Tap water reported toxic to use

Water is undoubtedly the biggest blessing of nature. All living beings on this planet require water to live. It is very well said that if there would be no water than there would be no life.
Almost everything in your life demands water anyway. A special care must be taken while using the water, especially for drinking purposes. People often ignore the quality of water while consuming it, however; it can pose serious hazards to their health.

Research strictly prohibits the consumption of low-quality water as it is associated with various illnesses. Even regular tap water is ascertained to contain thousands of dangerous contaminants and chemical toxins. Consuming this water for drinking purpose is more likely to risk your body to dangerous diseases that could sometimes lead to major health issues and even death.

Tap water is asserted to contain the following toxic chemicals that could render it harmful,

Heavy Metals

The pipes that the water runs through contain heavy metals. These toxic heavy metals make their way into the water and cause serious health hazards. Some of the prominent heavy metals found in the tap water are,

  1. Lead is one of the most common and popular of all the heavy metal impurities found in water. It has been connected to numerous neurological and developmental problems in young children.
  2. Aluminum is also a dangerous metal impurity found in tap water. It can potentially damage the nerves, kidneys, and brain.
  3. Arsenic is a naturally occurring element that can seep into groundwater and water wells. It is known to elevate the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cognitive development disorders in young children. Above all arsenic is said to be extremely carcinogenic in nature.
  4. Hexavalent Chromium is a human carcinogenic and exclusively harms the reproductive system of the living beings. It also damages the liver and kidneys. It is also reported to cause eye and respiratory irritation. Hexavalent chromium is so dangerous that even drinking it over a short period of time has been shown to cause health issues.


Fluoridation of water is a common practice in order to purify water from bacteria, pathogens, and other microbial influences. However, these fluorides when combined with organic matter create more toxic substances that majorly affect the mental development of children. According to FluorideAlert.org, fluoride also harms tooth enamel and negatively impacts the thyroid and pineal gland function. It also weakens bones. Increased level of fluorides when accumulated in the body interfere with the process of digestion, working of hormones, and neurotransmitters.


Chlorination of water is a common process in water treatment procedures. Chlorine is a common disinfectant, however; drinking chlorinated water destroys the gut-friendly bacteria that are healthful for the body. It makes the living organism more susceptible to digestive issues and diseases like asthma and food allergies. Moreover, small amounts of chlorine are also considered to be carcinogenic.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

You may be ignorant of the fact that the water you drink could be a deadly cocktail of various pharmaceuticals or drugs with disastrous health effects. Pharmaceuticals end up in our drinking water by various methods. The common kinds of drugs or medicines normally found in water include painkillers, antidepressants, blood thinners, antibiotics, and hormones etc.

Industrial waste

Pesticides, fertilizers, manures, fuel, oil, and chemical solvents are common waste products of industries that end up in our drinking water. They give rise to various water-borne illnesses, bacterial, and viral infections including typhoid, cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, jaundice etc.

The article just highlights the prominent water impurities whereas; regular tap water is loaded with much more toxins. You must be very careful regarding water filtration. Proper, high-quality water filtration systems must be set up in houses and with the public water coolers in order to minimize the health risks associated with contaminated water. Boiling of water also serves as the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of as many impurities as possible.



Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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