What You Need to Know About Lip Discoloration

Lip Discoloration has affected almost everyone at some point in their lives. Usually, when it happens, the lips change from vermillion red to either light pink or brown. In some cases, a different colour altogether may also appear. In that situation, a presence of an underlying disease may be signified.  If your lips turn blue in any circumstances, you might be suffering from lack of oxygen.

To understand lip (dis) colouration it is important to consider the anatomy of the skin. For the most part, multiple layers of cells characterize the region. Unlike the lips, which are composed of only three or four. Blood can easily flow as a result giving the red pigment we normally witness.

What your skin tone is, can tell a lot about your lip colour. Lighter skinned people are likely to have more vermillion lips.

The Causes of Lip Discoloration

People are in the constant battle day in and day out to find the ways to improve skin and have a healthy appearance. Fighting lip discolouration is part of this ongoing battle. A number of studies you will come across on the probable causes of this condition. However, at times it is difficult to accurately relate our own condition to the cause mentioned. In addition, there are a number of synthetic and natural remedies one can make use of. Yet, sometimes neither of them work out. As a result, it becomes pertinent to look for other viable alternatives.

There is a long exhaustive list of factors that can contribute to the condition of lip discolouration. From ingestion of certain food items to the use of makeup products. Lidiscolourationon can be caused by anything. The fortunate side, however, states that in the  majority of the cases the ailment can be taken control of. In situations where it is not, it is important to consult a dermatologist on urgent basis

Dry Weather

If the weather outside happens to be dry, then your lips stand at a risk of being discolored. The body’s natural mechanism process, in normal circumstances, keep the lips moist. Preventing them from drying out.

Here you might want to recall your 5th grade Biology lesson about the concept of diffusion. A dry weather outside means a smaller number of water particles in the air. While a higher concentration on the lips region. As a result, these water particles move from higher to lower concentration. The consequence of which are dried discolored lips.

This is primarily the reason why you might need chap-sticks in cold winters. Further, smoking tobacco is advised against since it enhances the diffusion process.

Use of Makeup Products

The modern world today is marked by an increased inclination towards fashion and makeup. Every girl will resort herself to buying products which are in trend. However, it is important to know the dark side attached with the usage of these products. Some of them might make your lips more vulnerable to discoloration.

If you frequently use lip gloss and lip sticks, then you might be inflicting harm to your skin. Some of these makeup essentials are loaded with harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the lips. If proper care is not taken, then you can aggravate the problem. It is pertinent to wash these products thoroughly before going to sleep. As a way or preventing the chemical compounds to react and express themselves.

Exposure to Sun

While you may have heard a lot about obtaining Vitamin D from sun exposure, the picture is not as favorable. Countries which experience long hours of sunlight can cost the population some serious skin complications. The sunlight being powerful and containing Ultra-violet rays may cause burns in the lips and surrounding areas.

You may not be able to do much about this problem apart from executing some preventive measures. Firstly, avoiding the sun as mush as possible during the peak hours (10am to 3pm). This is because during this interval, chances of skin burns are significantly high. In addition, wearing a cap and using a Lip Balm with SPF may prevent the problem from festering.


There are numerous studies present which have validated smoking as a major cause for a number of illnesses.  Not only do you increase the chances of stroke and cardiovascular diseases, it inflicts substantial harm to the lips.

The straining of lips, gums and teeth will be caused by the tar and nicotine present in cigarettes. When you inhale tobacco, tar starts to accumulate on the lips. This will also limit the blood flow to the region, consequently resulting in deprivation of the red pigment. Furthermore, nicotine stimulates the production of melanin, which causes darker lips.

Prevention & Treatment

The fortunate side of the afore-mentioned discussion is the availability of measures that can prevent and treat lip discoloration. These measures may range from synthetic medicines to natural remedies. The latter can be practiced easily at home. If you are still unable to overcome the problem in its entirety, see your nearest dermatologist on a primary basis.

Following table will help analyzing some of the natural ways of treating lip discoloration. It highlights the name of the food item and way of proceeding with the method.

Food Item(s)

What to Do?


Pomegranate Seeds

Mixing about 10 grams of pomegranate seeds with milk. Applying the mixture onto the lips. This will restore the red pigment back again

Rose Petal Leaves

Crush rose petals into fine pieces. Add a few drops of castor oil. Apply before sleeping. One of the most effective and quick way of overcoming lip discoloration

Fresh Yoghurt

Mixing fresh yoghurt with saffron thoroughly to obtain a paste like substance. Slowly applying to the lips and letting it dry for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water to achieve best results.


Take a handful of almonds. Grind and crush into granular form. Adding a few drops of water and soaking the solution with a scrub. Rub on lips for 5 minutes to fight of dead skin cells. This will give a softer and smoother texture.


Slice the lemon into thin pieces. It could also be cut down to get two even slices. Leave in the fridge for 30 minutes. Take the slices out. Rub onto the lips for the next 10 minutes.

This method helps to lighten the color. It is often recommended for smokers who have dark lips due to the accumulation of tar.

Coffee Powder

You will need a tablespoon of sugar, 3 to 4 grams of coffee powder and few drops of oil. The three items should thoroughly be mixed. Massage onto the lips for about 10 minutes.

It is one of the quickest remedy available to get rid of lip discoloration. It can lighten the dark texture and revive the vermillion color.
Coffee powder can also be used to treat blackheads on the skin

Aloe Vera

Extract some Aloe-Vera gel. Mixing it with honey will give a paste that should be applied to the lips. Let it dry and thicken to optimize the benefits obtained.








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