Different types of bug bites & stings you should know

We all know about bug bites and stings. Both of them can be dangerous if not treated properly. In a lot of cases, they can also cause further complications in the body that can be harmful. However, people often tend to confuse both of these terms. Although they may appear same, they are actually not. One can differ from the other in the way it affects the person as well as the resulting symptoms.

Bug bites can literally affect anyone anywhere. Be it be trekking with friends on a mountain trail, or even in water. These places including wildlife forests are home to a million of insects and bugs of various types.  Most of the bites come from flea, mosquitoes or flies. When they bite someone, they inject their venom or poison inside the person’s body. In the initial stage, it might cause an allergy reaction typically scratching. The allergy may intensify over time and can cause other consequences like pain and discomfort.

There is no single medication that entirely will treat one specific bug bite. However, there are medicines available that can certainly lessen the symptoms that are caused. It is though important to always consult a doctor before self-treating the condition.

Use of medication may be one feasible way of getting over a bug bite or sting. On the other hand, medical professionals believe that prevention stands as the most viable technique. One should prevent him/herself properly when visiting any of the vulnerable sites. At the same, it is important to keep track of all the insects that can cause complications.

Types of Bug Bites and Stings

The bug bites and stings, in turn, may be classified further into different types. Each will vary slightly in texture and by the insect causing it. Let us look at some of the known types.

Bedbug bites

A bedbug insect is most likely to present in an area that occupies a lot of people. The bite of a bedbug can cause serious discomfort for the person. It results in rashes that are extremely itchy. The rashes are accompanied by red swollen patches visible on the skin where the bite took place. Usually, the skin portion that is not clothed will be more vulnerable to a bedbug bite.


Scabies can be pretty troublesome for the patient. It is caused by Sarcoptes Scabiei. It is really important to treat this condition in a timely manner. Failing to do so will allow the mite to reproduce inside the body where it starts laying eggs in different portions. In addition, the red rashes on the skin will increase in number and can result in further itchiness. Wrist, elbows and buttocks are more prone to scabies than other parts of the body.

Spider Bites

Spider bites are known to be considered dangerous as it can be fatal at times. Some species of spider may pose no harm to humans. On the other hand, a group found mainly in the desert areas of USA demand medical emergency. One common thing to look out for spider bites is that the symptoms will tend to appear after a period of time. A bite may result in two spots on the skin followed by a rash and itchiness. In other cases, people have also experienced shortness of breath and muscle pain when inflicted with a spider bite.

 Tick Bite

The tick insect species are found in large numbers in the US especially in the outdoor green places. They will most likely be spotted in grass or forest areas. There is one rather interesting thing about the bite of this insect. It will try to inflict the portion of the body that remains relatively warmer e.g. armpits or groin. After sucking warm blood from the body for about ten days, the insect leaves the body. The bite may cause a burning sensation or blisters. These symptoms may be harmless in most cases but can require attention if they worsen over time.


Chiggers are also commonly referred to as red bugs. They belong to the larvae family and are of microscopic size. However, their bite can be noticeable as it results in a pinching type of sensation. The insects are to be found in large numbers in the forest areas of USA and tend to hibernate in winters. Summers and springs are the two seasons when they remain active. A chigger bite will likely be noticed in the ankle, knees and the crotch areas. Apart from causing swelling rashes, one other major consequence of a bed bug bite is that causes difficulty in urinating.


Everyone has at some point complained about the presence of lice in their hair. For certainly, it is true that these insects feed mostly in places where they are hair present. This provides with a  warm, moist environment allowing them to reproduce easily. Lice will commonly affect the head and pubic area. It can also inflict other regions of the body. One way to identify the bite is to look for tiny bumps in the hair portion. These bumps will be red due to the clustering of blood inside them. Lice can be easily eradicated from the body by following some effective preventive remedies.

Which insects/animals can bite or sting?

It is important to look for a number of insects and some animals which can result in a medical illness. Some of the common insects are mentioned below.

Insects/bugs that bite

  • Redbugs
  • Lice
  • Black Flies
  • Horse Flies
  • Scabies mite
  • Mosquitoes


  • Grass spider
  • Mouse spider
  • Wolf spider
  • Blackhouse spider

Stinging insects

  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Fire Ants

While a bite or sting can affect anyone, some people still stand at a higher chance of infliction. People who have a weaker immune system will be more vulnerable. Their body will considerably longer time to produce the right antibodies to counter the threat. In addition, those who spend most of their times’ outdoor stand with a higher chance as well. It is thereby important to avoid going frequently to forests or other wooded areas.


On the fortunate side, bug bites and stings can be treated effectively using the right procedures. Firstly, one should be able to recognize the insect that has caused the situation. Accordingly, it is necessary to look out for the symptoms that match with the condition. Home remedies are easy to carry out and are also cost-effective. When faced with such a situation, as a first step, ice should be applied to lessen the swelling. Anti-itch creams are available as well antihistamines that can lessen the pain and discomfort caused. Some people also tend to apply toothpaste to relieve the pain.

However, if the symptoms tend to appear serious, then a medical emergency should be sought. Spider bites, on the other hand, should never be ignored and treatment should be carried out as soon as possible.



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