You Have Been Consuming The Wrong “Healthy” Foods Your Entire Life!

You probably have heard all sorts of things about the food you eat. No matter which society you live in, there will be myths prevailing about certain food items. Some people will guide you on what you should be including in your diet, while others will prescribe you on consuming food substances that might at first appear very unhealthy. People will wholeheartedly believe in some products’ health benefits, although there is often no evidence to support them. The worst thing? Some of these products are major contributors towards serious medical problems

For obvious reasons, we cannot underscore the importance of medical researches, for they have backed up their findings with substantial evidence. In such a scenario, no matter what people tell otherwise, you should eat what science instructs as healthy.

However, there is an underlying problem with the word healthy! We have been told that certain food items, like those rich in fat, are to be kept at minimal because they are supposedly unhealthy. What we are not aware, is of the fact that the healthy food items which we have been frequently consuming are not that beneficial to the body. Research studies are in the incumbent process to reveal some astonishing findings relating to traditional healthy foods, claiming that they may contain certain chemical substances that can fester medical illnesses, as opposed to resolving them.

This purpose of this article would be to aware the population of certain healthy foods they should stop consuming!

Fruit Juices

Until and unless, the fruit juices are made by yourself or processed in front of your eyes, it is better to avoid them. There have been a lot of theories put forward about the advantages of fruit juices, for they may be loaded with vitamins and minerals. On the contrary, there is only a little truth attached to these theories. Although packaged juices may consist of real fruit juice, the composition happens to be very low. In fact, most of the content is water mixed with plenty of sugar and artificial flavouring. The latter two items have been linked with worsening the symptoms for ADHD by causing inflammation in the body.

Energy Bars

If you happen to be an athlete who has a rigorous workout schedule to follow everyday then energy bars may be fine to make up for the needed energy. In other situations, they may not be of any particular help for your wellbeing. Protein or energy bars go through the processing system which loads them with a significant number of unhealthy ingredients. A single bar may contain up to 40% sugar along with plenty of artificial flavors and other sweeteners.

If, however, you still need energy bars to recharge yourself for a busy schedule, then it is important to look for the ones that have a minimum amount of the aforementioned ingredients. In any case, it is always better to buy natural foods (like Fruits and Vegetables) rather than processed items.



We all have grown up on a breakfast diet where cereal was present as a must to be included item. It is commonly believed that it makes up for a nutritionally balanced diet. However, new studies have suggested otherwise. In most packaged cereals, you will find a considerable amount of refined carbohydrates and sugar, regardless, if the selling company assures you it is fat-free. Only a very minute composition of cereal is whole grain. In addition, synthetic vitamins are often included during the manufacturing process to give a “healthy outlook” yet what is not known is that none of these chemical substances gets absorbed by the body. As a result, they come nowhere close to the real vitamins and minerals which are required for healthy wellbeing. With all of these details, it is suffice to say that cereals are nothing but a marketing ploy!


You will come across numerous advertisements highlighting the benefits of margarine and consuming it as a viable alternative to butter. Yet none of these benefits has so far been backed up with evidence. The process of manufacturing margarine entails the addition of several artificial ingredients to match the taste as that of butter. Moreover, it is often noticed that instead of natural extracts, industrial vegetable oil is used which is hydrogenated to become solid. Which in turn amplifies the oil trans fat content. Manufacturers often label margarine to contain less than one gram of trans fat however, research findings show that even half a gram is sufficient enough to cause medical complications associated with obesity.

Low Fat Yogurt

The right yoghurts can be extremely beneficial for your health in fulfilling the requirements for calcium and protein intake. However, when it comes to most store-bought varieties particularly low-fat yoghurt, then we have a very unfortunate picture. The thing being, manufacturing companies will include a mass number of artificial sweeteners to make up for the sweet taste. It is to note that normal yoghurts have their sweet property coming from natural fats which are not known to be as dangerous. Even so, the pasteurization process will likely kill of probiotics and other good microbes further limiting the benefits that can be obtained from this type of yoghurt.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream has been one of the all-time favorite food nearly consumed all around the world in plentiful amount. In the pre-modern days, it was made with egg yolks cream sweeteners like organic maple syrup or pure vanilla extract to add to the natural flavoring. With such ingredients, ice cream could have surely been classified as healthy. Unfortunately, ice cream, like other products have been engulfed by the marketing ploy. Today, they are made in an absolutely different way being loaded with artificial ingredients that can contribute to major medical complications. Pure dairy milk has been replaced with cheaper hydrogenated fats such as palm and coconut oil. Normally, these oils would not appear to be unhealthy but during the ice cream manufacturing process, they are heated and infused with metal catalysts to solidify. As a result, the trans-fat content increases leading to enhanced cholesterol level in the body. Remember conditions like diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and even cancer can be caused by elevated levels of cholesterol in the body.

Diet Soda

Recent times have witnessed the rise in the popularity of diet soda as a perfect substitute to regular soft drinks. You may save upon a hundred calories by consuming a can of diet soda but there is a much-extended picture apart from that. Artificial sweeteners are loaded in this type of soda which is known to be more intense in flavor than normal sugar. Aspartame is one of the known synthetic substance which gives a sweet taste to diet drinks. Although still need to be backed by further studies, aspartame can cause late-stage cancer, blindness and depression. Further to that, the person who frequently consumes diet soda will find his/her taste receptors failing to work properly. Not to mention, artificial sweeteners can be counterproductiveC when it comes to weight loss. It can stimulate the production of insulin which makes the body store more fat. American Diabetes Association confirmed that people who will continue to consume one can of diet soda per day will increase their chances of Type 2 Diabetes by almost 40%. Lastly, a high citric acid contained in these drinks can seriously affect the tooth enamel.






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