Your Child Should Be Given These 5 Vaccinations!

In the 1900s, one of the diseases that led to the deaths of thousands of people was smallpox. There had to be a cause of action to inhibit the spread of this deadly illness otherwise thousands more lives would be at risk. It was the development of vaccines that eradicated smallpox in its entirety by 1979.

Developed in the 1800s, the discovery of vaccine has been a groundbreaking invention completely revolutionizing the field of medical science. It has led to the full eradication of contagious illnesses like small pox and Lymphatic filariasis.

The latter being so profound in pain that the victim was forced bed-ridden. Moreover, polio which is known to cause paralysis within the spinal region is predicted to end within a decade if the vaccination program is thoroughly carried out in countries where it continues to exist.

How do Vaccines normally work?

The way vaccines operate may appear different than the mainstream prevention methods however it has still proven to be considerably effective. Vaccines work by introducing weak pathogens in the body that are unlikely to be expressive and cause any harm.

When the body detects the presence of any foreign invader, it prepares itself for the defense mechanism producing antibodies that fight off these pathogens. The very next time when any similar foreign invader enters the body, the immune system is brought into action and is able to fight them off before they get a chance to attack.

Although people have still been sceptical about the use of vaccines for it may cause some side effects like slight fever and allergies. However, compared to the other alternatives available, medical scientists can not neglect the importance of this prevention technique

We have already established the medical reasoning for getting vaccinated however there exists a legal approach to it as well. Many countries in the world have governing laws that make it mandatory to undertake vaccination as a pre-requisite for a certain task. Foreigners entering USA may not be allowed within the territory without proof of Malaria Vaccination!

These Six Vaccines are important!

The time when a baby is born, it needs to get a regular dosage of certain vaccines that will strengthen the immune system thereby protecting the body from likely foreign invaders in the future. Although there remains no straightforward consensus among medical scientist as to which vaccines are must, studies have shown that your child must get these five vaccinations.

Varicella Vaccine

Varicella Vaccine is undertaken for protection against chickenpox. In 1995 this disease resulted in the deaths of around 1000 people and putting thousands more in hospital. The numbers included a significant portion of children which propelled private schools in fourteen of the US States to make Varicella Vaccine mandatory in early 2000. Most of the reported deaths were the consequence of pneumonia, the symptoms developing to the point where they became too severe to be dealt with.

The guidelines released by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention state the time requirements for having the chickenpox vaccine. According to the guidelines, there are two dosages of the vaccine, the first vaccine is to be taken when the child grows 12 months old followed by a 4-year gap before the second dose. Side effects are likely to be of a low magnitude and may cause fever and temporary skin rashes.

Havrix Vaccine

Hepatitis A is an infection that affects the liver, causing a severe amount of inflammation in the region with other symptoms like nausea and jaundice. What makes this infection particularly harmful is its ability to transport easily from one person to another.
The recommended dosage of Havrix Vaccine is two for children, starting from the age of 1 and subsequently given at the age of 2. (a gap of 18 to 20 months)

Adults are also frequently injected with two dosages at any given time. Some countries have made it a legal obligation for travellers to have Havrix vaccine before entering the confined territory. Travellers who have a history of drug abuse and active sex life with the partner of the same gender will often find themselves obliged to follow this legal procedure.

Side effects, fortunately for the hepatitis A vaccine are not profound and there have been instances where the pathogens may not get a chance to expressive. However, generally, post-vaccination will cause a headache, fatigue and a sore developing in the injected region.

HPV Vaccine

Human Papillomavirus Virus Vaccine or commonly abbreviated as HPV vaccine aid in the inhibition of human papillomavirus infection. What primarily characterizes this infection is the way it can spread from one person to the other if there has been some sort of skin contact. Needless to say, having sexual encounters with people diagnosed with HPV infection is out of the equation. Symptoms may not be visible during the initial days of this virus however they may get severe after a certain period. HPV has become one common reason for increased cases of cervical cancer.

Gardasil 9 is the only HPV vaccine available in the USA and is recommended for both males and females at the age of 11 and 12.  Probable side effects of the vaccine include nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

Meningococcal Virus

Meningococcal meningitis is one of the deadliest bacterial infection causing inflammation in the meninges area which is a thin layer of tissue engulfing the spinal cord and brain region. People suffering from meningitis have disrupted cognition unable to coordinate balance and facing a perpetual state of confusion.

What makes this virus a serious cause of concern for medical scientists is the fact that nearly half of people who fall prey to this illness are unable to survive for long. Centre of Disease Control and Prevention released a study concluding that 10% of the population is known to carry the meningococcal meningitis virus.

Vaccination should be carried out in two phases with a 4-year gap starting from the age of 12 and concluding at the age of 16. Fortunately, unlike the disease itself, weak pathogens of Meningitis used in vaccination will not affect the body severely. Mild symptoms may be confined to temporary redness and soreness in the injected region.

Rotavirus Vaccine

People might not know about Rotavirus is the fact that it has led to around 100,000 hospitalization cases in the year 2006 alone. Around 85% of the total hospitalized population consisted of children of under the age of 5!

Rotavirus is a fatal disease and symptoms may get life-threatening within a very short span from the time it has been diagnosed. Dehydration and severe diarrhea reduce the mobility of the victim to nil. Younger age group stand more vulnerable of being inflicted with this illness compared to adults, so parents should be vigilant enough of the symptoms and seek professional treatment as soon as the time requires.

Symptoms include a high-grade fever, vomiting, irritability, and fatigue accompanied by an intense pain in the abdominal region. They may vary in their magnitude from time to time, yet medical intervention should not be overlooked.

On the contrary side of the deadly threats, Rotavirus poses, vaccination program if followed properly can effectively prevent the disease in the future. Rotix and RotaTeq are the two common rotavirus vaccines that should be given in three phases starting 2 months after the baby is born and terminating at the age of 1. Yet, pediatrics will not always recommend the vaccine to babies who have a bowel blockage or developed serious allergies post first dosage phase.






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