Preventing flu with these 5 easy steps

We all have faced the problem of flu. Sometimes it gets disturbing when it disrupts the daily routine. Cases of flu are common during winters when the rate of infliction increases. It is important to be aware of all the precautionary measures available. By taking the necessary steps, one can ensure that the problem does not get to be serious. There are a number of methods that can prevent flu from occurring. The methods may range from synthetic to natural. The good thing about the natural preventive ways is that it usually comes at no cost. As compared to synthetic medications, natural ones may not have side effects.

This article will explore some of the measures that can be undertaken to prevent flu. If symptoms get serious, it is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

What is the flu?

Flu, short form for influenza, is a condition that is caused by the virus microbe. It is an illness that affects the respiratory system. The symptoms can be either mild or severe in some instances., sometimes leading to death. People who have flu will generally suffer from a cough, runny nose, headache, fatigue along with other symptoms.

Some Facts

Flu can be much more serious than you might possibly think. During world war 1, a flu pandemic affected around 9 million people most of them being war veterans. Ever year this disease leads to 56000 deaths and putting over 700,000 people to hospitals.

While flu can affect nearly anyone, some groups are more vulnerable than others. These include people who are already sick and have a weak immune system. In addition, young children, pregnant women and older people stand at a higher chance of infliction.

It is pertinent to note that flu is contagious. Meaning by that it can spread from one person to other either through the air or other physical means.

1.Getting rid of alcohol

Go slow on booze. In fact, bring your alcohol level to a minimum. A drink every week would do good. A number of research studies have validated that alcohol may offer no health benefits. It is likely to complicate the health conditions. With regards to flu, liquor disrupts the sleeping pattern. People are more likely to get less sleep when they drink. As a result, increasing the chances of getting sick and get infected with the flu.

2.Flu Shots

They have become increasingly common and considered to be an effective remedy against flu. Flu shots are mostly seasonal and attack particular virus causing the condition. Much like vaccination process, it is carried out by injecting a needle into the arm. The shot system induces production of antibodies in the body. Antibodies are part of the immune system responsible for destroying the invading cells. These antibodies are what act as “shield” against flu and the immunity may continue for long periods of time. Fortunately, the side effects are either nil or very minimal. The medical science community believes that flu vaccine shots can save thousands of lives every year. If carried properly, can prevent major related complications along with preventing flu.

Getting flu shots

Get flu shots to protect yourself from flu condition. The question however arises: who should get the flu shots? The answer is simple. Anyone over the age of 6 months!

In general, flu shots work very effectively.  They may reduce the chance of infliction by almost 60% if carried out properly. A medical professional should always carry out the vaccination process under their supervision.

3.Staying Healthy

This is far one of the most important remedies to keep in mind. One should try their best to practice healthy habits to prevent the chances of flu. Staying healthy can be the key to success for effective flu prevention. If one does so successfully then there might be no need to ingest any sort of medications.

As mentioned earlier flu happens to be contagious spreading from one person to the other. Even so, if you happen to be near the patient by almost a meter, you can still get infected. The particles tend to diffuse in the air making the surroundings vulnerable. As a result, it is pertinent to keep the environment healthy. One way to do is to make use of flu masks. The masks covering the head and nose will ensure that infected particles do not enter the body. They are available at every drug store at a very cost-effective price. Moreover, to reduce the chances of infection, hand sanitizers should be used. The sanitizer will kill off the invading particles that can cause the flu virus.

Certain things may also contain the influenza particles. Particularly hospitals have infected air and the particles might be present on things like a doorknob. Thereby wash your hands thoroughly whenever there is any sort of contact.

Everyday Tips

The following table will describe some of the everyday tips that should be kept in mind for flu prevention. They are easy to carry out and can be effective as a whole if done properly.

·       Staying away from sick people by maintaining a considerable distance. When coming in contact with someone, wear masks
·       Missing out on school or workspace if diagnosed with flu. At the same time, it is important to keep others safe.
·       Using a tissue or a napkin for sneezing and coughing purposes. Disposing of it off immediately in a plastic bag so particles do not diffuse into the air.


4. Maintaining a healthy diet

A healthy diet containing essential minerals and vitamins will keep the immune system in a healthy state. A healthy immune system is responsible for all the sorts of protection against viral infections.

To help sustain your immune system to work properly, include healthy components in your diet.

  • A good amount of vitamin D should be incorporated in everyday diet. This vitamin D can be obtained either through supplements or natural means like fish and beef liver. Vitamin D helps in reducing the chances of respiratory infections and flu. In turn, keeping the immune system healthy.
  • Berries particularly blueberries are loaded with flavonoids. Medical studies have revealed that flavonoids regulate the digestive system. It works with the gut microbes protecting the body from flu complications. Green tea is also known to contain this substance in a reasonable amount.

5.Importance of Exercise

While keeping a check on a healthy diet is important there are other tips to consider as well. Exercise should characterize daily routine. The physical workout has no substitute for the benefits that can be obtained. Studies have found a positive linkage between flu prevention and moderate exercise. The chances of infliction can reduce as much by 70% if a healthy active routine is followed.



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