Studies Reveal Several Health Benefits of Gelatin

What is Gelatin?

Medical scientists have been able to recognize a number of health benefits of Gelatin. It can sustain a healthy growth of skin and hair. At the same time allowing the nervous system to perform its function. These very reasons make it pertinent to include this substance in our daily diet.

One of the main components obtained from collagen is gelatin. It is composed of a chain of amino acids which makes it an essential dietary element. Collagen can almost be found anywhere in the body. Though most likely to be contained in bones, ligaments and tendons. It is a vital chemical compound. The flexibility and strength of the bones are received by collagen.

Only 1% of the gelatin composition is not protein. The rest 99% consists of amino acids, nearly all types except tryptophan. This is not something to be worried about. The body can receive all the required types if gelatin is consumed along with other protein-rich foods.

Glycine is loaded in gelatin. It belongs to that type of amino acids which have a number of health advantages for the body. It is known for its anti ageing property by triggering the production of creatine. In addition, it is used as an energy fuel for the muscles by providing strength. At the same time obstructing the loss of cartilage from the bones.

The following table will highlight the breakup of amino acid in gelatin:

Type Total Composition
Valine 15%
Proline 16%
Glycine 28%
Glutamic Acid 10%
Hydroxyproline 13%


The type of amino acid composition will depend on the animal from which gelatin is obtained. It is important to note that the body is unable to receive some of these compounds in normal circumstances. Which calls for the inclusion of gelatin in our daily dietary plan.

Furthermore, apart from the exhaustive profile of amino acids compound, gelatin will provide with other needed nutrients. Often times, it may be composed of minerals like calcium and phosphate. The former chemical substance required for stronger bones and teeth.

It is difficult to eat collagen directly because the parts containing it are often unpleasant to eat. However, there is a suitable way of overcoming this problem. By using boiling water, this substance can be extracted. Hence, when collagen is boiled, gelatin is obtained. The jelly-like, colourless thing you see when chicken broth is made is essentially gelatin.

Moreover, gelatin is often used as a body supplement to provide with the needed energy. The further processing allows for the production of hydrolysate. Hydrolysate has a higher solubility in water and does not have a jelly-like texture.

So far, our discussion has been able to conclude gelatin as a vital source of energy. It can be eaten either in the jelly form or added to different food items. When supplement form is taken, it would be available in granular or powder form. This article will describe some of the possible health benefits and drawbacks of gelatin ingestion.

The Health Benefits

It Can Enhance Bone Health

Medical researches have been in the ongoing process to find effective cures for a number of bone-related illnesses. Osteoarthritis is one such condition that can cause an immense amount of pain in the joint region. It is normally caused when the cushioning cartilage is unable to handle excessive pressure.

New findings are revealing a positive relationship between curing osteoarthritis and gelatin. A study published in the US national library of medicine validates this concern. 80 patients who were known to be suffering from the condition were subjected to gelatin containing supplements. Among the sample population were patients who had stiffness prevailing for longer than three months. A placebo trial was used as a control. The final conclusion can be groundbreaking in the field of medical science. The results revealed about 70% of the patients recovering from their disability within a span of one month.

Another 24-week study was conducted by medical researchers belonging to Penn State University in Pennsylvania. The objective of the study was to find the relationship between hydrolysate and the production of the cartilage tissue. This time around, 175 athletes volunteered for the study. The findings revealed some interesting results. The study mainly revealed that by including gelatin (or hydrolysate compound in the diet) can enhance the production of cartilage tissue. Which in turn is beneficial for sustaining healthy muscles.

It Can Improve Skin Health and Strengthen Hair

The advantages that can be entailed from the ingestion of gelatin extend beyond bone health. It is commonly believed by the dermatologist community that this substance can enhance the appearance of skin. It can provide with better skin texture and improve moisture. Hence, beauty conscious people should consider including gelatin as a vital element in their daily diet.

Two different studies were published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. One relating to the improvement in skin health. While the other looked for evidence to suggest a link between thicker hair and gelatin. Fortunately, both the findings revealed positive results.

It is believed that gelatin can overcome the problem of skin dryness and ageing. It does this by inducing the production of bioactive ingredients. These ingredients improve skin hydration and increase skin density. The results on the sample population were achieved in just a period of 8 weeks.

On the other hand, gelatin can be a life-changing element for people who are worried about the problem of baldness. The study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology contributed by Singapore Clinical Dermatology offers a case in point. A cosmeceutical lotion that was loaded with gelatin was applied to the research participants over a period of several weeks. The results were noted after every 4-week interval. The final conclusion revealed some groundbreaking findings. The researchers found that gelatin can increase the mass and thickness of the hair. In addition, it can increase the number of hair thereby solving the baldness problem.

Side Effects

The medical community responsible for studying the effects of gelatin strongly believes the item to be safe for all ages. It is derived naturally from animal parts so overdosing may not cause any substantial harm. If taken in large doses up to 10 grams per day for six months, no side effects will thereof be noted.

In other cases, not all people appreciate some of the drawbacks associated with this substance. Some short-lived and long-term side effects of gelatin may include:

  1. Bloating
  2. Heartburn
  3. Burping (referred to as belching)
  4. Triggering of some allergies.

Moreover, the taste of gelatin, if ingested directly, can be thoroughly unpleasant. In cases, when the side effects seem to intensify, a medical doctor should be consulted as a priority. More studies are still in the incumbent process to find about any other risks that may accompany gelatin. For now, it can be generally regarded as healthy, and safe to use for all ages.







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