Your Child Might be Showing Some Different Symptoms of Depression | Says a Harvard Study

Depression, the cause of killing people silently. A disease which is very widespread but most of the people are still unaware of its gravity. Depression, which has caused many people to abandon their lives and daily life activities. A mental disease which consumes people silently and gradually. Not that people don’t know of this deadly mental health problem. However, the actual issue is that there is not much awareness in this regard. Many have only heard the term. However, many people have zero ground knowledge on this term. People hardly know of the pain and grief that a depressive person goes through.

Lately, we had actually covered a number of articles on depression. While depression can be a result of some emotional stress, we’d suggest you go through these articles first before reading ahead. Because having some background of depression, its symptoms, causes, and consequences will help you in understanding this mental health issue in more depth.

Know About Depression

Here’s a read on the reasons behind the depression in college students. Another article discusses on how bad diet can lead a person towards depression. Furthermore, how some widely used medicines can also result in depression as a consequence. Another article discusses some other harmful effects of medications.

 Change in Diet And Inculcating Exercise Can Lower Depressive Thoughts

Well, these are some of the articles which discuss the depression as a whole. However, here are some other ones too which discuss the remedies for depression too. Although, we agree that depression doesn’t get cured overnight. And that it’d be ridiculous to say that depression has some miraculous remedies. Because in reality, depression takes its time. Nevertheless, some change in diet or inculcating some exercise in your routine won’t hurt much, right? Well, here are some articles which you can go through which discusses how eating raw fruits and vegetables can lower down your depressive thoughts. Or how doing exercise can actually be helpful in mitigating your depression.

After you are done reading all these suggested articles, then start reading this article. In this article, we are going to discuss that how depression doesn’t always need to have the same symptoms. How different symptoms in your teenage child can actually be the symptoms of depression. How can you recognize it? What measures can you take in order to diagnose if your teen is getting aggressive? Whether it’s just because of mood swings or is s/he battling his/her depression inside?

Learn About Some Bits of Research On Depression

Having low mood during one’s teenage is common. Teens do throw tantrums and feel low because of one reason or the other. Researchers have given such phases of sad mood another term as well, namely, dysthymia. According to one research of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, low mood and depression in adolescence approximately hit around 10-14% of people in the United Kingdom alone. While another research by the National Institute of Mental Health suggests that around 1.5% of people get affected by dysthymia in the United States. Normally, children of age between 11-19 go through this disorder as per NCBI’s reports. According to NIMH’s research, children age 18 or above experience such phases of lowliness in their moods.

The question arises here that what’s the relation between dysthymia and depression? Well, the research of NCBI says that teens or adults who go through dysthymia are likely to become vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Around 6% of the chances are that teens going through dysthymia can experience depression too. The NCBI’s reports further say that there are 10% of the chances that the youngsters will recover from their depressed moods in the time period of 3 months. However, the same research also mentions that these phases can actually reoccur. Most of the youngsters are likely to go through 50% of depressed thoughts- approximately after 12 months of the recovery.

Can There Be More Signs of Depression Other Than the Conventional Ones?

More often than not, many people think that the normal signs of a depressive person are:

  • Sleeping too much or too less
  • Eating too much or too less
  • Doesn’t feel like talking with anyone
  • Feels like a procrastinator

While these and many other signs do speak for themselves that these signs can be of depression ones. However, these signs are not the only signs. The depression can actually occur in different forms too. You need to keep a hawk’s eye. Your teen might be depressive but s/he might be showing different symptoms. Symptoms that you might not have bothered to notice much. Here are some of the symptoms which can be a reason for your teen’s lowliness.

According to Harvard’s research, 13% of the kids between the age of 12-17 had had to go through some sort of major depressive episode. While depression takes its time in getting cured, however, if it doesn’t get diagnosed then the person affected with depression can go through some other major mental health problems. Below are some other symptoms which discuss the nature of depression in teens.

Depression Symptoms in Teenage Children

Here are some of the symptoms that your child might be showing but you would have been neglecting.

Showing Poor Performance in Academics

Is it that your child has started getting poor grades? And you are worrying what the actual cause is behind? While there are many factors which can be the result of grades’ dropping in your child’s performance such as- learning disabilities, ADHD, or other children’s picking up on your child (in other words, bullying) or may be if we go far enough then drug usage. Although all of these can be the possibilities, but, having depression have equal chances of your kid’s bad performance.

Showing Anger or Irritation Unnecessarily

Teens by hormones often show anger and irritation which goes by with time. Some go through natural temperament issues too. However, if the child is showing signs of anger and irritation unnecessarily and the signs are continuous then probably you need to see if it’s because of his depressive thoughts? Picking up fights more than usual can actually be a result of depression too.

Not Taking Interest in Day-to-Day Life Activities

If your child has stopped taking interest in his usual activities then it’s high time that you check your child. This can actually be a warning sign of your child’s depression.

Not Picking up New Activities

If your child stops taking interest in all the life activities altogether and remains alone then you should check it.

Not Coping Up With Relationships

If your kid is not able to stand relationships or usually get irritated for no actual reason then this can be a reason too.

Always Feeling Pain in One or the Other Part of the Body

Normally, feeling pain in depression can be very real. If your child complains of consistent pain in stomach, head or any other part of the body then you should consult a doctor.

Feeling Fatigue or Dizziness All the Time

Chronically feeling fatigued all the time is not a normal sign. If your child feels such then you need to go and reach out a doctor.

All these signs and more can actually be the result of teenage depression. What you need to do is that if you feel some odd behavior in your child then consult a doctor- a mental health doctor, to be more precise.










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