Jenny Craig VS Nutrisystem Review: Which One Should You Choose?

Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig are two well-known plans that target weight loss.  These two plans have helped hundreds of individuals in achieving their target weight when followed correctly. Although both these share their success stories with their readers, it is sometimes confusing to select which one of these works better?

In one of our previous posts, we have discussed Nutrisystem on how its diet plans can actually help you lose approximately 7 pounds in just two weeks, as promised by the company itself. (Read more about the Nutrisystem this review post)

Before we start comparing Nutrisystem with Jenny Craig, let’s have a look at what Jenny Craig has to offer to its customers.  As a reader, it is easy to decide the best according to your needs and then buy it accordingly.

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Know About Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is amongst those diet plans which offers you the perfect weight loss program. You can lose up to 16 pounds in the time span of four weeks only.

The uniqueness of Jenny Craig’s program is that it is designed by keeping the body clock’s circadian rhythm in mind. In the field of Physiology/Medicine, Circadian Rhythm was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2017.

The program of Jenny Craig is such which helps the individuals in burning the fat in the most natural manner and that is by bringing change in their regular meals.

Contrary to NutriSystem, Jenny Craig is said to come with a lot more health benefits than the Nutrisystem. Some of the health benefits which Jenny Craig has to offer with their diet plan are mentioned as follows.

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What is best in Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig diet plan allows a person to attain these health benefits:

  1. Allows You to Reduce Weight: Since the diet plan has been made solely for the sake of reducing weight loss, thus weight loss is amongst one of the health benefits and hence, on top of our list too. Irregular eating patterns can actually make you more vulnerable to obesity. Thus, following a diet plan, such as Jenny Craig, can be helpful for you in making your metabolism more efficient and you can be less prone to obesity.
  2. Makes Your Life Prolonged: Because of the science of circadian rhythm involved, Jenny Craig allows in reducing stress which paves the way for having a prolonged life.
  3. Reduces the Rates of Being Sick: The 12 hour long rejuvenation period reduces the intestinal and systematic bacteria which in return helps in reducing the sickness rates and makes your intestinal immune system stronger.
  4. Keeps You at Bay from Having Cardiovascular Diseases: This diet plan helps in improving your blood pressure and heart rate which helps in having good cardiovascular health.
  5. Lowers Your Risk Of Having Cancer: The more you consume your calories during the daytime, the more it will reduce the risks of having cancer. It has also been reported that studies show that people who work on keeping their glucose level low are less prone to having breast cancer.
  6. Keeps the Brain Problems or Neurodegenerative disorders low: The stimulation of enzymes when the insulin becomes sensitivity during the time period of rejuvenation helps in lowering the stress level which in result helps in fighting with the diseases.
  7. Lessens Your Chances of Encountering Chronic Diseases: The diet allows you to protect yourself against chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension or asthma. The rejuvenation helps in body maintenance, body stability as well as boosts cellular protection.
  8. Makes You Feel Refreshing: People who eat in the daylight experience less confusion, anger issues or problems with tension. Such people who eat more in daylight than in the nighttime experience less depressive thoughts.
  9. Improves Cognitive Behavior: People can experience improvement in their cognitive behavior.  Such as improvement in their hippocampus which is an integral part of memory and emotion.
  10. Improvement in the Performance of Learning and Memory: People who study in the daylight aka rejuvenation time experience more productivity than people who study in the night time.
  11. Lowers the Diabetic Risks: You can lower the risks of becoming diabetic if you intake more calories during the daytime. Because it helps in stabilizing your sugar level of the body and helps in the optimization of the glucose metabolism.
  12. An Improved Sleep is Also Helpful: Taking a nap during daytime helps in having a sound sleep at night. Also, it optimizes one’s performance during the day as well.
  13. The Health of Your Skin Gets Better: The circadian rhythm science helps in wound healing much faster and allows in getting rid of acne.

Know about Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a popular diet program that makes even the stubborn weight loss possible. Its manufacturer company proudly promotes is as a weight loss plan, free from the hassle of counting calories and eating the “right” portion size meal.

It has many further plans, for example, a new Lean 12 plan offered by Nutrisystem. It is designed for women to shed up to 13 pounds a month. It is also believed to reduce up to 7 inches within the first month of its use.

What is the best in Nutrisystem?

