6 natural ways to boost metabolism

Two people eat the same amount of food. One happens to be lean and slim while other is seen to be putting weight over time. People will often tell that the lean person has a higher metabolic rate. This is in fact true. Metabolism refers to any type of synthetic or chemical reaction taking place in the body that releases energy. So, the person who had a higher metabolic rate was able to digest food quicker than the other person.

Today, medical science also refers to metabolic rate as the number of calories burned in a given time period. People who have higher levels of metabolic rate are able to burn more calories. They are able to release more energy, remain fitter and feel good about themselves.

Are you worried that your metabolism is too slow? Do you eat food and you suspect it not being digested? This article will answer all your related queries by highlighting some of the ways to improve metabolism. It is, however, always recommended to consult a nutritionist before taking any step.

1.Drinking plenty of water

It is true that your body needs to replenish itself with lots of water. A person should keep him/herself hydrated to protect from a number of serious medical complications. Even so, one major cause of dark circles is dehydration.

On the other hand, medical scientists suggest that drinking plenty of water is important to boost metabolic rate. Water should be preferred over soft drinks.  This is because the soft drinks are loaded with sugars which make them high in calories.  A study conducted, found that people who drank on average 20 glasses of water had a 30% higher metabolic rate.

There are two scientific explanations for the relationship between water and higher metabolism. On the first level, cold water can allow the body to be cooled down. During the respiration process, heat is released which may cause a rise in body temperature. The body will work efficiently if it is recharged with cold water. Second, drinking glasses of water pre-meal may allow lesser consumption of food. The person feels satiated and will tend to eat less. Thereby, helping in weight loss.

2.Exercising regularly

There is no substitute for the benefits that can be obtained through exercising. A person’s daily routine must consist of physical workout. High-intensity interval training should be carried out if possible. This type of workout is short in duration but demands greater strength and endurance. The activities that are included consist of jumping, cycling, skipping etc. One interval of HIIT may range somewhere between 15 to 35 minutes. The advantages, however, obtained are tremendous, more than moderate workouts.

Researchers believe that these intense workouts may aid in the weight loss procedure. At the same time, it will aid in boosting metabolism. Even when the workout has been completeed, the meatbolism tendst to remain high. People who underwent such program found that their metabolism increased by almost 10 percent allowing for a weight reduction of up to 5 kg in about 2-3 months.

3. Sitting less frequently

Everyone likes sitting idle. It might seem comfortable at times. However, studies suggest otherwise. Nutritionists now recommend people to stand up more often and sit less.

Sitting for longer time periods can be detrimental for health inducing weight gain in a person. With comparison to sitting, standing more often than sitting can burn 200 more calories. Keeping that in mind, it is important to take breaks from sitting positions. If you happen to work in a place that is a desk job, take smaller breaks every now and then just to stand! By following this routine, you may increase your metabolism and lose weight quickly.

4.Herbal teas

Herbal teas can be of great advantage when weight loss and high metabolism is considered. Research studies now increasingly reveal the surprising benefits, green tea has to offer. One such study concluded that drinking green tea regularly may increase the metabolic rate by as high as 5%. It not only tastes good at times but can speed up the digestion process.

One of the most important characteristics of green tea is that it is very low in calories. So even more than one glass a day will unlikely cause any weight increase. Along with that, this item is known to induce the production of free fatty acids. This process will allow the body to burn fat more easily and quickly. In addition, the flavonoids contained may aid other functions well. People who drink 2 cups have lesser chances of being inflicted with conditions that result from inflammation.

Therefore, everyone should make it a point to include green tea in their everyday diet. It will boost metabolism and allow to lose weight quickly.

5. Getting the right amount of sleep

The fast-paced world happens to be tiring for almost everyone. One may not get an adequate amount of sleep as a consequence. 7-8 hours of sleep daily is recommended to stay healthy and fit. Studies have revealed that people who miss out on these hours and have higher chances of obesity. They will also have a slower metabolic rate.

People who are sleep deprived make themselves vulnerable to a number of medical complications. Firstly, one might feel hungry when they will not get a good rest. This is primarily one main reason why such people will tend to have more cravings which further contributes to weight gain. Moreover, lack of sleep can raise blood sugar level and hinder the production of insulin. This can cause the development of diabetes.

A healthy person, thereby, should follow a routine with an adequate number of sleeping hours. It is important to not overexert yourself and have a proper sleeping pattern.

6.Including spicy food in your diet

Some people tend to like spicy food a lot than others. People from the subcontinent (Pakistan, India) will cook food with higher spice level than the western population. Studies have now revealed that spicy foods can be beneficial for your healthy particularly allowing for a boost in metabolism.

Chilli pepper is one such form of spice that offers a range of health benefits. Nutritionists would argue to include this substance in your daily diet to help lose weight quickly. It is widely believed that food containing chilli pepper will tend to burn 15 additional calories than in normal circumstances.


The conclusion remains straightforward. It is vital that one follows all the above six techniques to increase metabolic rate to burn calories faster. The dietary amendments should be made accordingly to maximize the benefits that can be obtained. Lastly, it is also important to follow a routine characterized by physical exercise. Workouts are beneficial and together with a healthy diet plan can yield the needed results.




Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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