Preventing Obesity in Children

There are researches upon researches which discuss the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.  Now, the main question is how should a person lead a healthy lifestyle? As in, what measurements should s/he take? What kind of healthy lifestyle we can opt for? The most mind-boggling question is, what if we are past that age of leading a healthy lifestyle? What can a person do then? How can one remain fit and healthy? And how can a person avoid obesity? What’s the perfect BMI?  Well, these and many of your other questions will be answered in the following article. Keep reading it till the end. However, the questions in this article mainly relate to the prevention of obesity in children.

This article will deal with how obesity can be prevented in children from an early age. Along with discussing the childhood obesity, we will also be discussing some other tits and bits here and there on how adults can prevent the obesity.  This article will discuss that which habits a child can adopt, or in other words, which habits a child’s mother can inculcate in her child which would keep obesity at bay. And how those habits will help him in the future in leading a healthy life.

For Adults, however, we suggest them reading some of these articles of ours in which we have discussed different kinds of methods via which a person can lose his/her weight who is past the advice of leading a healthy lifestyle. Some of which include a Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss. Another one includes how tea can act as a preventive measure in losing your weight. Or how by using Nutrisystem, you can actually lead a healthy life. These are just some of the suggestions. We suggest you, to those who are adults, to search more on this website of ours. This will help you in learning more about the health effects of obesity and some other preventive measures.

The Alarming Rates of Child Obesity

According to a CDC research, there are 40% of the adults in the United States are those who have become a victim of Obesity. While another CDC report says that 20% of the children are obese. The same adults’ research of CDC says that obesity is unusually common in the United States which is dangerous as well as expensive.

What Obesity Can Cause

According to CDC’s report, obesity can incur a number of diseases which include:

  • Heart Stroke
  • Type-2 Diabetes
  • Some Types of Cancer

The reason why obesity in children is the actual cause of worrisome is that obese children can become vulnerable to the above mentioned chronic diseases earlier than expected even way before their adulthood.

Normally, we enforce that children should be leading healthy lifestyles. From their exercise routines to their eating habits, it is made sure that children get the best of the nutritious life. However, what about the mothers then? The British Medical Journal shows that a mother’s healthy lifestyle is equally important as that of the children.

According to this research, the health of a mother’s life is directly proportional to the health of the child’s life. Also, the same research says that if a mother adopts some certain habits then there are 75% chances that the child won’t be obese and will lead a healthy life.

The actual question comes which are those habits? How can the health of a mother be helpful in the child’s health? Well, surprisingly, there are only four habits which if a mother adopts then she can successfully make her child lead a healthy life. Here are those four habits:

1- Keeping a Check on BMI: BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This standard of formulation helps in having a calculative idea of weight and height. As in, how much weight should you have as per your height. According to the Harvard’s Study,the BMI around 18.5 to 24.9 is something which works best. As in, it is considered healthy. So, if the mothers try to keep a check on their BMI then they can easily keep their weight in check according to their height. This is what Harvard’s study recommends. And we too, recommend the same. Because it won’t allow your body to gain extra fats.

2- Inculcating Exercise in the Routine: The idea of exercise cannot be pressed enough. In fact, it won’t be exaggerating to say that the more exercise you do the more healthy you can become. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both for yourself as well as for your child, then you should must inculcate some hard-core exercises. As per Harvard, you should at least inculcate 150 minutes of exercise on a weekly basis which can be moderate too. However, if you are not a fan of moderate exercising, then you can inculcate some vigorous physical activity in your routine.

3- Keep Yourself Away from Smoking: Smoking in itself is dangerous. Well, there are enough facts to support this notion. Smoking is injurious to health in the most haphazardly manner. Because well we all know that smoking can actually make you suffer from lung cancer as well as many other diseases which you may not know the names of now. No sane person in their right mind would say that smoking has any health benefits. This is why it is suggested that if you are someone who smokes then you better should quit it for your own sake first and foremost.


4- Having Healthy Diet: A healthy diet actually counts a lot. Approximately, your diet really affects and defines your mood, internal health and overall outlook. People who prefer healthy eatery prefer eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains etc. While at the same time, they also avoid eating processed foods or meats, red meat, unhealthy beverages or beverages which contain high sweetened sugar. They avoid it at all costs. Trans fat and sodium also come under the category of unhealthy eating. As in, anything which contains these can be harmful for your health. So, you should must look up to good dietary plans and should inculcate them in your life.

What’s the Association Between these Habits And the Health of a Child?

According to Harvard’s study, just only having a healthy diet is not enough nor won’t it have any effect upon the health of a child. It will hardly leave any beneficial results. However, if all these habits are adopted together and are practiced in the long run then they definitely can have an effect. Mothers who adopted all the aforementioned habits could actually see that how that affected their child. Around 75% of the children will be able to have some positive effects just because of their mothers’ habits.

Another food for thought that Harvard’s study discovered was that, the child’s obesity had hardly to do with his own habits. However, if we correlate it with the mother’s habits then that definitely had some effect.

How much connection does these habits have in real cannot be defined, though. However, the researchers say that obesity definitely plays a role in leading a person towards depressive states. Also, obesity doesn’t have some positive health effects. Thus, if mothers take care of themselves then their children can also follow the suit. And this will yield good results.


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