How to Lose Weight?

Whether we believe it or not, being over-weight can actually cause a havoc in one’s life. You can actually become a victim of a number of diseases just because of your weight issues. Although, we don’t believe in the body-shaming culture. However, we do believe in leading a healthy lifestyle. And that it should be everyone’s top priority.

For leading a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary that a person actually learns some healthy beneficial things.  Even before you learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, learn about the harmful effects of leading a nonhealthy one. And also how being overweight can make you a victim of some detrimental diseases.

Health Effects of Obesity

The health effects of obesity can actually be extremely detrimental. In one of our articles, we had even discussed that how this can affect a person’s overall health. And how one should, if possible, try to maintain a healthy weight. In one of those articles, we had discussed that how obesity can cause diseases.

Obesity can cause you:

  • Blood pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Different kind of cancers such as Breast Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Liver Cancer etc.
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Body pain

While obesity can cause you a number of diseases, learn some simple formulas and diet plans with which you can actually lose some weight.

In Harvard’s language, try doing some simple maths.

1) Some Simple Math Can Help You in Shedding Extra Calories- Start Walking or Jogging

According to one Harvard’s research, just for shedding one pound from your body, you need to burn at least 35,000 calories from your body. 

  • If you walk or jog, you can actually burn at least 100 calories every per mile. This rough estimation leads us to our another estimation that you can lose one pound at least by walking 35 miles at least.
  • You can lose at least a pound in just two weeks of the time period if you cut short on at least 250 calories a day. 250 calories a day precisely means that you need to avoid eating an ice cream or drinking sodas from your day to day life.
  • If you don’t take 250 calories a day and start walking at least for half an hour on a daily basis then you can easily reduce one pound in just a week. Yes, a week, not even two weeks.
  • If you are someone who cannot cut short for his or her cravings then if you at least include walking in your routine then you can shed some pounds too. Though, in this case, if you walk 4mph for around 30 minutes, you can calculatingly walk 10 miles in 5 days out of seven in a week. And you can lose up to one pound in three and a half week.

Just in time since we are on the topic of losing weight, it’s also essential to know that how drinking sodas can actually be dangerous for you.  Sodas are one of the main culprits in weight increment. Not only this, in fact, sodas can actually cause heart and bone diseases as well. Along with that, this can cause diabetes as well. This is how soft drinks can be deteriorating for health.

2) Inculcate Some Habits in Order to Lose Weight

Whenever we aim for something, it is essential that we set some limitations for our own selves. In order for setting those limitations, it is necessary that you know the importance of developing new habits.

Some of the habits can actually prove beneficial if you only pay heed to them and if you remain consistent in following those habits. Here are 7 habits which a Harvard study says can be helpful in your journey of weight loss.

  • Be Realistic: First things first, don’t assume too much. Keep things realistic and time-bounded. Keeping realistic goals will keep you away from unnecessary anxiety and frustrated thoughts. Challenging yourself by setting a goal of reducing five pounds, for example, can boost you emotionally. This can be helpful in keeping yourself motivated.
  • Mingle With Others And Find a Support Group: Mingling with the like-minded people with the same goal can actually act as a booster. Not only that, in fact, having someone who shares the same goal can actually accelerate your performance rate.
  • Try Different Exercises: Instead of following a monotonous routine of walking, try opting for something which raises your interest or which makes you excited. You can choose swimming, frisbee, badminton or any other physical activity which keeps you energized and thrilled. Such activities not only help in exercises, in fact, this can also keep you away from getting bored.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Sleep is essential, even if you are not following any weight loss plan. Studies show that getting adequate sleep can affect your weight loss too. While doing the opposite can result in weight gain.
  • Don’t Skip Your Breakfasts: Skipping breakfasts have become a norm. It is recommended and advised that a person opting for weight loss should start inculcating the habit of eating breakfast. Take your breakfast in a mindful manner. This will give you some good psychological gains.
  • Cut Down Your Screen Time: Cutting your screen time will help you in opting for other healthy activities. People who often complain of time shortage and procrastinate in preparing some healthy food should analyze their screen time for a week. After one week, try to cut short your screen time and inculcate some good activities instead.
3) Opt for the Mediterranean Diet

Opting for Mediterranean diet is another solution for losing weight. Since the Mediterranean diet contains all the natural and healthy options. It’s amongst the few dietary plans in which you hardly have to cut short anything.

You can simply opt for fish or vegetables, whole grains or fruits, chicken or fat, the Mediterranean diet has it all. Because of the presence of healthy fats, fibers, essential vitamins, and minerals allows your body weight to lower down.

Moreover, since, the Mediterranean diet restricts having red meat or animal fats, thus it naturally helps your body in losing weight. You can learn more about the Mediterranean diet here.

4) Try Nutrisystem 

Although, Nutrisystem is a planned weight loss plan and some reviews actually say that it has helped them in losing weight. Thus, if you cannot keep up with your own diet plan or if you are too procrastinate to consult some dietician, then try doing Nutrisystem’s weight loss plan for a month. Well, trying for a month won’t hurt much, right? You can also look for the Nutrisystem review here.

5) Inculcate some Herbal Tea Ideas 

It’s said that tea works wonders. There are some different kind of teas which can actually be helpful in your weight loss plan. You can check out some of the herbal teas and their information in one of our articles where we have discussed losing weight with herbal teas.


Losing weight is a daunting task. However, if you remain realistic and set a plan and decide a goal then this seemingly daunting task will not remain daunting anymore. You can actually make this a fun-journey even if you keep on trying different stuff in between. Like the kind of different exercises that we have suggested above. You can easily lose your weight if you remain determined and consistent. Consistency is the key after all!

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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