Procedures To Follow For Mercury Detoxification

The issue of detoxification happens to be a major concern for a number of nutritionists. Recent times have witnessed the problem of toxicity caused by heavy metals. One such metal being mercury. Several medical complications have been linked with mercury toxicity which makes it imperative to follow steps that could reduce the levels of this harmful substance.

What is Mercury Toxicity?

The cases of mercury toxicity have seen a sharp rise in the recent years. It is becoming an alarming situation for most nutritionists out there. One major reason for the increase in the cases is the use of fish as the source of protein. People now resort to seafood as a substitute for chicken and beef. The aims are to reduce cholesterol level and prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

What’s not known is: by doing so people are putting their body at a significant risk of mercury toxicity. Since a lot of times, some type of fish will contain dangerous levels of this chemical substance.


Having a blood test is the primary way of knowing whether your body is suffering from mercury toxicity. In addition, being aware of some of the symptoms that may result is one other way.

A list of the signs of mercury toxicity is as follows:

  1. Skin Rashes.
  2. Inflammation of gums.
  3. Lip Discoloration.
  4. Mood Swings and anxiety

The symptoms may appear to be very generic. They can be consequences or side effects of nearly all existing ailments. However, it is important to look for one thing. If there appears to be no other probable cause or seems to have come out of nowhere. Then you may likely be suffering from mercury toxicity. Having medical treatment is important to lessen the complications caused. Therefore, see a doctor before they become expressive entirely.

The doctor will perform a number of blood tests along with receiving information relating to your diet. If you happen to be eating a lot of fish, then that might validate the concern for toxicity.

What to Do if You Have Mercury Toxicity?

On a very fortunate note, the situation happens to be not that unfavourable. By following a step by step procedure, you can overcome the problem considerably. It is now time to look at some of the foods that can be incorporated to lessen the condition. These food items will essentially reduce mercury level by acting as detoxification agents.

For an average healthy person suffering from mercury toxicity, it can take about 3 months to recover. While those suffering from kidney, liver disease, it can take significantly longer, and the steps can be more demanding. Yet, in no way that means recovering is an impossible option.

There are a number of supplements available that can solve the problem of toxicity. They may be effective yet at times will have side effects. The cost of these supplements can not be undescored.

By following some simple natural practices you may be able to obtain the same benefits as offered by supplements.

So what to do next if your blood tests come out and you have been diagnosed with mercury toxicity?

Avoiding Seafood (particularly fish)


So far, our discussion has indicated seafood, particularly fish to be the major contributor towards mercury toxicity.  Thereby, as the first step, it is important to cut down on seafood for at least three months period.  It might turn out to be one important way to reduce mercury levels from the body.

Instead, as alternatives, have chicken and beef. Yet again, making it a point to have smaller portions. As beef may shoot cholesterol levels at times. Resorting to a vegan diet may be one other viable option. Fruits and vegetables have detoxifying properties helping the body clear out mercury levels. While, simultaneously, providing with essential minerals and nutrients. Quinoa, beans, lentils are some of the popular food items recommended by nutritionists. They can enhance protein levels and surprisingly, reducing the effects of toxicity.

Optimizing Liver Function

To optimize liver function, it is important to eliminate alcohol/liquor in our daily diet. Recent researches have concluded that there may be no right amount of alcohol that can be beneficial. It will only fester, as opposed to resolving the problem. A higher intake may result in Cirrhosis. A disease that causes scarring and destroys liver cells.

Tylenol, all other unnecessary medications and substance abuse can inflict a significant harm on the liver. To overcome the complications, include those food items in your daily diet that may maximize the liver function. Garlic, grapefruit, Green tea, apples and olive oil are some of the items that help in cleansing the liver.

Eating Garlic

Sulphur compound is loaded in garlic, which actually makes it a beneficial food item.  Sulphur is able to bind mercury eliminating the toxic substances out from the body. Raw garlic is advised as opposed to cooked garlic. However, the latter may still be able to provide with the wanted advantage. Thereby, including a considerable portion of garlic in our daily diet is a must. In addition, you are able to facilitate proper function of the heart with this food item.

Including Coriander in the Diet

Coriander of Cilantro belongs to the Apiaceous herb family. This food substance is among the most nutritional dietary element providing with almost all the needed minerals. The detoxifying characteristic is obtained due to the presence of Vitamin A. It pushes the mercury metal out of the system preventing the development of major associated complications.

There are a number of reasons why Coriander is a friendly food item. It can be effectively used anywhere. It can be chopped into small pieces and sprinkled on top of food. Or in other instances, can be used in the form of salad.  Thereby if you are known to be suffering from mercury toxicity, then the inclusion of Coriander is a must. In fact, being less in calories allows weight conscious people to eat the item without any worries.

Brazil Nuts and Detoxification of Mercury

Originating in South America, the health benefits of Brazil Nuts are relatively unknown. Only a limited number of researches have been conducted to study this food item. Yet, the results have been rather startling. It is able to sustain a healthy lifestyle by boosting weight loss and reducing ageing.

Brazil Nuts contain a considerable amount of selenium which gives the detoxification property to this food. Nutritionists would advise on eating four nuts a day to optimize the benefits obtained.

Pumpkin Seeds

A quarter of cup containing pumpkin seeds will be able to remove dangerous levels of mercury from the body. Containing zinc and magnesium, this item acts as one vital detoxifying element. During snack time, pumpkin seeds can be eaten.  However, what is important, is to buy in unshelled form to maximize the detoxification.





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