GRS Ultra Review

GRS ultra is a dietary supplement that is designed to elevate the level of glutathione in the human body. It aims at providing adequate protection to the corporal cells ensuring a strong defense against dangerous threats that could harm your body anyway.

Unlike any other ordinary supplement, GRS ultra is promised to be loaded with potential nutrients that are medically proven to increase the level of glutathione by 68%. Its antioxidant formula can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses in your body with ease.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a mega endogenous antioxidant naturally produced in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria. It is structurally represented as,


It prevents the cellular damage caused by reactive oxygen species e.g. free radicals, peroxides, and heavy metals etc. It neutralizes the effect of free radicals, aids DNA synthesis and repair, protein synthesis, amino acid transports, and activates enzymes. It almost affects all the systems in the body in any way. It also progresses the cell cycle. The level of glutathione in our body also determines the mode of cell death, being either apoptosis or necrosis.

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What does GRS ultra do?

GRS ultra is a creation of George Bridgeham. The formula is promised to be created under expert supervision and dedicated intellects.

Glutathione is naturally produced in our body. GRS ultra, however, tends to increase its level because it contains glutathione boosters. It allows a deep cleansing and detoxification of your body that could help your body to potentially challenge and combat foreign pathogens. It neutralizes the damage due to free radicals which may pose serious hazards otherwise. It energizes the consumer, ensures a strong immunity, and provides better vision and mental clarity.

GRS ultra is medically proven to have quality ingredients mixed in beneficial proportions that help to gain longevity and health with no side effects. Further, the official site says that GRS ultra can,

  • Reduce the risk of cardio-vascular issues by 80%.
  • Reduce arthritis by 25% and also offers the patients of arthritis a 30% better physical condition.
  • Reduce the risks of dementia by 33% and blood pressure by 67%.

Ingredients of the formula

The ingredients found in GRS ultra supplement are labeled as “Glutathione boosters”. They are as follow,


SelenoExcell is the world’s most bio-available form of selenium. Selenium is also one of the primary components of glutathione. Selenium and glutathione work synergistically along with Vitamin-E to reduce cancer risks, cardiovascular diseases, and inflammatory diseases. SelenoExcell works to promote antioxidant effects enhancing the immune system function of the individual.

Based upon 10-years of study, SelenoExcell is reported to reduce the risk of,

  • Prostate cancer by 63%
  • Colon cancer by 58%
  • Lung cancer by 46%
  • Cancer mortality by 50%

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)

NAC is a common ingredient of cough medicines. It is used to prevent liver damage from alcohol abuse, protect the body against environmental damage and any damage caused by cancer treatments. NAC is a building block of protein and comes from an amino acid called L-Cysteine. Cysteine, is rich in sulfur, is reported to put your body’s glutathione production into overdrive. The body creates more glutathione as long as it has Cysteine.┬áThe elevated levels of glutathione are associated with decreased risks of Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinal disease, Diabetes, and Obesity etc.

Red-Orange Complex (ROC)

The third glutathione booster is the red-orange complex extracted from three different types of Mediterranean oranges. ROC is associated to decrease the oxidative stress and skin damage due to sun exposure. It not only helps the production of glutathione but it also aids the body to fight off free radicals and toxicity keeping the health issues at bay. ROC is said to increase glutathione by 68%, boost antioxidants by 133%, and reduce DNA damage by 20%.

Benefits of GRS ultra

GRS ultra has the following advantages,

  • GRS ultra energizes your body by elevating the levels of low energy. It combats fatigue and provides the consumers with improved abilities to carry out their daily activities.
  • The product cleanses the toxins from the body effectively. It enhances the cardiovascular health, reduces the risks of getting heart conditions leading to a better and healthy life.
  • GRS ultra significantly relieves the joint’s pain. It helps older people with their discomforts and issues with joints’ mobility. It mainly targets the inflammation leading to joint pain. It also enhances the cell regeneration after they’re worn out.
  • The formulation promises to overcome pressure, stress, anxiety and mental impatience. It aids your brain with a better mental clarity.
  • The product also benefits its consumer with skin problems. It fights off wrinkles and other signs of aging, strengthens your skin cells making you feel more youthful and fresh.
  • The product promises to deliver desired results and claims that the formulation was done under expert and authentic guidance. It is said to be developed by medical professionals, which may make it reliable and effective to use.
  • The ingredients used are all natural and organic rendering the product side effects free. It is said to have no fillers and additives. It is said to be clinically proven and tested on humans.
  • The product is easy to consume, affordable, and comes with a money back guarantee. It also comes with three additional bonuses!

The bonuses offered by the product are,

  1. The “anti-inflammation diet book”┬ácontaining foods that will boost your energy, reduce chronic joint and back pains, and make your skin healthy and youthful.
  2. A guide named “Toxic free“. It guides how to cleanse and detoxify your body while you are living in a world whose major portion consists of chemically treated and toxic products. This guide aims at providing you a more youthful and energetic body with an improved memory and brain clarity.
  3. A third guide named “Longevity secrets from the healthiest 100 years old.”

Suggested dose

The site says that two capsules per day, on an empty stomach before your meal, will be sufficient for the corporal cells to defend against free radicals and perform at their best.

Where can you get GRS ultra?

GRS ultra is only available online at the official website. The site outlines a heavy detail regarding the product, its manufacturing, its ingredients, purchase, and price. The product comes with a one-year money back guarantee. The site also has contact numbers mentioned for customer care and help.

The site provides free shipping worldwide. Delivery within the U.S. is done in 5-7 working days however, international deliveries are done within 10-14 days.

Final Verdict

If you feel fatigued and exhausted all the time, if your back pains and joint aches are hurdles to your everyday life, if you have trouble sleeping at night, if you have started to feel old before time then GRS ultra could be the solution to your problems. You must give it a try but note that the product neither guarantees results overnight nor it can cure, diagnose or treat any additional disease.

If you are pregnant, lactating or suffering from any kind of disease you must consult an expert physician before using the product. Store it in a safe place, out of the reach of children. Beware of the scams and order the product from the official site.

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