How Much Does NutriSystem Cost?

Losing weight or burning fat is something which is one of the major concerns of many people around the world. The concern is kind right, though.  Who doesn’t want to get thinner and smarter? Everyone dreams of becoming slim and smart and that too without cutting down on one’s diet.

We all crave for one thing or the other, one food or the other. Some of us crave for those oh-so-juicy red meat burgers while others crave for that perfect chocolate cake. Isn’t it so? Because we cannot simply resist the charm of food.  And that’s what makes us lag behind in following those boring diet plans.

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Don’t Feel Disgusted Just At the Mere Thought of Losing Weight- Here’s this Good News!

The good news is that you don’t have to follow those monotonous or boring diets anymore. You don’t have to feel sick while you start your journey towards weight loss. There’s no need to feel disgusted just at the thought of following a ‘diet plan’ anymore.

You simply don’t have to. Because this is where our Nutrisystem comes. The perfect and oh-so-best diet plan which you have all been dreaming of. You can diet without having to cut down on your diet. You can still enjoy different kind of food or even your favorite ones even while following your diet plans.

Isn’t it sounding amazing to you? Because it does to us. Well, what Nutrisystem is then? How wonderful Nutrisystem can be? Would it really work for you or not? Or will it prove to be just another best diet plan which every other diet program claims to be?

If you plan on choosing this diet plan then why? And what should be your motive behind choosing this diet plan? Why should you invest your money in this particular diet plan only? Why not others? What’s so peculiar about Nutrisystem? Well, to answer this and all, you need to read the following.

Know About Nutrisystem

In one of our previous articles on this site, we had reviewed Nutrisystem. While we are going to summarize what this oh-so-amazing diet plan contains, if any of you wish to read the complete review then you can head up to this link where we have discussed about Nutrisystem in detail. You can get to know about what Nutrisystem plans are, what kind of meals do they offer and how effective they can be in your weight loss journey.

Some More About Nutrisystem

While we are at the topic of Nutrisystem, here’s a peek into what it is. Nutrisystem offers you with six-time of a meal plan which you are supposed to take after some intervals throughout your day. From Breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners, Nutrisystem has a variety of food offers which you can choose from.

Since all the meals are customized ones thus you hardly have to worry about the number of calories or fats that each of the meal contains. Because this is where Nutrisystem works for you. Nutrisystem has designed its meals just with the perfect portion of calories and fats which don’t come in your way of burning fats.

Since the meals are six-times a day thus you don’t feel hungry all the time which is another positive point of Nutrisystem. Because in this way you simply can keep your cravings in check.

Furthermore, since the meals of the Nutrisystem contain so many healthy and tasty options, thus you don’t have to worry about your cravings. And having healthier options as per your desire would keep you away from the unhealthy ones.

This is why Nutrisystem is kind of one in its own because of the variety of food which it has for its customers.

How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost?

Now here comes the most important and most-awaited part. How much would it cost you if you go for the Nutrisystem? Is it economical and affordable for anyone and everyone? Well, the answer to this is that there are different sort of plans which Nutrisystem offers.

First, you need to decide which plan do you want to opt for. After deciding on the plan, you can opt for any of the following plans and you can take any as per your own budget.

Nutrisystem Plan Offers

Other than offering their usual diet plan, Nutrisystem offers three other plans as well.

  • Men’s Plan
  • Diabetes Plan
  • Vegetarian Plan

Men’s Plan

Men’s plan has four different plans to offer.

  1. Basic
  2. Core
  3. Uniquely Yours
  4. Uniquely Yours Plus
  • Basic: The basic plan of Men’s contain a four-week diet plan. On top of that, the basic contains very easy-to-follow instructions. What makes Men’s plan different from others is that it contains an extra snack with it. The amazing part is that it comes with free FedEx shipping offer. This plan comes on $11.61/day which makes it $499.98/month for a one-time delivery. However, if you choose an auto-delivery option, then you can save up to $175 which makes it only $324 only for a month. Like, Woah! You can save such a huge amount if you opt for becoming a regular customer.
  • Core Plan: The core plan of Men’s also contain a four-week diet plan. This diet plan comes with $12.50/day. This makes it $538.45 for a complete month. However, if you choose an auto-delivery option with it then you can save approximately $189 which makes it $349 only for a month.
  • Uniquely Yours: The uniquely yours diet plan comes with  $13.93/day. The whole month’s diet plan would cost you around $599. With an auto-delivery option, you can actually save $210. You will only have to pay $389 in this plan for a month.
  • Uniquely yours Plus: The Uniquely Yours Plus costs around $15.36/day. The one-time delivery would cost you around $661/month. However, if you choose for an auto delivery then you can save around $232. And you can purchase this plan for $429.99 instead.

Diabetes Plan

Diabetes Plan also comes with the same plans, however, with different pricing. There are three plans which Nutrisystem’s Diabetes Plan offers to its customers.

  1. Diabetes Basic
  2. Diabetes Core
  3. Diabetes Uniquely Yours
  • Diabetes Basic: The diabetes basic plan comes for $10.18/day. The one-time delivery would cost you around $438.45 for the complete month. However, if you choose an auto-delivery option, then you can get the same plan for $292.98, saving $146.
  • Diabetes Core: The diabetes core plan comes for $11.07/day. The whole month’s delivery would cost you around $476. If you opt for an auto-delivery option then you can save around $159 and can purchase this in $317 only.
  • Diabetes Uniquely Yours: The Diabetes Uniquely Yours come for $12.50/day. The cost for a month would be $538. An auto-delivery purchase would lessen it to $357. This would make you save $181 approximately.

Vegetarian Plan

The vegetarian plan doesn’t have many plan options. It comes with one plan only.

The vegetarian plan costs $12.50 for a day. $538 for the entire month. You can purchase this plan only at $349 and can save $189 approximately.

The vegetarian plan is specifically for those people who don’t like to eat meat. If you are someone who is into vegetables more than the meat then you can choose this one for yourself.

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