The Unknown Benefits Of Epsom Salt

If you ever visit the suburbs of England, you will come across a bitter salt spring near Surrey County. Epsom salt gets its name from that very spring, but the interesting thing is: it is not actually a salt but a magnesium and sulfate compound!

Research studies are in the incumbent process of studying the innumerable health benefits of Epsom salt and they have been able to establish some interesting findings. According to one such study, immersing yourself in a bath loaded with Epsom salt can cure a number of ailments. Magnesium and sulfate can easily be absorbed by the skin and can act against potent to inflammation. In addition, these chemical compounds aid in enzyme activity, provides relief against muscle pain along with assisting certain neurotransmissions, all of these being backed with substantial evidence.

This article will shed light on some of the known health benefits of Epsom salt along with highlighting the everyday usage.

Health Benefits

Historically Epsom salt has been used for a wide range of purposes. In the Aztec Civilization, it was used in food items to provide a sense of relief to the mind and soul from everyday stress. This benefit was further validated by scientific research later in the 21st century when there was known to be a positive relationship existing between relaxing the nervous system and this salt.

When considering other bodily benefits, it can act as a natural painkiller providing instant relief against muscles strains and other aching limbs. It also can be used as viable detoxifying substance as it has the property of cleansing the body from potentially harmful toxins. Lastly, new research findings are increasingly revealing the skin benefits of Epsom salt!


How Epsom Salt Helps?

Relieving the stress and relaxing the body
After a day of strenuous exercise or physical work, your body is deprived of magnesium. Epsom salt replenishes this nutrient by allowing magnesium to get easily absorbed, helping the body to get recharged. Moreover, the salt also stimulates the production of serotonin which is responsible for relaxing the mood and inducing a feeling of calmness. Furthermore, in the presence of magnesium, adenosine triphosphates start to multiply. They are the energy packets of the body helping build endurance and stamina.

A person should bath in the salt about thrice a week to optimize the benefits obtained.

Relieving pain and cramps
Medical professional will recommend Epsom salt for treating illnesses like bronchial asthma and migraine. This is because substances composing the salt have an anti-inflammatory property. Further to that, pregnant women who face soreness after childbirth can use the salt for minimizing the condition.

It is recommended that an Epsom paste is made with hot water and applied to the affected area for healing purpose.

Regulating Neuro-transmissions
Scientists have established that Epsom salt stimulates the regulation of electrolytes and calcium which ensure a smooth transmission of nerve impulses.


Preventing hardening of arteries
The hardening of arteries can be of a serious concern since it can intensify the chances of sudden heart attack. While the situation might seem deplorable at first, if you include Epsom salt in your diet, the blood circulation can improve. As a result, regulating the elasticity of arteries which lessens the chances of cardiovascular attack(s).
Increasing the effectiveness of insulin
Magnesium and sulfate, both have the properties of regulating the insulin level in the body and enhancing its effectiveness. As a result, an endocrinologist would often advise their patients to include Epsom salt in their diet.
Helping fight constipation
If you find yourself increasingly suffering from constipation, then including Epsom salt in your diet might be the right way out. Studies have shown that the detoxifying property of the salt induces colon cleansing which in turn regulates bowel movement. It increases the water content of feces and provides an instant relief against constipation. However, it is important to first seek a physician’s advice before making any amendments.
The everyday pollutants present in the air subject your body to a number of harmful substances that can intensify the chances of medical complications. Fortunately, Epsom salt is loaded with sulfates which act as detoxification agents by removing metals and other invading agents from the bloodstream.

If you happen to use Epsom for a detoxifying purpose, medical professionals would recommend immersion in the salt bath. Your skin happens to be porous allowing the entry and exit of substances. The Epsom salt bath will push the harmful substances out and hence cleansing the body.


Other Benefits


If you are commonly experiencing skin related problems whether like dryness, blackheads or thick hair, then Epsom salt is all you need. It is the natural remedy you need which has no side effects and the result get expressive in little time. The following table will analyze some of the beauty related benefits of Epsom and how the remedy can be performed at home

What Epsom Salt Does? How to Use It?
Helping recover dead skin
Prepare the bath by adding a half tablespoon of the salt and mixing it thoroughly. Leaving the water for almost 10 minutes so the mixture is dissolved properly. Hot water may be used, and a tablespoon of olive oil will maximize the results. The dead skin starts to exfoliate within a week time period.
Natural Face Cleaner
The salt can be mixed with any face-washing cream or scrub. A half tablespoon should be used. Gently rub your face with the mixture and massage properly until the skin appears to have softened. Rinse with cold water. Repeat the method twice every week.
Getting rid of blackheads
Blackheads occur when your hair follicles get clogged exposing small bumps like texture on the facial region. To remove these blackheads a mixture should be prepared consisting of a tablespoon of Epsom salt, few drops of iodine, both added in boiling water. Either using a cotton ball or soft cloth, the mixture is applied to the affected regions.
Hair volumizer
Sprinkling salt on your handful of ordinary conditioner, the mixture is allowed to be heated over medium flame for about 20 minutes. It is then applied to the hair and rinsed properly after 15 minutes.
Getting rid of hairspray
A cup of Epsom salt and lemon juice are added to a large jug of water and left covered for the next 2 to 3 days. The mixture is then allowed to be poured onto dry hair before leaving it on again for 20 minutes. During this process, hair should be massaged properly for allowing the chemical substances present in the salt to be absorbed. Wash with shampoo as usual. Repeat the process twice every week to completely get rid of the hairspray problem.
Overcoming the problem of foot odour
People who commonly face the problem of foot odour can easily get rid of the smell by immersing their feet in a tub of hot water mixed with Epsom salt for about 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub your feet with soap from time to time. Once the feet are dried, apply some lotion to soften the rough patches on the skin.





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