Apples reported to reverse aging

We have always been told about the healthful benefits offered by fruits and vegetables. You can find numerous articles and posts on the internet advertising the worth of fruits and vegetables. Various researches have proved that fruits and vegetables can do wonders for life.

Similarly, a research has proved that apples are loaded with beneficial nutrients that can keep the signs of aging at bay! The study was published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It revealed that the variety of apple grown in southern Italy called “the Annurca apple” is potential enough to reduce the oxidative stress on the cells which resultantly slows down the process of cellular aging.

These apples were reported to contain phenolic compounds in the highest concentrations which consequently makes them anti-aging and antioxidant in nature. These properties were tested by the researchers in a series of three experiments.

First of all, the researchers intended to determine the viability of the cells. For this purpose, brewer’s yeast was exposed to Annurca apple extracts. The ability of the cells to create micro-colonies, using the yeast extract peptone dextrose (YPD) agar for 24 hours, was observed. A viability spot assay was carried out as well.
Secondly, a hydrogen peroxide sensitivity assay was conducted to evaluate the extract’s ability to protect against oxidative stress. For this purpose, the researchers subjected rapid-growing cells to varying amounts of hydrogen peroxide at 28 degree Celsius for four hours. The micro-colonies formed were counted afterward.
Finally, the mitochondrial morphology of the cells was studied under a fluorescent microscope followed by the addition of plasmid pYX232-mtGFP.

The results of the experiments showed that a dose of apple extract of about 10 mg/ml was significant enough to extend the viability of the cells even after several days of the growth. The same dose enhanced cell survival until the third dilution in the viability spot assay and better protected the yeast cells that had been exposed to hydrogen peroxide. Furthermore, the analysis of mitochondrial morphology revealed that the number of fragmented nuclei curved in from 62.3 percent to 8.1 percent after three days of growth with only 10 mg/ml of apple extract.

It was concluded that the apple extracts can extend the lifespan of yeast cells and reduce the level of ROS i.e. reactive oxygen species thereby, protecting the cells from oxidative stress.

Apples are also attributed to the following health benefits,

  • Apples are loaded with a wide array of vitamins and minerals. A medium sized apple delivers,
  1. 14 percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin-C.
  2. 6 percent of the RDA of Potassium.
  3. 5 percent of the RDA of Vitamin-K.
  • A standard sized apple has four grams of fiber and only 95 calories. It can help people with their weight loss struggles because the fiber and water content of apples makes them very filling in nature, smothering the untimely cravings.
  • Apples also promote a good cardiovascular health. The soluble fiber found in the apples can reduce blood cholesterol levels. Apples also have epicatechin that is a polyphenol popularly known to lower blood pressure.
  • The pectin content of the apples promotes a healthy gut as well. It acts as prebiotic and feeds the gut-friendly bacteria.


You can study the details of the research at the following link,

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