How to Read Two Lines Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is the most awaited time when you just can’t wait enough to know whether a wonder has taken place this time. Home pregnancy tests are reliable and accurate most of the time to detect even small amounts of hCG hormone in the urine.

Still, women are advised to wait until the right time frame arrives to avoid disappointment. Although a very faint line or no line is a sign of no pregnancy, there are chances of having the test too early in your cycle. It is often recommended to wait for a few days in such case. The waiting time is, however, the most difficult time on Earth.

Two Lines Pregnancy Test

Two lines on a home pregnancy test strip indicate pregnancy by detecting hCG hormone levels in the urine. It is recommended to do the test first thing in the morning so that urine is concentrated and hCG is detectable.

Although some of the tests are more accurate than others and detect single day pregnancy however blood tests are the quickest way to know the best results sooner. Blood tests at the same time may be expensive and therefore it is more convenient to use home pregnancy test strips.

The second line can be faint enough to confuse women and that’s when they google around for a positive answer. As we say, hope is the way to make it happen. So, never lose hope even if you find no hopeful answers. Sometimes, healthy pregnancies long after they’ve taken place cannot be detected by a test strip without any reason but the results are accurate in most cases.

Two lines on a pregnancy strip can be a dream for someone and can bring tremendous joy the moment they happen to see it. No wonder, women often find it hard to believe what they just saw on the test strip and will continue seeing it again and again.

Single Line Pregnancy Test

A single line on the pregnancy test strip may not always be correct as it is better to repeat the test after a few days. Although women share their accurate results most of the time, it is still not a thing to be disheartened about if it does not come out as your wish.

The test strip will have instructions on the pack to guide about how to collect a sample, test with the strip and then read the results. anything can go wrong at times and the best thing to do is to wait and repeat the procedure with another strip. If you get a single line on the pregnancy strip or a faint line and are sure enough about the pregnancy, you may always go for a blood test to recheck as it will not make you wait for more days.

If Line Disappears After Positive Pregnancy Test

The test results should be read after 5 minutes of inserting it in the sample as hCG takes time to detect a line. The line may not always stay there as it can disappear but that is nothing to worry about as you may have already read it.

Women often tend to repeat test even after getting positive results once and the line may get darker whereas it can also start getting faint every time you test. The lines getting darker as the pregnancy progresses means that everything is fine and your baby is developing well.

However, if no line or faint line appears when repeating the test again after days means there has been something wrong. At times in early pregnancy, miscarriages happen which make hCG levels go down which is not a thing to worry about as you can always get pregnant again.

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