Can Bananas Make You Fat?

Fruits and vegetables are the ultimate choices for people wanting to lose weight. However, there are fruits with high sugar content which may not be consumed in bulk.

Bananas, for instance, are confused with its nutrients and fattening properties. People tend to believe that bananas are fattening which is certainly not true as they are packed full of nutrients, minerals, fiber, and carbs. A medium sized banana contains 105 calories most of which come from carbs. This will make for about 12% of the daily value.

However, the sugar content in bananas depends on the glycemic value which increases with their ripeness.

Bananas are Packed with Fiber

Bananas contain a lot of fiber which takes them longer to digest and help you feel fuller for longer. More fiber also reduces the risk of heart diseases and some cancers. So, bananas in no way can be fattening as they only provide the right nutrition.

Now it is up to us how we consume them in moderation so as to remain healthy and fit. Fiber and resistant starch are known to lower blood sugar levels and disallow any swings.

Therefore even a large banana won’t make you fat as it is misinterpreted to be fattening but is likely to be same as an apple on comparing total carbs.

Health Benefits of Bananas

Choose Greener Bananas over Ripe Ones

Studies tell how the type of carbs in bananas depends on how ripe it is. Unriped or green bananas have high resistant starch which eventually slows down sugar absorption from food.

Fully ripe yellow bananas are packed with mostly sugars which will make your sugar levels high as compared to greener ones.

Choosing wisely is your choice. Overall, bananas are low glycemic index food which takes longer to release sugar into the bloodstream and therefore is a good choice for diabetic people.
Bananas are not fattening alone but they can become part of a high-calorie diet and cause weight gain though.

Banana as an Energy Booster

According to a study, athletes were given bananas after which their performance increased by 5 percent. This shows the impact of bananas as an energy booster.

Bananas sustain blood sugar which altogether gives the blood cells more energy to perform better. These are also the best ergogenic aid to support exercises as the carbs are slowly digested keeping the body energized.

Can Eating Too Many Bananas make you Fat

Now if you’re wondering about eating too many bananas, this may be a cause of concern. A banana can cover 10% of the daily recommended intake value based on a 2000 calorie diet which means you may not add too many of them in your diet plan.

However, eating too many once in a while may not harm you as it takes 30 days for the stored excess carbs to make 1 pound of fat. So it will not be wise to make this a habit as then you may have weight gain. Again, bananas cannot be the only reason but can become a part of the problem.

How Many Bananas Can You Eat?

An average sized banana contains about 125mg potassium whereas the daily recommended intake of potassium is 3500mg. This means consuming 7 and a half bananas per day can be good for a healthy person. It will do no harm as it will help other bodily functions with its nutritional value.

For a banana lover, this might not be a concern as he will never stop eating them and there is certainly no harm in that too. Bananas are now said to be fit in the doctor apple saying as consuming at least one a day is good for your overall health.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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