saying about Sweet Defeat?

Most of the users of Sweet Defeat are women, but men are also encouraged to utilize this product without any issue. Looking through customers’ reviews, it is seen that many professional athletes and model are huge fans of the formula.

None of the users have mentioned or reported any significant side effects, and even minor effects occur from overconsumption of the product. Without a doubt, Sweet Defeat has a huge fan base all over the world.

Final Thought

As mentioned earlier, sugar cravings are caused by the tongue’s taste buds. And now there is an effective way to combat the condition without causing harmful effects to the body.

Sweet Defeat seems to be a solid and promising product. One of the best things about this supplement, which is also a great advantage, is the fact that it works for all different kinds of sugars, including sugar substitutes as well as artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Sucralose, and Stevia.


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