Health benefits of coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning may provide you with more than just an energy boost. Coffee is not just reviving and yummy — it may also be really good for your health. It is one of the world’s most prevalent drinks. Coffee is a multi-action product which can also offer several skincare benefits.

This is because of its high levels of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, it also appears to be pretty healthy. In current years, scientists have studied the effects of coffee on several health aspects. Experimental studies show that coffee drinkers usually have a much lower risk of numerous serious diseases.

The major health benefits related to drinking coffee include protecting against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, liver cancer, and other liver diseases, and promoting a healthy heart. Some health benefits of coffee are described as follows;

Can improve energy levels and make you smarter

Coffee can increase your energy levels and it also helps people feel less tired. This is because of a stimulant, known as caffeine present in coffee. Caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive element in the world.

When you drink coffee, the caffeine present in your coffee is absorbed into the bloodstream. From bloodstream, it travels to the brain, where caffeine is involved in blocking the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine.

After this, other neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine increases, thus causing the higher firing of neurons. Various controlled studies in humans reveal that coffee can improve many aspects of brain function — including vigilance, reaction times, memory, mood, energy levels, and overall mental function.

Coffee reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease

The second most common neurodegenerative condition is Parkinson’s disease, right after the Alzheimer’s.Death of dopamine-producing neurons in your brain causes Parkinson’s disease. Coffee can expressively reduce the risk of this disease.

Research studies reveal that coffee drinkers have a much-reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease, with a risk reduction ranging from 32–60%. Caffeine also has a remarkable influence on your immune system thus preventing you from a number of other diseases.

Can help you burn fat

Caffeine is generally present in almost every commercial fat-burning supplement. It is one of the few natural substances which have been proven to aid fat burning.

Multiple studies indicate that coffee can lift your metabolic rate by 3–11%. Other studies show that caffeine can precisely increase fat burning by 10% in obese people and 29% in lean individuals.

Coffee and heart health

Researchers through different experiments have concluded that drinking coffee in moderation provide protection against heart failure and usually have a 20% lower risk of stroke.

People who take 4 European cups of coffee on a daily basis had a lower risk of heart failure, as compared to those persons who did not. Coffee may also cause the slight increase in your blood pressure, but it generally reduces over time.

image taken from Everyday Health

Can improve physical performance

Caffeine excites your nervous system, signaling fat cells of your body to break down body fat. It raises metabolism and increases the oxidation of fatty acids. Caffeine makes free fatty acids available as fuel. So it is not surprising that caffeine has the ability to improve your physical performance by 11–12%, on average.

But in your blood, it is also involved in increasing adrenaline levels. Epinephrine or adrenaline is the fight-or-flight hormone which prepares your body for strong physical action. Therefore, you can have a strong cup of coffee about 30 minutes before you head to the gym.

Build your diabetes defense

Diabetes is a major health problem, presently affecting thousands of people worldwide. It is characterized by raised sugar levels of blood usually caused by a reduced ability to secrete insulin or insulin resistance. Because of some reasons, coffee drinkers have a considerably lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Studies reveal that persons who drink the most coffee have a reduced risk of getting this disease by 23–50%. One study also showed a decline as high as 67%. According to a review, each daily cup of coffee can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by almost  7%. Just remember to limit your sugar!

Coffee may be extremely good for your liver

The liver is a remarkable organ of your body which carries out numerous vital functions in your body.

It is susceptible to modern dietary pitfalls, like consumption of too much fructose or alcohol. The end stage of liver damage is cirrhosis.  Usually, diseases like alcoholism and hepatitis cause cirrhosis, where scar tissue largely replace the liver tissue.

Several studies have shown that coffee can actually lower the risk of cirrhosis by as much as 80%. Those who drank 4 to 6 cups per day may felt the strongest effect.

Coffee may also be responsible for lowering your risk of liver cancer by 40%.

Can fight depression and make you happier

Depression is a very serious mental disorder which causes a considerably reduced quality of life. This chronic mood disorder affects twice as many women as men. It causes severe symptoms which affect your thinking, feeling, and other activities like sleeping, eating, or working.

Depression is very common among people nowadays. A large number of people in the US presently meet the standards for clinical depression.

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Coffee is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants

Coffee is not just black water. Lots of the nutrients in the coffee beans make it the final drink, which truly contains some amount of minerals and vitamins. It also limits your everyday pain.

One cup of coffee contains;

  • 6% of the RDA for the pantothenic acid or vitamin B5
  • 11% of the RDA for the riboflavin or vitamin B2
  • 2% of the RDA for thiamine (B1) and niacin (B3)
  • 3% of the RDA for manganese and potassium

But this is not all. Coffee also holds immense amounts of antioxidants. In fact, coffee is one of the major sources of antioxidants in Western food, even it is outranking many vegetables and fruits.

Other possible benefits

Studies have suggested that coffee may:

  • help prevent premature death
  • reduce mortality
  • protect against cirrhosis
  • reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis
  • protect against colorectal cancer

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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