How To Get Rid of Pimples Naturally?

People often consider pimples and acne as two important issues. Since everyone has, unfortunately, fallen victim to these conditions. The popularity of this topic has raised a number of questions and myths. One query that has intrigued a population for a very long time is: what is a pimple? To pop a pimple is medically healthy or not confuses a lot of people. There are a number of things we tend to misconstrue and perform that are essentially not advised.

This article is your first-hand guide to understanding pimples, the different types existing, and techniques available to cure them.

What is a pimple exactly?

Our skin is composed of tiny microscopic pores. These pores further have sebaceous glands. Which are responsible for the secretion of an oil-like substance referred to as sebum. The natural production of sebum is responsible for lubrication of the skin and preventing it from drying out. However, at the same time, the sebaceous gland provides with a breeding ground to some harmful bacteria. These bacteria get trapped when excessive sebum is produced. This is because the more than usual amount of sebum is able to clog the pores.

This entire process is followed by the body’s defensive mechanism response. White blood cells are brought into action to be able to produce antibodies that will kill of these bacteria cells. The whole immune response causes differences in the skin to occur as consequences like swelling, redness. Followed by the development of a pimple on the face.

What to do next?

One of the most common mistake people will make is the popping of a pimple. Dermatologists will strongly advise against this practice as it can aggravate the problem. Although, may yield a decent amount of satisfaction, but it is never the solution of the condition. It can be unhealthy for your skin for a wide range of reasons.

Firstly, popping exposes the skin to further entry of bacteria which festers the problem as opposed to resolving. The person at the same time makes him/herself vulnerable to skin infections. Which can demand a serious cause for concern. Visually speaking, the redness of a pimple intensifies, making it a further big problem for beauty conscious people.

Before doing it is pertinent to ask the question? Is the temporary amount of satisfaction obtained from popping the pimple worth the later consequences? The above-mentioned discussion will clearly state the answer to be a big NO!

The next big question is: What is next? Is it even possible for anyone with a pimple to get rid of it without popping or squeezing it? Fortunately, the answer is Yes. There are a whole lot of methods and techniques available. Synthetic creams and medications which one can buy from the nearest drug store are an option. However, on the flip side, a number of natural remedies can be easily executed and may provide with instant relief. In addition, to no side effects.

Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Pimples

Tea Tree Oil

Applying Tea Tree Oil is one of the ways to get rid of pimples. For the oil contains several anti-bacterial compounds that are able to invade the bacteria cells collected within the clogged area. The benefits can be maximised however by following certain precautionary steps. Such as following:

  1. Washing face thoroughly before the application of the oil
  2. Add few drops of the oil onto the QTip (the upper surface of an earbud)
  3. Gently dabbing on the pimple inflicted area as to avoid squeezing it
  4. Leaving it over-night

The very next morning, the effects of a pimple may significantly lessen


Onions are other natural food substances that can curb the problem related to pimples. Peel off a slice of onion, directly applying it to zit (a pimple) then leaving it for about ten minutes.


You commonly know aspirin as the drug that will help you fight off various bodily pains. If you are experiencing a headache, back pain or any related condition then aspirin is the easy way out. And for certain this synthetic drug is able to yield fortunate results.

Here is what you need to do to use this medicine as a way of overcoming the pimple problem:

  1. Find 2 to 3 tablets of aspirin and crush it into fine pieces
  2. Add few drops of water and mix the solution properly
  3. As soon as you start mixing, you will notice the mixture turning into a paste-like substance
  4. Use this paste to apply to the affected area
  5. Leave for about 20 minutes, allowing the chemicals in the aspirin to react
  6. When the paste has solidified, wash your face thoroughly

You will find the swelling to have decreased and redness to have lessened.

Unfortunately, pimples are not the only skin problem out there. There is a long exhaustive list of other related issues you may face as a consequence. We will discuss the only blackhead for the purpose of this article.


It is another common problem experienced by people. Blackheads appear when the skin gets clogged with dead cells. The oxygen reaction of these dead cells will eventually turn them into black, appearing frequently in the vicinity of the nose region.

There is, however, a fortunate side attached to the condition of blackheads as well. For there are several natural remedies available that can help fight off this skin ailment.

One of them being the use of lemon juice. For maximizing the removal of blackheads through lemon juice, follow these simple procedures:

  1. Washing the face before doing anything
  2. Extracting lemon juice, and taking one tablespoon of the extract
  3. Pour the juice onto a cotton ball
  4. Applying it all over the face and leaving for 15 minutes
  5. Washing the face with cold water

Green Tea

Green Tea is one other food item that has a plethora of advantages. From weight loss to fighting inflammation, it is hard to underscore the importance of this herbal tea. In the context of dealing with skin related problem, green tea is able to yield wanted results. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about its application, for it may be used in three main ways. A dermatologist would recommend on drinking the tea regularly.

However, rinsing the face with the liquid or using green tea bags on the affected region may express positive results as well. The reason, medical scientists attribute green tea as one viable remedy to treat blackheads is that it contains a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants, along with having an anti-inflammatory property is able to control the excess secretion of oil. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the advantages offered by green tea. As a result, including in the daily diet is imperative.






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