Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

Whether you admit it or not but reading the best ways to lose weight is one of your favorite hobbies if you are struggling with weight. The Internet gives you a number of diet plans, exercise and lifestyle guide on losing weight. But on the other side, you may also come across with some weirdest habits or bizarre weight loss tricks.

To your surprise, they actually work for making you shedding weight. But how do they work, let’s take a closer look at following.

Sniff fruits or peppermint

Sounds silly, right? Well, that’s what it is but it has an amazing role in weight loss. Sniffing a fruit like banana and apple works on reducing the appetite. It helps to overcome the uninvited hunger pangs. The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago approve it after conducting a research on thousands of volunteers that found this sniffing useful. By any chance, if you don’t have access to bananas or apples, try using peppermint in any form. Sniffing peppermint has the same effects as that of bananas and apples on appetite suppression.

Eat a huge breakfast

This sounds insane because probably everyone around you will advise you to eat small meals and moderately. In this case, someone suggesting eating a huge breakfast sounds weird. However, the researchers agree that consuming high calories in breakfast, less than that in lunch and least calories in dinner make you lose weight like anything. Try this simple trick while following a moderate workout routine and see the results yourself.

Jog for random mail

Junk mails are as annoying as they could be for nearly every one of us. It’s the time to turn it into something exciting. Challenge yourself to jog along with every piece of junk mail that you receive in your post box every other day. You can take a lap around your neighborhood or building. If you are living in an apartment, try climbing the stairs. Each of this round will burn between 30-100 calories depending upon time and distance of your lap. Who doesn’t like to lose more calories anyways?

Tie the stomach

Not a highly recommended trick but if you have to go out to dine, tie a ribbon around your waist, underneath your clothes. It will keep you conscious of your tummy and you will not pile up your stomach with food. If the ribbon starts to feel tight, it is an indication to stop eating anymore. Every thought a ribbon could help in weight loss?

Hang a mirror next to your seat

Every looked at those huge mirrors at home décor shop and considered them as a decorative item? They could work more than that especially if you are on a weight loss journey. Try buying a huge mirror and hang it around a place where you frequently sit. You may also consider hanging one near your desk in the office. Every time you will stand up or pass by the mirror, watching yourself in the mirror will keep you motivated on weight loss. Otherwise, it is really easy to distract and eat unnecessary junk with people around you that are obviously not dieting.

Snap your food

Don’t we all love snapping our favorite food when we hang out with friends and loved ones? Do the same for your daily food but this time its not for your Facebook or Instagram but for yourself.  Snapping photos and looking at them later will make you conscious of what you have eaten last or in past days. So that it becomes easier for you to plan a cheat day or avoid frequently cheating on your meals.

Wrap your food

This is probably one of the most bizarre tricks ever. Try wrapping your food whenever you are home or are taking luck to office. It is proven by multiple studies that people tend to eat less when they have to unwrap their food. It was studied for candy but it could work for everyday food too.

Vanilla scented candles for home

Aroma has been always linked with affecting appetite. The scented candles especially vanilla scented candles are very helpful to dampen dessert cravings. Try switching to such scented candles at your home. Whenever you are dining out, you can request the restaurant to get you one. Or you may bring your own mini candles to use wherever needed.

Add blue color to your surrounding

Probably you will never see any fast food café or any restaurant decorating their walls in blue. The color itself has an appetite suppressant effect. It is even proven by research that colors affect so much on our habits and thinking. The blue color in anyways makes eating less appealing. You may start eating in blue plates, add blue napkins to your tables, blue sheets on your dining table or dress in blue. Avoid colors such as red, yellow, and orange because these colors promote eating.

Light up, volume down

Do you believe that restaurants dim their lights to create a romantic atmosphere? Let’s kill it here because their strategy is to make you order more food. Low lights make you eat more. In fact, it lowers the eating inhibition normally. Adding more lights to your dining area will make you eat less and you will be aware of how much you have eaten.

On the other side, any background music encourages more leisurely chewing your food. In the end, you eat more than usual and that’s how you ruin your weight loss diet routine.

Cut it half

One widely accepted weight loss trick is to cut your meal or drink in half. It particularly helps those who cannot diet. Reducing your everyday meal to half will cut as much as 100 calories from every meal. You will not feel food deprived, neither you have to stop eating your favorite foods. Just reduce eating whatever you eat into the half. You may eat one half right away and save the other half for the next meal.




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