Poor Aerobic Fitness in Children leads to Chronic Diseases

Poor aerobic fitness is the leading cause of developing diabetes type 2and cardiovascular disease in children at a very young age. The University of Eastern Finland‘s study suggests threshold values of aerobic fitness for young boys and girls to determine who has an increased risk of diabetes 2 and cardiovascular disease.

Aerobic fitness can be calculated by dividing the aerobic fitness measured by the total body mass which also shows how much fat the body contains. Children in Finland were a part of the analysis made by the University of Eastern Finland which determined their peak oxygen intake through an exercise test.

The measurements included body adiposity, skeletal muscle mass, waist circumference, insulin, glucose, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure to indicate the risk factor of developing diabetes type 2 or cardiovascular disease.

However, the first author of the study from the University of Eastern Finland stated that the total body mass is a better indicator of who’s at risk of developing diseases. It was also stated that aerobic fitness measurements should be carried with caution in order to identify the children in need of lifestyle modification.

Lifestyle Factors Leading to Poor Health

Children having poor dietary habits with lack of exercise fall as victims of poor aerobic fitness which is likely to result in diabetes type 2 or cardiovascular disease. Increasing vigorous exercises in routine which cause shortness of breath can greatly reduce the risk of these diseases, a study suggests.

The study also measured the amount of vigorous, moderate and light exercises carried out by children which clearly showed a reduced risk of diabetes and CVD for those who increased vigorous exercises. It showed that vigorous exercise routine is independent of all other body factors and is directly linked to reduced risk of diseases.

It is advised for children and adults both to engage more in physical exercises as the physically passive lifestyle is an alarming situation for the world. The study findings prove to support healthy and vigorous physical routine to prevent chronic diseases in the future.

What does PANIC Study say about Lifestyle?

The physical activity and nutrition in children study is a continuous effort for encouraging physical exercise routine in children which may save them from many chronic diseases in the future. The study provides information regarding nutrition, body functions, lifestyle, physical fitness and much more. Physical exercise is such an integral part of a lifestyle which is now neglected by most people thereby endangering the generations to come with chronic diseases.

How to Prevent Chronic Diseases?

A good lifestyle is a key to having good health which includes a balanced diet plus vigorous physical exercise. When we talk about vigorous exercise, it is different from what we do like the daily activity. Physical exercise should be a separate routine only dedicated to achieving fitness.

Then comes a healthy diet which should include all green vegetables as they contain high fiber content and reduce sugar levels in the blood. Bittergourd, kale, spinach, fenugreek, cereal, pulses are just some of the healthy foods to maintain health.

Diabetes is a series of metabolic disorders which needs maintenance as it is not possible to completely reverse the condition once you’ve fallen a victim. Choice of food should be wise such as low glycemic index, non-starchy foods and high fiber content are the terms to remember when you’re on your grocery tour next.

Cardiovascular Disease has become the leading cause of death worldwide because of the unhealthy lifestyles adopted nowadays. Although it is better to achieve better health outcomes by exercising regularly, people don’t often realize how important this is.


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