Things not to do with your skin

Skin is the largest human organ. You probably knew that but would find it rather strange. Either way, skin is important for all of us. Keeping it healthy and refreshed is important. Not only does it give a good look but prevents other leading conditions.

A lot of people care a lot about their skin. They would make use of a number of creams, washes and lotions. The purpose is to have a fresh appealing skin. While you may continue to use of all these remedies there are certain things you should never be doing.

This article will highlight some of the common mistakes people make with regards to skin protection. These mistakes can be consequential at times. Particularly when they lead to further consequences. At the end of the article, you will find that some activities are so common that you never thought they could be harmful. Regardless it is important to keep note of them.

Stop popping your pimples

We all have got an ugly pimple on our face at some point in life. It makes the face uneven and gives an unappealing look. A pimple occurs when dead skin cells start clustering within the skin pores. They are also sometimes referred to as acne.

To pop a pimple might appear attractive and the first thing your mind will tell you to do. Especially when its large in size and dark red in colour. At that point, you would want to get rid of it as soon as possible. However, did you know about the consequences of doing so? Popping a pimple can make the skin vulnerable to a number of infections. To put it in simple words, you might get rid of a pimple but temporarily. It may just appear again! Dermatologists have pointed out that popping can increase the inflammation of the skin causing scarring.

Thereby, make it a point to not do so at any point. No matter how much you want to do, try resisting your urge. If the problem happens to be of serious concern, see a professional dermatologist. If not, then there a whole range of natural remedies that you can carry out at home.

Always carry sunscreen with yourself

Sunscreens have traditionally been used when out at the beach. However, research studies have revealed that is now even more important when being outdoors at any time. For certain sun might give you an ample amount of vitamin D but the flip side needs to be considered as well. Excessive exposure to sunlight makes the skin vulnerable to damage. In extreme circumstances, it may enhance the chances of skin cancer. Sun light lessens the collagen contained in the skin. The consequence of that is the development of wrinkles and acne.

Therefore, whether you are at the beach or anywhere outdoors, carry a sun screen. The rise in global warming has particularly made the problem worse for the skin. If going out in day light is necessary, go out early in the morning or close to sunset.

Consult your dermatologist for the type of sunscreen you should be using. He/she will tell you the right SPF you should be applying.

If getting a tattoo, use a non-white ink

Tattoos have become part of the rising youth subculture. People, often young age groups will resort to having one because it looks good on the skin. There are certain harms with getting a tattoo. The needle might not be sterilized in the first place. Secondly, the mark may be there permanently unless laser treatment is carried out which are often expensive.

In addition to all of this, do not get a tattoo with white ink. The problem that has been highlighted here is that it can cause skin complications like permanent damage. On the other hand, the biggest blunder with white ink is that it may never go off from the skin. No matter, what laser treatment you carry out, the tattoo will be there forever. At times, the white ink may turn into black doing no good.

So having a tattoo might just be fine but have it with a black or any non-white ink.

Do not ignore skin moles

This point may frighten you. You probably do have a mole on your skin at any part of your body. There is nothing to be afraid of until and unless the mole seems to be changing. It can either change its color, texture or may just enlarge in size. This is a serious point for concern and resort treatment if you witness any of these mentioned changes. Such changes can signify the presence of an underlying disease that can have severe consequences.

Do not be afraid of moles. They are birthmarks that do no damage to skin on their own. However, be cautious of any changes that you might come across.

Stop using face washes excessively

You now come across a variety of face washes. Each might have its own advantage in terms of what it has to offer. Some products promise a fair skin within weeks. While other may argue for a better protection against complications like acne. Either way, make it a point to not use face washes excessively.

At the end of the day, rely on your body’s natural working mechanism. These face washes may do some good but excessive usage can be of particular harm at times. It is important to understand that they contain certain chemicals that interfere with the skin cells. These products are promised to be non-harmful but only when used in considerate amount.

For any typical face wash you may have, do not use it more than twice a day. For peel off masks, use it twice every week. In short, keep check of the number of times you make use of such products.

Throw away expired skin products

You have a face wash, lotion or cream that has been lying on your shelf for quite a long time now. It has been now months since you used it last. It might appear tempting to use it again but STOP! Check the expiry date before you apply it anywhere on your skin.

There is always a reason why products come with a mentioned expiry date. They are not recommended to be used perpetually. After crossing a certain amount of time, the ingredients may start to degenerate. They may use their original potency and the job for which the product is being used. As a result, the benefits that you expect to obtain can actually be a disadvantage.

Thereby, make it a point to always look for the expiry dates on your product. Dispose them off if the date has been exceeded and buy new ones.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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