Fish Oil Supplements Don’t Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

Ever heard of fish oil supplements? You might have been even taking some. As per the exclusive reports, people believe that fish oil supplements can help in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases. This myth has been circulating ever since.

While people may think that it has some health benefits or probably, not taking one may be wrong, the research by American Heart Association says that taking fish oil supplements says that fish oil supplements don’t actually prevent from having a heart disease altogether. People need to understand this that just by in taking fish oil supplements, they cannot lower the risks of heart disease.

As mentioned earlier that how this myth has become more than a reality is something which people need to get over from. For this purpose, we are going to mention the facts in the following article.

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Is there any benefit of taking fish oil supplements?

Coming back to our latest article, Dr.Eric Rimm suggests that people should avoid taking fish oil supplements without any physician’s recommendations. Dr.Eric Rimm is an epidemiology professor and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

He makes another note that the chances of preventing heart disease are not very high even for people who are already heart patients.

For example, if you take about a gram which makes it to 1,000 mg of the fish supplement oil in a day then the only difference that it will make is that it can restrain from having a sudden heart death. But the chances of such incidents happening are very low. There are only 10% chances that this will prevent people from having another heart attack.

Some 16 years ago, the American Heart Association had recommended and advised people to include at least 1000 gram of oil supplement in their diets. But over the years, it has been noticed and analyzed that including any of such supplements don’t bring any effect in particular, whether people are patients of cardiovascular, diabetes, fibrillation or a stroke.

Is taking fish oil supplements harmful for health?

No matter how much-taking fish oil supplement can be helpful in reducing or lowering the risks of heart diseases, the data suggests that people who keep on taking such oil supplements might be harming their own health.

Since there are no regulations which can have a check and balance on such supplements, thus the quality control on these supplements is quite difficult to manage. As per Harvard’s study, it’s been noticed that some studies show that such supplements contain some amount of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

PCBs: In 1979, such industrial chemicals had been banned because it was noticed that such chemicals can be harmful to health and can actually make a person vulnerable towards cancer.

Also, since there is no quality-control check as of yet, thus many companies don’t bother mentioning the amount of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) or EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid).

No wonder that fish oil is beneficial as it prevents blood clotting but it can actually become chronic if it is taken in a great amount. This can increase the amount of bleeding and this can result in more danger than benefit. Especially, the risk can become higher who take low-dose aspirin or warfarin.

Thus, instead of taking fish oil supplements, it is recommended to go for directly eating or inculcating fish in your diet.


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