  1. Product Quality; Many regular users of Nutrisystem foods find it to be appealing and palatable. They use pure sources to prepare foods and it adds up to the product quality.
  2.  Food tasting: The company releases new food items every now and then, based on natural and no processed ingredients. That is why almost all foods prepared by Nutrisystem taste so good.
  3. Customer satisfaction: The company values its customer’s feedback. Based on this, it has also removed some products, which the customers didn’t like. There are no artificial calories, flavors, and sweeteners in any food products offered by Nutrisystem.
  4. Extremely easy to follow: Nutrisystem designs and prepares the meal for all its customers. That is why it is relatively easy to follow.
  5. It saves time: All these packaged food items save time especially when you are a workaholic and hardly get time to spend on cooking.
  6. Selection of food as per choice: Choosing a meal plan as per individual needs is simple. Every user selects his choice of meals from a vast variety of menu. It also helps people to shop for the right ingredients and serving size, even if they prefer to cook their food.
  7. Guidance and tips on weight loss: Nutrisystem provides all its customers, dieters access to a website called The Leaf. This website has all magical tips which make the weight loss easy and interesting.
  8. Direct access through helpline: The health and dietary counselors are also available by chat, phone, or through NuMi from 7 a.m. until midnight, all seven days of the week.
  9. Post weight loss guide and weight management: when individuals are at the end of their program and achieved their target, Nutrisystem consultants provide help to maintain a healthy weight. This post-weight loss maintenance is much needed and Nutrisystem providing this service for its customers is highly appreciable.
  10. Extremely affordable plan: On average, the daily cost of Nutrisystem is between $10.00 to $11.00. It makes about $290-$360 per month, based on the user’s presence in meals. If you use a promo code, it will further reduce the price.
  11. Auto-renewal plan: This program is auto-renewal so it only needs a one-time subscription. It saves time for people who have no time to order every other day.
  12. Works well with moderate exercise:  Physical activity is encouraged with this diet program, but it isn’t necessarily required. Nutrisystem suggests that every individual should at least get 25-30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. However, you may split it into 10 min activity thrice a day.
  13. Works even without exercise: The plans in Nutrisystem are available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, all of which are available online. Each plan has some suggested exercises, which will accelerate your weight loss journey. If someone doesn’t wish to do exercise, it’s all right. The program will still work, it’s just that weight loss without exercise may be slow.

Jerry Craig OR NutriSystemWhich One to Choose?

Keeping all the health benefits that Jerry Craig has to offer, Nutrisystem seems like a better choice. Although Jerry Craig has its own benefits, Nutrisystem is better from a customer’s perspective.  Read the following details on why Nutrisystem is a better choice than Jerry Craig.

Shop Plans – Jenny Craig Vs NutriSystem


The price plan of Jenny Craig Vs Nutrisystem varies. Also, the services that come along with following any of the plans are also quite different in prices.

Daily meal price: Nutrisystem’s daily plan comes with a cost of $10 to $11 per day. While the diet plan of Jenny Craig comes with a price of $15 per day. It clearly shows that Jenny Craig is a little more expensive than Nutrisystem. (Read more about Jenny Craig in our latest review post.)

Monthly meal price:  For Jenny Craig’s diet plan, you will have to pay $99 for enrolling in the program. And afterward, you will have to pay $19 for the whole month along with enrollment fees of $99. Although, those not interested in buying this program can opt for buying the other diet program of Jenny Craig.

That comes with a price of $39.9 for a month. These programs don’t include the price of the food. The food price can vary from $15 to $23 only for a day. And this can cost you around $450 to $690 for a month. Contrary to that, Nutrisystem will only cost you around $290 to $360 per month.

If you use Nutrisystem’s promo code then you can get a significant discount as well. If you are looking for an affordable diet plan, Nutrisystem suits your budget better. 

Food Items – Jenny Craig Vs Nutrisystem

Jenny Craig comes with a personal consultation program and with delicious premium menus. Jenny Craig comes with 100 kinds of foods on their menu. Contrary to this, Nutrisystem offers approximately 150 food items. This is a lot more than Jenny Craig, it means the customers will select their meals from a huge variety of foods.

The menu of Jenny Craig is quite short as compared to the menu of Nutrisystem which offers a wide variety.

Success Rate Nutrisystem Vs Jenny Craig

People lost their weight significantly who followed Nutrisystem’s Diet Program at least for complete three months. They lost approximately 12 pounds of weight. Quite opposite to those people who only got weight-loss counseling or weight loss education.

If we compare Nutrisystem with Jenny Craig’s Success rate. Then, Jenny Craig’s diet plan asks the individuals to follow the diet plan at least for a year. So that they can recognize the results for themselves. People who followed this plan reportedly lost their weight. And their waist circumference did narrow significantly as compared to their earlier waistline.

People lost approximately 12% of the bodyweight after following Jenny Craig’s diet plan for a whole year. Those who ended right after one month could only lose 1% of the fat.

It clearly tells that Nutrisystem works faster and more efficient than Jenny Craig’s plans. 

Final Verdict- Which one is better? 

Which one should you choose between Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig? Though both these diet programs have proven results, Nutrisystem offers more benefits for its price. The difference between these two tells that Nutrisystem not only offers a plan but a completely healthy diet protocol for only about $360.  Jenny Craig if compared with Nutrisystem offers all the said things for $690.

The Nutrisystem program provides foods that have a high rating for taste and quality and auto-delivery option.  It has a little more popular than Jenny Craig. Another thing is that both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig both offer nutrition consultancy but Nutrisystem provides it for FREE.  Whereas Jenny Craig requires an enrollment fee for it.

Nutrisystem is highly recommended if anyone is looking to get rid of their body fat and has a set budget. If you are stuck between Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig, Tophealthjournal’s up-listed analysis will help you to clearly choose the one that works well and is economical for your pocket.

While both of these plans are famous, we can’t recommend Nutrisystem enough for the quality meals, customer support and pricing range that works for almost everyone!

**This recommendation is based on the information mentioned on the website, offers, plans, promises and user reviews that are available online. The individual results of either of these programs may vary from person to person. For more details, visit the websites of both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem and check out their plans. Select the plan as per your requirements and voila! you can start your journey, now!

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Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem


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