Health benefits of drinking tea

The health benefits of tea makes it a drink of every season. Tea is a tasty drink, served both hot or iced. Lately, researchers have declared tea as a healthy drink. Studies have found teas to prevent heart attack, cancer, and diabetes. Moreover, tea can lend a hand to lose weight. Green and black tea help to maintain the cholesterol levels in your body. Tea makes a man attentive and brings about mental alertness. Tea accommodates antioxidants which helps to keep us young and energized. It also saves us from the damage of a polluted environment.

The respective article discusses the surprising health benefits of drinking tea, which are as follow,

Tea is better than coffee

Tea has less caffeine than coffee.Too much Caffeine causes ‘jittery’ effects. Over-caffeination can also cause symptoms like high blood pressure, sweatiness etc. Thus, people are suggested to prefer tea over coffee.

Tea protects the brain and teeth

Compounds in green tea can enhance brain performance and make a man smarter. It not only enhances mental acumen but also protects our brain in old age. Alzheimer’s disease is very common in humans which causes dementia. Studies found that catechin compounds in green tea have various protective effects on neurons which lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Tea can also make us relax so that we can concentrate more on work.

According to Japanese researchers tea has been found prolific in avoiding tooth loss. When we take tea it alters the pH of our mouth preventing cavities.

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Tea is good for the immune system

Studies have found that tea can tune up immune cells so they reach their targets energetically. Ayurvedic practitioners use Holy basil or Tulsi tea to help keep the immune system strong after illness or injuries. Holy basil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves physical performance

Green tea can improve physical performance and lend helping hands to burn fats from the body. If you have a glance at the ingredients of fat burning supplements, there are 90% chances that green tea extracts will be on the top. This is because green tea increases fat burning and boosts the metabolic rate.

Lowers the risk of cancer

Uncontrolled growth of cells causes cancer. Oxidative damage can be a potent reason to the development of cancer cells. However, antioxidants may serve as protective agents against cancerous cells.

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. So it makes sense that green tea reduces the risk of cancer. A meta-analysis of observational studies found that women who took green tea on daily basis had 20-30% lower chances of developing breast cancer. On the other side, men who drank green tea were found to have 48% lower chances of developing prostate cancer.

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Tea reduces the chances of a headache, insomnia and nervous tension

Red tea also known as rooibos is a herbal tea native to Africa. It has many relaxing effects and reduces inflammation and irritations in the body. Red tea can also make us relax and reduce the chances of headaches.

Tea protects your skin

Green tea carries a strong antioxidant called EGCG that protects DNA from UV rays to prevent skin cancer. It is also a potent anti-aging ingredient that fights the signs of aging. Green tea is beneficial for treating acne and pores. Green tea contains polyphenols which damage bacterial membranes and are antagonistic toward infections. It means that green tea is such a useful tool for treating bacterial growth which causes acne.

It is effective for a smoother and toned skin. Green tea overflows with vitamin B-2 and vitamin E. Both of these vitamins are beneficial for skin health and maintenance. B-2 vitamin plays a vital role in supporting collagen levels for skin structure and fairness. Vitamin E is beneficial for new skin cell growth. Green tea also hydrates, nourishes, and softens your skin.

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