Simple fix of Acne during Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes a surge in hormones which happen to create pregnancy symptoms including headaches, nausea, fatigue, or acne.

Although these symptoms are temporary and may go away in a few weeks, some women will get irritated with them.

Acne breakouts can be annoying if they do not go away within a couple of days. Although there are home remedies to help cure acne women may still continue having acne in the first and second trimester.

What Causes Acne during Pregnancy

Acne breakouts are caused by the oil which clogs pores to grow bacteria on the skin. The androgen hormones surge during pregnancy and cause the glands to produce more sebum which in turn causes acne on the skin. Women who were prone to acne before will continue to have acne during pregnancy too which will be temporary and go away with time.

Some remedies and tips might be helpful in order to have a daily skin care routine even during pregnancy. Pregnancy restricts the use of some products for the skin as they may contain harmful ingredients for the growing baby. It is therefore recommended to stick to natural home remedies for safety.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar for acne can be a simple yet effective remedy to treat the oil on your skin. A soaked cotton ball in apple cider vinegar can be applied to the affected area on your skin to absorb excess oil and prevent further acne. Moreover, you may prepare a toner by mixing three parts of distilled water to one part of vinegar to keep the skin fresh.

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Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits have always been a skin friendly product which unclogs pores and acts as exfoliating by shedding off dead skin cells. The method to use citrus fruits like lemon and lime is to squeeze the juice and apply directly on the face with a soaked cotton ball.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is well known for its healing properties as it will dry up oil on the skin and makes your skin clear. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in one tablespoon of water and apply to pimples only. Wait until it is dried and then wash with water.

Oatmeal and Cucumber Mask

Oatmeal is a very effective remedy for good and shiny skin and it can also treat acne. Cucumber has cooling properties and so the mixture of both acts as a repellant for acne.

Boil a tablespoon of oats in one or two tablespoons of water and mix in grated cucumber. Apply the mask on face for a few minutes until dry and then wash off with water.

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Oatmeal for acne

Coconut Oil

Coconut has soothing properties for the skin and can be used as an antibacterial product too. Skip the moisturizer and apply virgin coconut oil before going to sleep to see the difference.


Honey is very well known for its antiseptic properties as it also soothes the skin. Applying honey directly on the pimples will help treat the clogged pores and will moisturize the skin too.

Home remedies for life

Things to Avoid Acne

It is recommended not to over wash your face if you are having dry skin as this will increase oil production and cause more acne.

Don’t use hot water on the skin as this will again dry up the skin.

Do not scrub the face if you’re having acne breakouts continuously as the skin needs to retain some moisture.

How to Care For Skin during Pregnancy?

Skincare has to be same during pregnancy as you need a glowing skin to stay beautiful. It is therefore important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeine and instead, add fresh fruit juices to your diet. Restrict the intake of refined sugar and processed foods.

Avoid touching your face often and do not pop pimples as this will increase acne all over face. Take plenty of rest and take care of cleanliness. Do not wear much makeup and wash your hair regularly to avoid excess oil in hair which can also clog pores on face.

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