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Prime Potence: A Testosterone support supplement

Testosterone is indeed one of the most vital hormones present in men, which is responsible for different important functions including sexual intercourse. Although the hormones occur naturally in male bodies, the levels of the hormone may be affected due to a number of reasons such as aging, stress, anxiety, no exercise, tiring work routine, etc.

Such factors may further lead to other symptoms like erratic mood swings, erectile dysfunction, low energy, low stamina, etc. Another factor that may negatively contribute is a bad marriage or a stable relationship. A lot of people don’t seek help for these symptoms due to embarrassment or lack of knowledge, while others may look for a remedy but with so many options available in the market, it becomes very hard to choose the right solution for the problem.

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When it comes to dealing with the issue of low testosterone levels, there might be many options available in the market. While some of these options may be painful and may involve medical intervention and even invasive treatment, other options could be highly expensive and shoddy. Hence many men become disheartened and simply submit to their dilemma.

Prime Potence is a new and revolutionary non-invasive testosterone treatment to support sexual performance-related issues in men. The supplement is manufactured by a team of medical and health experts who are involved in the supervision and processing of the formula. All the ingredients included in the blend are 100% natural and organic and are carefully extracted in their most potent form.

What is Prime Potence?

Prime Potence male enhancement supplement is specially designed for men to boost their levels of testosterone and serotonin in the body which are critical to men’s physical and sexual well-being. The active ingredients in the formula contain anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and also work to remove all the toxins and radicals from the body.

The supplement does not contain chemicals, additives or binders, and it does not cause any side effects which can be attributed to its natural and harmless composition. It does not contain peanuts, gluten, soy, lactose or gelatin, and can be safely utilized by those who avoid meat or dairy derivatives.

It should be noted that the primary purpose of the supplement is to target sexual conditions such as erectile dysfunction, and it should not be considered for treating a diagnosed medical illness.

The male enhancement supplement uses 100% natural ingredients grown in organic farms. The formula utilizes 18 unique and premium ingredients that work together in enhancing sexual performance, genital health, erection quality, fertility, natural fat burning etc.

The testosterone support supplement comes in the form of pills that can either be taken as whole or crushed into powdered form and mixed with water. The product does not require a medical prescription before or after using it. The supplement contains a medically proven and scientifically backed formula, and all the ingredients are clinically tested and approved to ensure their potency and efficacy.

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Dosage and Instructions

The official website of the company suggests 2 pills of the supplement each day. It is important to take the supplement regularly without skipping a dose in order to achieve optimal results. Simply take one pill in the afternoon after lunch and the other pill in the evening after dinner.

Take the pills with plenty of water and also increase the daily water intake. The ideal method of taking the pills is either with a citric or green juice. People who are on a keto diet or just apprehensive about their calories intake may use the pill in its powdered form and mix with scrambled or boiled eggs, salads, smoothies, and shakes.

The chemical composition of the supplement is not affected when the pill is crushed. The key to success, according to the manufacturers, is never missing a dose. But in case one or two doses get missed, one can continue with the same routine again. All the instructions are provided on the label of the bottle and it is highly advised to read and follow them properly.


  • The supplement is designed for men and it should not be used by teenagers below 18 years.
  • Do not go over the recommended dose as it may cause adverse effects to the body.
  • It does not cause side effects. However, consult the doctor in case of a headache or mild nausea.
  • People going through chemotherapy or other medical treatment should consult the doctor.
  • Store the supplement in a cool and dry place to avoid exposure to heat and humidity.

Pricing and Deals

According to the company’s official website, the cost of Prime Potence is set at $150 but there is a discount available of $80 when the product is purchased online which brings the price to $70. There are no handling and shipping charges for deliveries across the United States of America.

The company’s website has a nice user-friendly interface and offers updated information on different offers and discounts. In case someone is interested in buying the supplement in bulk, the following 2 options are available:

  • 3 bottles priced at $180 saving $270 – each bottle costs $60
  • 6 bottles priced at $300 saving $600 – each bottle costs $50

Prime Potence comes with an enticing 180-day money-back guarantee. In case someone is not happy with the results can get in touch with the company representative via toll-free number given on the website. The company will ensure the customer is reimbursed in a week with no hard feelings.

There are two bonus products being offered for free on the purchase of the supplement. The first bonus is called ‘Her Best Lover Ever’ which is basically a guide to teach men how to be important in their partner’s life. It illustrates various techniques and methods of attracting females and building relationship. The second bonus is called ‘The Best Cumming Methods’ which explains female arousal in detail.

Purchasing Prime Potence

The supplement is exclusively offered online and can be purchased via the official website of the company. To place an order, simply visit the website and fill out some basic information such as name and contact details.

Afterward, make the payment online for the selected offer by using one of the online payment options such as credit or debit card. Once the payment is made, the order gets placed and further goes for processing. It usually takes 2 to 3 days for the order to be delivered to the address.


Prime Potence male support supplement is designed to raise the circulation of blood in the body which leads to stronger and harder erections for a longer duration. This is caused when the serotonin levels are increased. The supplement also boosts the testosterone levels in a natural way that results in improved libido and sex drive.

The formula offers its users a guarantee of leading an improved sex life. Although the male enhancement supplement is designed for men’s use it may equally help women by enabling men to satisfy their partners better than before.

Men no more need to feel embarrassed anymore because of their erection issues. It is a known fact that the sexual abilities in men decline naturally with age.

There have been great medical advancement recently made in medical science that has caused the introduction of male enhancement supplements such as Prime Potence.



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