Lycopene Can Help in Preventing Cancer And Cardiovascular Diseases

Earlier we had discussed that how drinking tea or consuming garlic can help a person in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In this article, we will discuss the importance of lycopene and how it can act as a preventive measure in cardiovascular diseases.

Good dietary habits play an important part in an individual’s life.  If we want to get healthy and fit, we have to choose a healthy lifestyle from a very early age, so it can help us in feeling fitter, active and focused. For a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition and exercise are necessary components. Both the nutrition and the exercises are important if a person wants to remain at a distance from diseases. Bad fats in the diet affect the overall health of a person and increase the chances of stroke, cancer, joint pain, arthritis and many other dangerous diseases. Contrary to that, good fats in one’s nutrition -such as vegetables which are rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals- lower the risks of diseases. 

Tomato is a very commonly used fruit which we use in our day to day diet.  Tomato can be consumed raw in many recipes as well. It can also be consumed as a juice. The taste of tomato juice is similar to that of a raw tomato which tastes salty.

Scientifically,  the tomato is known as Solanum Lycopercism or Tomato plant. Tomato juice is enriched with many antioxidants like lycopene, Carotene-ß, Carotene-α and others vitamins and minerals which are essential for the health of a human body.

The main question over here is that, does drinking tomato juice help in living a healthy lifestyle? So, the answer to that is, yes it does.

Drinking tomato juice yields many beneficial results:

1) Lose Your Weight by Drinking Tomato Juice  

Having tomato juice on a daily basis can help in the reducing weight. Only inculcating the tomato juice in your diet for straight eight weeks may help you in reducing your waistline.

Due to the presence of high fiber and low sodium in the tomato juice, the body remains active and in the hydration mode. The hydration mode of the body keeps the person away from hunger which results in a person losing his/her weight.

2) Tomato Juice Helps in the Prevention of Cancer 

The research shows that the food which contains lycopene might be helpful in decreasing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. 

3) Use of Tomato Juice Lowers Down the High cholesterol: 

According to research, high usage of tomato in one’s diet may help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular system needs more antioxidants than the whole-body system. In tomatoes, 25 mg of lycopene is present which lowers down the high cholesterol level. Drinking a glass of tomato juice effects, the LDL cholesterol about 10% but it is better than the statin dosage of drugs which in result becomes the cause of patients’ high cholesterol level. 

Nevertheless, tomatoes contain good cholesterol or HDL (aka High-Density Lipoprotein). Patients who drink tomato juice might notice significantly that tomato juice aids in fighting against the  LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein). And also results in the production of good cholesterol because of lycopene antioxidants.  

4) Body Detoxification: 

 Detoxification means the elimination of bad toxin from the body.  Detoxification improves the overall body, cleanses and nourishes the whole body. There are many detoxification recipes and tomato juice is amongst one of them. As tomatoes are filled with the elements such as sulfur and chlorine which are the essential nutrients for detoxification. Thus, tomato juice contains plays an integral role since it contains a high amount of sulfur which prevents a human body from different kind of infections while chlorine helps in making the functioning of kidney and liver smooth.

5) Benefits of Tomato Juice for Skin

Everybody wants a glowy and scars/acne free skin. So here is the researched study that drinking a glass of tomato juice in a day prevents the skin from sunburn, ultraviolet rays, and acne. This is the best ingredient in reversing the aging process. Furthermore, people who drink tomato juice on daily basis experience fewer effects of sun radiations. Tomato juice proves itself a good protective layer for the skin.                                                                        

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