What medical science says about dealing with breakups?

Breakups are hard. They make you feel as if your entire world is falling apart. Be it be a 1-month relationship or a commitment for years. You would notice some common things for people who have gone through such situations. They will tend to isolate and detach themselves from normal working of life. They will lack the motivation to start doing something in the first place. All these things are understandable considering what the person might be going through.

Do you know, however, that medical studies have been researching on this phenomenon for quite a long time now? Breakups have been a cause for major concern for psychologists. Particularly they feel that it leads to symptoms of depression and anxiety in people. In cases where the relationship has persisted for longer periods of time, it can lead to PTSD. PTSD referring to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While breakups might look trivial to some people, they should never be invalidated. Especially for the person who is facing it might be in a bad state of mind.

Research findings have revealed some essential medical tips to keep in mind when faced with a breakup. Although there is no one straightforward suggestion, acquiring some remedies may be of particular help. These remedies include some psychological practice as well as some physical tips.

This article will explore what research suggests about dealing with breakups.

Accepting what has happened

Psychologists would tell you to accept what has taken place and be mindful of that. It might be difficult to understand this point properly since acknowledging the present is difficult. The person’s mind will be wandering with all sorts of thoughts and hope. At some point it will push you to the limit where “gaslighting” starts happening. The person feels whatever has happened is because of his/her fault. This is not entirely true. Breakups are a difficult part of life that needs to be dealt in the most meaningful manner.

Therefore, it is pertinent to abide by the reality and try the best to move forward with life.

Finding possible distractions

When your mind is continuously engulfing all types of negative thoughts, it is important to give it a different distraction. Psychologists here have highlighted some of the common mistakes people make after breaking up. They will totally detach themselves from the normal working of life. They will not involve into any activities that might do good to them.

Understandably, the mind needs time to digest the reality. It can, however, be paced up by distracting yourself with other things. For example, find someone else to hang out with. Start a TV show, play with your dog, go out for a walk. There is a whole list of things you can possibly do to keep yourself distracted from the negative mind process. For that to happen, you need to push yourself to take the first step. It is difficult but there always have to be an initiating point.

Indulging in physical activities

The importance of physical activities in any regard cannot be neglected or sidelined. While normally people would tell that it is important for losing weight. On the other hand, there are other added advantages of indulging yourself in physical activities.

Exercise induces serotonin production in the brain. This chemical is what keeps the mind relaxed. So, yes, exercise can keep you fit but it can also be a way of coping with excessive stress. Indulge yourself in intense cardio. Psychologists would highlight that swimming in this regard can be of great help. Therefore, make it a point to include physical activity in your daily schedule after breaking up.

Go with a positive approach

Breakups are surely difficult and traumatic at the same time. You feel robbed with all the hope that you might otherwise have. Your mind pushes for all the negative thoughts that in turn make the person feel disturbed.

It might be easier said than done but it is pertinent to have a positive approach. A positive approach towards things and life in general. It means to look at the future with a bright mind. One way to do so is by focusing on the goals for the future that you plan on fulfilling. In addition, think about the worst case scenario, things that could have made the situation even worse. Always take breakups as eyeopeners for the tough times that life has to offer. Take it as a way to pull yourself up and become a strong person.

Get a good amount of rest

Understandably, people who break up might find difficult sleeping. There might be all sorts of distractions that disturbs the normal sleeping pattern. Even if one tries to do so, it gets overwhelming to the extent where making it happen may seem impossible.

To get away with that, it is important to maintain a sleeping schedule. Although, things will disrupt the usual working of the day but try not to compromise on sleep. Take power naps in between to refresh yourself.

Nutritionists would advise on a number of food products that one could take in that regard. These items are generally advised for people who face the problem of insomnia. Make it a point to include these foods in your diet as a way of coping with disrupted sleep. Dairy products particularly, along with a variety of almonds can help achieve that purpose. It is also vital to not compromise on the eating habit. Try maintaining a healthy eating pattern to revitalize yourself. Take good dosage of supplements if you find yourself suffering from the deficiency of certain nutrients.

Do not hesitate to seek help

When going through a breakup, you feel overwhelmed at numerous points in a day. You will find yourself engulfed with all sorts of random thoughts. These thoughts can be an emotional toll and difficult to survive. However, do not let them in and make you feel further depressed. Always find a person to talk to and open up to. If you find yourself in such state of mind, call your nearest friend to listen to what you have to say. Talking helps because it releases the extra burden one is carrying with him/herself.

Moreover, do not hesitate to seek professional help if you think you need it. While time heals the breakup wounds with time, do not hesitate to seek a psychologist or psychiatrist. It might be that this particular situation translates further into a more serious mental problem. It is thereby pertinent to make sure that a professional advice is sought in the most meaningful way possible.


Areeba Hussain

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