Where is your heart located in your body?

First questions first, why we need to know about the location of the heart? What would it help us in? Well, the location of the heart is necessary to know so that you may distinguish between the chest or the heart pain if you ever encounter one.

To know the difference between the chest and the heart pain, it is essential that we know where our heart actually lies in the body. For knowing this, we have briefly discussed below the heart anatomy and the difference between the heart pain and chest pain. Learn about it here! 

Heart’s Anatomy 

The heart is located between the lungs and the middle of the chest. It is present behind and a little on the left side of the sternum also called breastbone. Pericardium, a double-layered membrane surrounds the heart as a sac. The external layer of the pericardium surrounds the major blood vessels’ roots of the heart.

The pericardium’s external layer is attached by ligaments which are attached to spinal cord and diaphragm along with other parts of the body. The internal layer is attached to the heart muscle. There is a fluid coating present between the internal and external layer of the pericardium which helps in the beating of the heart. 

Difference Between the Chest Pain and the Heart Pain 

According to Harvard’s health website, many people confuse the chest pain with their heart pain. Millions of people report in the emergency departments of the hospitals dreading to have the symptoms of heart attack, only to find out that the pain that they experienced was nothing more than a chest pain.  

A chest pain could be physical or psychological, the reasons may vary from a muscle pull to anxiety.  Not every time when you feel the pain near to your chest area can exactly be a heart pain.  

Nevertheless, what exactly are the symptoms of a heart attack? 

Symptoms of Heart Attack 

  • You’ll feel uncomfortableness in the central part of your chest. It could be in the form of tightness, squeezing or burning of the chest as well. 
  • You might experience difficulty in breathing. In other words, shortness of breathing can occur. 
  • It is possible that you’ll become a victim of nausea or vomiting.  
  • You’ll feel down than usual, as in extreme fatigue will be felt. 
  • The sudden ache in the arms, one or both, is likely to happen. 
  • Sensations like pain, numbness, pinch like sensations some parts of the body or the organs is possible. Such as: on the back, jaw, neck or stomach etc. 
  • Amongst others, it is also a symptom of heart attack that you may go through the phases of lightheadedness or dizziness. 

Some of the questions which physicians or the doctors ask the patients when they encounter such cases are as follows: 

1) Is it pain, tightness or pressure that you feel? 

2) On which side of your chest area, you feel uncomfortable? 

3) Is it for the first time or have you experienced it before as well? 

4)  What activity were you doing before you started feeling such pain, tightness or pressure? 

5) Did it get worse by the time when you started feeling or is it the same that you felt earlier? 

If you think that you might be experiencing a number of symptoms from the ones mentioned above, then it is the right time to get some consultation with your doctor. Instead of confusing these symptoms with your chest pain, it is better to get a thorough check-up of your entire body.  Because it’s always better to be safe than sorry. No one’s too young or too old to get a heart attack. Anyone can become a victim of it. 


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Areeba Hussain

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