How Much Does Jenny Craig Cost?

How many of us seek to be looking perfect? That perfect body, that impeccable figure and what not. While perfection is only an illusion and that’s something which cannot be achieved. While illusions can be deceptive but looking smart is something which we can do with our body.  We can burn the fat and we can work on our weight, can’t we?  Thus, instead of looking for that perfect look, why not go with what you can easily achieve? And what normally we all do. No compromise on food, right? You can easily achieve your desired weight and can still burn fat and look slimmer. But how can you do that or in other words, how is that possible?

Go Through Some of Our Previous Articles First Before You Go Ahead

Earlier we had discussed some fat-burning products, like Nutrisystem- which comes with some extraordinary plans. While we discussed Nutrisystem previously, we had also done a comparison of Nutrisystem Vs Jenny Craig: Which One Should You Choose? We encourage you to read the comparison between the two after reading this article. You can also read our fully detailed review on Nutrisystem. Other than going through the reviews and comparisons of these products, we encourage you to go through our other articles on the site too. The articles discuss different sort of strategies and remedies for burning fat. This will help you in having a thorough know-how of the dos and the don’ts while you are on your journey of burning fat.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Jenny Craig

Well, coming back to our original post, the Jenny Craig. The most common questions which might be arising in your mind right now could be as follows:

  • What is Jenny Craig?
  • What kind of food do they provide in throughout the program?
  • How much weight will you lose by following this diet?
  • Why should you choose it?
  • What do people think of this product?
  • Is Jenny Craig worth it?
  • And the most important question of all, how many plans do the Jenny Craig offer? And how much do Jenny Craig charge?

We will be discussing and answering all these questions in our following article. Just get a grip on yourself and stay with us till the end of this article. Keep reading the review until its end, and we hope that this will help you- as readers- in taking some decision and whether you should choose it or not.

First Things First: Know About Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a highly-acclaimed fat burning diet plan. The plan comes with numerous sort of offers which include a full-fledged food diet offer along with personal and one-on-one consultancy. The good part of this diet plan is that you can actually get your own customized food. And that food menu contains the oh-so-yummiest food that you’d ever had ever come across. You can choose anything or everything and will still be able to lose weight. How? Well, discover it now. This is what Jenny Craig has to offer you;

1. No More Self-Diet Plans; Get Your Own Diet Coach Now

Get personal consultancy. That means you can either meet with your consultant in person (that’s possible only if you reside in that vicinity.) Or you can still remain in touch with your consultant via call. There will always be a weekly meet-up or online call consultancy till the time you follow Jenny Craig. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

2. Customize Your Meals Yourself Without Cutting Down Your Cravings

By having your own personal coach, you can discuss the possibilities of choosing the more of your food as per your own choice. You can tell your consultant of your personal choices or what you desire having in your diet. And with mutual discussion and agreement, you can actually get to design or customize your own meal.

3. Get Your Meals Either Directly From Jenny Craig’s Center or Get them Delivered To Your Home

If you are someone who lives in the close vicinity of Jenny Craig then you can easily get your meals by picking them up yourself. However, if you are someone who doesn’t live nearby then you have always the option of home delivery. Just go on Jenny Craig’s website, select your meals as per the mutual agreement of you and your consultant and simply click on ‘Deliver to Home.’ And there you go!

4. Check Out the Chef’s Special

Can’t decide what to choose from the plethora of items offered in this food menu even after consultancy? Well, worry not! Because Jenny Craig has got it covered for you even when you are unable to decide. You can go for the Chef’s Special Menu. Since the whole idea of Jenny Craig is to lose weight then you won’t have to worry about the Chef’s Special either. Simply just hit that Chef’s Special button when choosing.

Learn About Jenny Craig’s Meal Offers And Plans

As said earlier that by having Jenny Craig’s meals, you won’t have to cut down your own cravings. You will just have to direct your cravings to the healthier side. You can choose from up to 65+ meals. And you can also keep refreshing your meals after each week. These meals are specifically designed by the chefs and the nutritionists. By overcoming the challenges posed by our consultants, you will be able to get back to your slimmer self in a regular period of time.

Also, Jenny Craig offers different meal plans for different conditions. Whether it’s that you want to lose weight after pregnancy or it’s that you want to lower down your Type 2 Diabetes, Jenny Craig offers all sort of plans. For Post-Pregnancy women to Diabetic patients, for simple weight loss plans or for your BMI, you can check out Jenny Craig for any of your sort. Because Jenny Craig covers almost all the conditions.

  1. Breakfast: From Flakes and Fibre Cereals to Wholemeal Pancakes, your breakfast cannot get more delicious than what Jenny Craig has to offer.
  2. Lunch: From Spinach and Fetta Roll to Cheesy Pesto Pasta, Jenny Craig makes sure to keep you thrilled even during your lunchtime.
  3. Dinner: From Lamba Moussaka to Cottage Pie, Jenny Craig Meal Plans won’t let you down.
  4. Snacks: The Chocolate Sundae and the Chocolate Pudding, Jenny Craig’s Snacks are the craziest ones indeed!
Jenny Craig Costs And Plans

The least price of an item in the Jenny Craig’s Breakfast food plans is approximately $2.99 and the highest price in the food plans is around $80.

On the other hand, the lowest price of an item in the Jenny Craig’s Lunch and Dinner plans is approximately $5.49 while the highest price of a food item in the plan is $7.89.

In Snacks and Desserts, the lowest price of an item is around $2.39 while the highest price is $3.49.

The soups and shakes, salad dressing and anytime bars have different prices which will vary from item to item.

Although, its total cost will completely depend upon your choice of food items. However, the expected cost could vary between $560 to $725 per month for you.

You can decide your own meals and can calculate after reading the prices of each item from the Jenny Craig’s official website. This will help you in calculating a full month’s diet plan and the entire cost.


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