8 easy to carry out & quick weight loss techniques

Obesity has been a major cause of concern for a lot of people. It is known to cause a number of related illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. At times, these illnesses become fatal when they develop in chronic form. Either way, it is important to keep a regular check on weight by maintaining a healthy routine.

There are a number of ways which people will use to lose weight. They will range from controlling what they eat to different types of physical workouts. For sure, both these techniques are useful in reducing excessive body fat. However, do you know there are certain methods that take lesser time and can be equally effective?

Scientists have revealed a list of weight loss tricks that take less time to carry out and may yield surprising benefits. This article will look into some of those tricks.

1.Taking walking breaks.

There is no alternative to the benefits of walking and running. While running may be more effective in weight loss, walking can be equally advantageous.

Experts have argued that physical immobility is one major cause of obesity among people. People just don’t bother moving enough. Particularly, jobs where you have to sit all day long, the chances of obesity increases. To overcome this problem, nutritionists have advised taking frequent walking breaks. Getting up from your seat and walking around for 10 minutes may do well and good. Consistently taking such breaks every hour and a half can lessen the chances of obesity.

2. Always have a bowl of fruit with yourself.

In a study conducted, it was found that people who have a fruit bowl in their kitchen counter are more physically fit than those who don’t. For rightly so the reason, fruits are loaded with a number of essentials minerals and vitamins which our body need. In particular, most members of the fruit family are low in calories. In fact, some may even aid in weight loss. Thereby having a fruit bowl around you can be beneficial. If you have munchies or craving, then eating fruit may help you deal with that cause! Pomegranate, apples and pears will help you lose weight faster so consider putting them in the fruit bowl.

3. Hydrate yourself pre-meal.

Drink plenty of water before ingesting any food. Even when you are hungry this may help you fight off excessive munching. Hydrating yourself with 2 or 3 glasses of water before every meal makes the person feel full. This further prevents eating a lot during one episode. Thereby, although water may not help in direct weight loss, it can still aid in the process.

4. Have a weighing machine and a mirror.

Check your weight daily. In a study conducted, it was found that people who checked their weight daily were more physically conscious. It is important to develop this habit as it makes the person more aware. Make a chart noting down the values on a daily basis then compare it weekly or monthly. If you find yourself gaining weight then that can be a cause for concern.

Moreover, nutritionists would also recommend having a mirror in prominent places at your home. It is surprisingly unbelievable that having one can actually help you lose weight. It leads to more awareness and leads to being more concerned about physical appearance. The reason here is pretty simple and interesting. When you eat food and see yourself in the mirror, you are unlikely to eat more afterwards!

5. Sip a cup of green tea every day.

New research studies are revealing numerous health benefits of green tea. Not only green tea helps boost metabolic rate, but it can also be useful for a variety of other purposes. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that will fight off inflammation-related illnesses. Thereby, if you are looking to lose weight quickly, replace coffee with green tea. It aids in the digestion process and will help in achieving a lean figure. Green tea sachets can be easily found in any grocery shop,

6. Maintaining a sleeping schedule.

The importance of having a proper sleep schedule cannot be underemphasized. Lack of sleep is linked with a number of health-related illnesses. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep puts you at a higher chance of being sick. In addition, it leads to obesity and high blood pressure. People who do not get enough sleep will tend to munch on food more than in normal circumstances. Lack of sleep deprives the person of physical energy. As a result, the person is less likely to channel him/herself towards the physical workout.

Aim for a 7 to 8-hour sleep per day with power naps in between. Always try sleeping at night to maintain the body’s natural working mechanism.

7. Keep count of your calories.

By law, most food companies in the USA are instructed to mention the calories and ingredients in the item. Even when these companies follow these rules, the consumers tend to overlook them. In recent times, people fail to keep a good check on the number of calories they ingest. As a result, they tend to overeat without worrying about the possible consequences.

According to the Official Dietary Guidelines for Americans, we need on average 2000 calories every day. This amount is certainly more for breastfeeding mothers and athletes. While people in their 30s and 40s may need lesser calories. Whatever, you eat, make note of the number of calories that might be contained in that particular item. This habit will ensure that the daily 2000 calories mark is fulfilled. Try eating fat food items less as they are loaded with unhealthy high calories ingredients. You might not know but a normal McDonald’s Big Mac has around 750 calories! That is nearly a quarter of the daily requirement.

8. Start off your day with Yoga.

If there is one exercise that tends to relax a person more than anything else, that would be yoga. Research findings have highlighted yoga to be utterly beneficial for the body. Not only it keeps the person physically fit but can help sustain the mental wellbeing. People who perform yoga every morning have their day stress free.

Yoga has primarily been considered a female-only exercise. That is certainly not true. Professional physical trainers would argue that this exercise is suited for everybody. Regardless of age and gender, anyone can perform it. Though, yoga is preferred early in the morning in the fresh air. Yoga drains away the stress for the day and at the same time prevents binge eating. Those who have the habit of emotional eating should do it thrice every week. It reduces the secretion of stress cortisol hormone, regulates blood pressure and boosts metabolic rate. The benefit of which is that the body tends to be in a physically fit shape.




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